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Mike Yarwood RIP 23:05 - Sep 8 with 1499 viewsflynnbo

Found it tough when Thatcher came on the scene. Traditionally male politicians.
Mike Yarwood RIP on 23:43 - Sep 8 with 1429 viewsLblock

Another part of my formative years slips away

Great comedian of his time and the first impressionist I really liked

Cherish and enjoy life.... this ain't no dress rehearsal

Mike Yarwood RIP on 23:44 - Sep 8 with 1431 viewsmarkrtid

I could never tell the difference between his Heath or his Wilson and his Larry Grayson when I think about it. I was only 11. I thought he was shit then.
Still. RIP Mike.
Mike Yarwood RIP on 23:59 - Sep 8 with 1387 viewsBoston

RIP, Harold Wilson, Eddie Waring, Prince Charles, Ted Heath, Peter Falk, Brian Clough...

Was I a fan? Not really, but I'd sit down with my parents, they really enjoyed him, and I liked to see them happy.

Poll: Thank God The Seaons Over.

Mike Yarwood RIP on 23:59 - Sep 8 with 1386 viewsLblock

To be fair if you saw Heath, Wilson and Grayson together at the same party back in the day then you were at the wrong party

Cherish and enjoy life.... this ain't no dress rehearsal

Mike Yarwood RIP on 00:26 - Sep 9 with 1348 viewsmarkrtid

Mate. My mum worked at The BBC for Top of the Pops. Two things I learnt. Noddy Holder wasnt very nice and the real work is done by the makeup artists.
Strangely enough, although I was truanting from school the day I met her in Selfridges on a Thursday in 77. My crush for Angela Rippon still remains.
Ahh. Those were the days.
Mike Yarwood RIP on 00:36 - Sep 9 with 1325 viewsqprxtc

I thought he died years ago but it must have been an impersonation.
Mike Yarwood RIP on 10:03 - Sep 9 with 1103 viewsWilkinswatercarrier

He appeared on Bob Monkehouses final gig in front of fellow comedians. He didnt do any impressions, but he spoke about how the work dried up with the rise of alternative comedy. Seemed a nice bloke.

Can honestly say though that he wasnt funny on TV, probably up there with Canon and Ball, Russ Abbott, Les Dennis and Jimmy Cricket for the unfunniest comedian on 80s TV.
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