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Au Revior Amis
at 13:14 4 Aug 2015

The very best of luck to you all in the HPL this coming season.
Ahead of Saturday I also send my love and best wishes to our club in the hope we can have an easier to the supporters, the true supporters, especially those of you on here.

I have limited internet now and will not regain it for a long time as I have to live in furnished holiday accommodation until I finally drive to France for real. An awkward couple of months but needs must. This way I can dump the mortgage which runs 'til I'm 78!

My very best wishes to all of you - especially you gsy163 - and I will be thinking of you and trying to visit here when I can. My aim is to return to this board but timing's dependent upon fitting all the connections to an old barn in the very middle of nowhere with a step 5 non league club for me 6 miles down the road! could be a while before I can rejoin you all and indeed kickstart my business.

I will return to bore you all again,

Up the U's
But moreover "Up YOU"

somersetbarside, AlderneyCUFC, bluenwightexile.....................................?
French clarifications
at 13:42 25 May 2015

Firstly, congratulations to the Net on his promotion in the magnificent and superbly run HAPPY Prediction league.

Sorry, I have been away from internet connection for ten days looking at houses in France.


Thanks to all those on here kindly [and so generously too] surprising me with good wishes. Durham, Wessex, Burnsie, PWK, Barside, mfb, and many more ............I have not gone yet but..... when one's mortgage runs 'til you're 78 you maybe have to consider radical tactics.... So I've had to, especially after serving time at the hands of the NHS several times in 2014. Makes you think.

a bit like Radical Prediction league tactics [which almost failed me]

HL:- I had known for maybe the last 6 or 7 weeks of the season that a]I might be promoted and b] that I was likely to be away from a computer a lot soon.
SO......rather than be a nuisance to the HL organisers I tried to hinder my promotion.
That explains that even though it nearly failed.

Mr Happy - SO, thank you for calling me a 'master tactitian'...............not really but almost!!!! That 5-5 Swindon game certainly spooked me.

mfb, Pete, others. Yes I did infer what was happening on another thread. It is a necessity of life that we have to make the best of what cards we are dealt and I'm trying to.

Pete - yes, you are right that I will need to keep a website going because my pictures do sell all over the world but so radical is the move I contemplate that I will be dealing with a new house, a new location, a new language, a new way of life, a new studio etc and given the remote location I think internet issues will not be paramount for a while as I will be unable to make pictures for a significant period. Hence my explanation to Durham and Wessex about being absent from this great FORUM.

So...I've not gone yet but when I do it'll now be clear why and I promise that once I am sorted I will be back.

But yes, one thing is clear, I'll not be getting to as many U's games as even when I was on Alderney!

Up the U's and the U'sual Forum too.
Well Dunne
at 11:11 12 May 2015

With my involvement on here unavoidably diminishing here's a nice post!

Congratulations to Joe Dunne on his new job at another CUFC

Huge congratulations to a fine ex-player favourite of mine Ian Allinson.
How on earth he has got Boreham Wood into the Conference National on gates of 225 I have no idea but he's been there for a long time building up his side.

I hope our Mr Humes will get a chance to build on what was achieved so spectacularly last week too. I never felt it was the right or appropriate appointment in August but it worked and what do I know. Congratulations to him too!

Up the U's.
Noah1000 Virgo and Vernon & cricket
at 10:31 30 Dec 2013

Happier 2014 to all on here.

NOAH4x4 congratulations on so many posts, so profound and so appreciated too.

Until management - who are novice still - learn how to build consistency we shall continue to fight relegation like this. To lose to the bottom side easily at home twice in 2 weeks is lamentable in a season where 55 points will be needed. We have a long struggle with youthful players and management. Wisdom and experience are in short supply and this is born out by the substitutions on Sunday which threw away a promising position. How many years is it since we won even 3 games running?
I have been concerned since August - nothing of concrete positivity has occurred since - just more inconsistent lurchings.

Virgo was wrongly pilloried in that second season. He was always exposed and did his best. I agree with RS Cosworth, Brown was key for us and he walked.

Vernon was a fine intelligent player. Wrongly used by us and wrongly let go. He is loyal and able. I had a 2 hour chat with him in Taunton before he played Yeovil when he was in the Blackpool side that went up. He is eloquent and insightful - even if most of his observations were about Test cricket!

Which we have NEVER been the No 1 side in the world at!!

We lose away regularly. We only look good and succeed on UK piches. We were lucky to beat India, should have lost in NZ did lose to Pakistan. This squad have good players but they are not a team and can't spell fun.

We won 3 Ashes against a poor Oz side. This one is little better than us but we should have been warned in the summer when Australia could have won or drawn the series. England have played strangled timid cricket for some time relying on Anderson too much and revelling in the fact that Bell was good in the summer - which was seemingly all they just about needed. Like the U's we have been hanging on for some time!!!
Cook is not a Strauss either, but he is a great batsman. The selection of Kerrigan and Woakes, the non selection of Compton and the non use of Rankin Finn & Tremlett tell us that England are far from knowing their best side or indeed how to create a true team spirit.

In flux - like sport always is. It's why we talk about it!
Bobby Howlett
at 11:58 19 Nov 2013

The world is small.
The Isle of Wight may be bigger than Alderney was but it's still small.
So..........imagine my surprise when in the tiny hardware store in the village this morning I was buying cellophane which I use to wrap my picures for cradle display and the woman serving me saw my U's badge.
She told me that her uncle is Bobby Howlett! She knew all about the U's.

Was he one of the late great Dick Graham's signings? Don't think he played many times, did he get an injury?

Anyway I was just a youngster and can't think he played many times though I do recall him.

Maybe the world is small!

Up the U's ancient and modern.............
It's all gone quiet over here
at 11:32 20 Oct 2013

I know that I am far flung and rely on Noah & Durham & Wessex etc for realistic match reports.

I was worried pre season at our gentle downward decline since 2007 and felt that the mix of raw youth allied to 'what we already had' was unlikely to resist the decline. I posted as such. With 2 initial wins and Noah's positivity about the passing football I became more optimistic of mid table and thus some progress over the last couple of seasons.

We are now more than a quarter of the way through and if this is a quarter of our points then we are down - prettier football or not. The mix doesn't appear to be working very well. It's November next week - with the prospect of our inevitable dumping from the Cup at Heybridge or Gloucester or worse...Braintree looming - and we have not won since early August. We score <goal a game and seem unable to prevent either any last minute goal or being trounced in the last 10 minutes. Too inexperienced or too unintelligent or unfit or what? Pray tell. A game lasts 97 minutes - other teams play for 97 - do we? Or do we, as v Walsall, just try to survive and play a holding position that we are ill-equipped to do? We are not a robust team, that, Ibehere apart, is obvious.

Noah said he couldn't see us winning a game again until the Tranmere one.......if so I have to worried. Can we improve on such a prediction given 12 games wthout a win or realistically is the relegation fight already under way.

What do others closer to it all consider?

Up the U's at the new Meadow. Lucky 13th hopefully!
at 11:12 7 Jun 2013

Back in 1971 I won a radio in a draw for selling U's raffle tickets.
Countless moves & 000s of TMS broadcasts in 42 years ended today when it packed up.
I am mortified.
I will retain it!
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