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Bilbao v Osasuna 18:00 - Feb 14 with 910 viewsDixie_CT

After the Stoke game, me, my mum and son are hot footing it to Gatwick to catch a flight to Bilbao. Their birthdays are close together so this is my (self indulgent) present!!

Any advice for Bilbao?

Going to do stadium tour, match, dinner and then on Monday, a city tour and trip to Guggenheim.

Bilbao v Osasuna on 19:54 - Feb 14 with 842 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Unless you’re really into modern art, the Guggenheim was very poor in my view.

A former colleague of Mrs PH lives there and for the life of me I can’t recall the names of the restaurants we dined in, but they were muy bueno. But you’ll eat and drink well there.

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Bilbao v Osasuna on 11:51 - Feb 15 with 697 viewsSonofNorfolt

San Mames Stadium is bang in the centre of the city so you can't miss it.
John Honney is right about the Guggenheim, it's more about the building itself than the contents.
They are currently upgrading the bus station and the like in preparation for the euros in June, the airport bus runs every 15 minutes I think and takes about 20/25 mins.
That apart, the rest is OK without being exceptional.

Bilbao v Osasuna on 14:46 - Feb 15 with 652 viewsDixie_CT

Muchos Gracias gents. Currently freezing me bits off in A block and daydreaming of sun and cerveza!

Bilbao v Osasuna on 15:14 - Feb 15 with 624 viewsKonk

Really liked Bilbao. You really can’t go wrong on the pinxto front - even the places that look unpromising knock out great food. Old town is obviously the most atmospheric area, lots of good little pinxto bars. Agree about the Guggenheim - great building, but unless you’re someone who loves visiting galleries, I’m not sure I’d pay to go in; a pretty uninspiring collection when I visited. Nice people, top food and the love for Athletic is everywhere. You’ll have a great time.

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Bilbao v Osasuna on 16:33 - Feb 17 with 404 viewsDixie_CT

Had a brilliant time, even made it to the beach at Plentzia on the Metro. It was 40 mins on the Metro and cost €1.90!!

Fantastic food, cheap beers and footy was decent, would definitely revisit. May take the boy to Athletic v Real Madrid game in May.

Cheers again for advice

Bilbao v Osasuna on 02:05 - Feb 18 with 288 viewsSonofNorfolt

San Sebastian is better............
Bilbao v Osasuna on 02:26 - Feb 18 with 278 views18StoneOfHoop

Bilbao v Osasuna on 02:05 - Feb 18 by SonofNorfolt

San Sebastian is better............

Got an old mate long time no see
married a Basque girl and they live in mountainous rural village outside San Sebastian
not Urban polluted industrial Bilbao.
I think
I'll take your advice Mel Norfolt and visit them.
Time is short..hear me man.. pinchos and beer yum-yum

[Post edited 18 Feb 2:43]

'I'm 18 with a bullet.Got my finger on the trigger,I'm gonna pull it.." Love,Peace and Fook Chelski! More like 20StoneOfHoop now. Let's face it I'm not getting any thinner. Pass the cake and pies please.

Bilbao v Osasuna on 13:02 - Feb 18 with 143 viewsDixie_CT

Bilbao v Osasuna on 02:05 - Feb 18 by SonofNorfolt

San Sebastian is better............

Now I'm looking at Sociedad in May. Living and learning
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