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Where's all the Prowsey Droolers now?
at 18:36 16 Oct 2021

Did we miss him today? Did we ****. I suppose Prowsey relatives on here and Droolers will say it's a coincidence, Leeds were rubbish. Yeah sure. Leeds were rubbish but then so were Wolves. We were MILES better today. Keen, fast all over the pitch and some very good performances especially Salisu (MOM) and Broja. We will do well again against Burnley and Watford and then Ralph will revert to last weeks team as soon as he can as he seems to rate Prowsey despite him dooming the team to slow negative, nervy play and not a win in sight. I'm just going to enjoy it while I can.
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Elephant in the room
at 19:24 30 Sep 2021

No one wants to mention that our star player and captain on 100k pw is overlooked for the third time for his country. Of course he has an excuse, he's hasn't been fit due to having stomach problems for a while that was sufficient for him to require a change of diet. If he has these problem, let's hope he gets over it quickly but why on earth has Ralph picked him when he's been in such poor form and we can't buy a win at the moment?
Are there two Ward Prowses?
at 17:07 23 Aug 2021

I'm getting a bit confused. Ward Prowse attacking midfielder, haven't seen any of that this season. Determined tackler, didn't see much of that yesterday. Dead ball specialist, no haven't seen any of that yet. Club Captain, doesn't seem to gee up the players around him. As for the reports of Ward Prowse as the highest paid player in Saints history, am I missing something? Where is the Ward Prowse that is worth that? Tino must be worth about 500k pw.
Latest news! Ralph and Prowsey have a tiff.
at 17:15 18 Aug 2021

Prowsey given £50m price tag by Saints (must have come to their senses although a bit hopeful). Thought it was all done and dusted but there is still hope. Come on Villa you know you want him, come on!
at 16:55 14 Aug 2021

But then any manager would be more effective than Ralph. I feel sorry for Armstrong and Livramento.

And how many dead balls does Prowsey need to achieve an assist?

Total last year's stale rubbish.
[Post edited 14 Aug 16:57]
Come on Villa
at 17:27 5 Aug 2021

You can do it. Just one more higher bid. We'll put ice on his knee and rest him from the pre-season matches. Come on one more bid, we haven't missed him so far this season. Much more attacking play without him.
at 13:53 9 May 2021

Surely if this bloke is considered to be a 'dead ball specialist' he has to hit a dead ball well. All I saw yesterday was corners either short to the nearest opposition player, straight to the safe arms of their keeper or so long that a groundsman had to retrieve it. Time to let a more talented 'specialist' have a go. Couldn't be any worse than Ward. Oh and teaching Ward how to mark and defend might save us a few points. He's a 'specialist' at clapping his thighs after we concede every time he gives up chasing.
[Post edited 9 May 14:07]
Donald Trump: 'I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters'
at 10:42 19 Apr 2021

Trump voters are predominately stupid and masochistic and got what they deserved. When I see what joys Ralph has brought to Saints and the blind devotion shown by some 'supporters' I wonder what Ralph has to do to get the sack.

Yesterday I saw the longest back pass ever performed by Ward Prowse to Forster from the opposition half. I saw the ball given to the throw in appointee with 2 minutes to go rather than throw the bloody thing in and lump it in to the box like any normal team.

This team makes these stupid errors in thinking and back passing and sideways passing due to habits. These habits are instilled by Ralph (or not). The longer we hang on with this manager the longer it will take the squad to re train their minds.

He should have gone after 9-0.
He should have gone after record points lost from winning positions.
He should have gone after appointing Ward Prowse as 'Captain'.
He should have gone after our worst run in the Prem.
He should have gone after another 9-0.
He should go after yesterday's nervy, toothless, disjointed debacle.
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