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at 23:33 25 Nov 2016

Will this never end? Is it just me or is this feeling abit like ground hog day?

WessiePete wrote .....

"For mum and me, who hasn't been in England since she was way younger and in younger days spent a lovely week in Southampton, I got her and myself a £400 hospitality package for Canaries v Blackburn.

Clearly that means I won't be attending ColU v Pompey.

We get a champagne greeting, cushy seats, corporate privileges, a three course lunch and a meet and greet with Norwich players. Oh, and two match day programmes. Plus the safety of making my 72-year-old mum happy.

A few of you, and you know who you are, it has spoiled it for me.

WHAT ABOUT I'M FLYING OVER IN MARCH to see Pompey and Mansfield went over your heads?

I'm still welcome at Happy's in London. Daniel, our admin, has no issues with me. Pancab always takes me to a great curry joint or two. Thrillo, we'll just find a nice pub.

Gerry's issue, that puzzles me. I understand why Wessex has an issue with me, but that's mainly about JibbaJabba on the OMB. But Archer, I literally said to him he can have a kidney because I thought of him as a brother. This is 100 percent true. He was, dare I say, running out of kidney transplants. Ask him. I offered him a kidney.

I'm not a jerk. But I'm not taking my mum as a Christmas present to Colchester in March.

Go on then. And yeah, I got us a great hotel in Nodge. She has a quality suite and so do I. Cheers."
Stop the press...
at 13:21 30 Apr 2016

Our very own Leadbelly is into day's national i newspaper!
If you could pick anyone to go to go to a Super U's game with...
at 17:48 16 Mar 2016

...who would you pick?

(Thread inspired by fatpat.)
at 19:09 3 Mar 2016

Are we the only regularly posters on the Fansnetwork? I can't claim to have looked at all of the forums, but I have looked a few and there's no one on them!
at 06:23 25 Nov 2015

Sorry if it has already been covered but is Sordell injured as he didn't even make the bench yesterday.

Also what are the odds on humes leaving the club today?
Transfer window
at 09:49 1 Sep 2015

What do you think are the chances of us signing someone before the transfer window closes tonight? I'm hoping for a prolific/experienced striker, 20 / 30 goals a season would be nice!
What now for the Super U's?
at 19:16 22 Aug 2015

Although we haven't reached the magic '10 games in' scenario, we have played a number of games that hint at what we can expect for the coming season. What are your views? How do you feel we have performed so far? What do we need most to improve? Have we solved any of last seasons problems? Which of our summer signings has impressed you the most?
What a great way to waste 90ish seconds.
at 19:05 10 Aug 2015

If you like your stats, the link below is a great way to waste a few mins!

Shame it is only for the premier league.
[Post edited 10 Aug 2015 19:07]
Is barside the 'theoretical number two' of this website?
at 09:31 7 Aug 2015

at 18:33 7 Jul 2015

So how do you think the squad is shaping up?

I'm gutted that hewitt's services have not been secured. However the signings we have made all seem to be sensible / good value for money additions. Is it to early to have the annual pre-season optimism?
[Post edited 7 Jul 2015 18:33]
Oh dear...
at 16:04 27 May 2015

Oh dear.

I'm sure there is a joke in here somewhere, but far be it for me to lower the tone and mock our uncivilised south Essex cousins!
David Perkins
at 19:45 19 May 2015

Remember him? He's just been releases by Blackpool.
And the Most disappointing performance goes to....
at 20:30 8 Jan 2015

To counter all of the positivity created by mr happy's excellent thread, what is the most disappointing Col U result you''ve ever witnessed?

For me i still shudder at the thought of Chelmsford knocking us out of the FA cup a few years ago and Col U's loss in the LDV semi final to sarfend at roots hall still haunts me.
[Post edited 8 Jan 2015 20:31]
Noah is boss
at 12:34 4 Jan 2015

I would just like to say thank you to noah.

I am a regular visitor to the forum. Although i used to respond to a lot of threads when i first joined years ago, i now only read and leave. Noah's match reports are one of the reasons why i still regularly pop in. A great read. Gold star from me noah!


Wessex your avatar pic is great, it brings back soo many memories.
at 23:51 23 Jun 2013

Wessex your avatar pic is great, it brings back soo many memories...

good ones obviously.
Anyone bored?
at 19:11 21 Jun 2013

Any one fancy a game of eye spy to elevate the boredom?

I'll start... I spy with my little eye....

Something beginning with...

[Post edited 1 Jan 1970 1:00]
Sicknote anyone?
at 22:38 20 Jun 2013

I see that there are a number of rumours about Steve Gillespie returning back to the U's. Some people have even suggested that Sears is on his way to Ipswich and O'Toole is of to Bristol. I'm not sure about Gillespie returning though. He didn't score many this year, albeit that he was injured a bit last season. What do you lot reckon? Is this a good move for the club? (If it happens obviously)
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