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at 18:21 24 Aug 2019

Reading Cilves preview and much fun it was but this word ‘woke’.

I’ve only really noticed it recently and seems to me to be one of those buzzwords that I bleed I g hate because I think it’s having a go at me and makes me think that everything believe in and think is w@nkish.

Bloody stupid word for something that is anti human being. This wish for perfectionism in us that is unachievable and just adds to the cobblers of living.

Woke my ar$e.
Getting older
at 19:31 16 Aug 2019

It’s a weird thing innit. You get older and look back at your life and all the things that you thought you were right about and realise it was bo11ocks and you were wrong even though you thought you were tottLly right.

Then you get older and realise what an berk you were but now you’ve learned a lesson and now you’re totally right about everything. It’s a bloomin conundrum for sure.

You live, make mistakes, learn but at no point are you ever wrong. Until you’re dead.

So is death the truest state of mind? Or is that just bo11ocks.

Anyway, Skin Deep by the Stranglers is an alimightily good sing. And that ain’t wrong.

Do ya want your old lobby washed down
at 20:16 9 Aug 2019

Con Shine, do ya want your old lobby washed down

Once o had a bunch of thyme and thyme beings all things to my mind

Knockmthree tomes on the ceiling if you want me

In my memory I will alts see the tow o loved so we’ll tbeyve music halls and bombed our walls

This time last week I promised I wouldn’t get drunk or be a tit

Il like tits
The caress of love
at 23:33 3 Aug 2019

Brought forth today with the sweeping silk laden hand of majestic sensual climatic dependency.

Another season of
at 23:11 2 Aug 2019

Who gives a shot .....

Just the same as. 1886.

Or 1882.
[Post edited 2 Aug 23:14]
The Public House
at 15:45 2 Aug 2019

The cause of and answer to, all of life's problems.

I feel the need.

See ya later suckers.
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Stoke City v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
Funky weather, funky people
at 13:45 25 Jul 2019

Wear some deodorant you stinky gits. Especially if I have to be stuck in a tube tunnel right up your armpit.

at 21:57 20 Jul 2019

Bumbumbim I’m bunn bum glasses .
[Post edited 20 Jul 21:59]
Apparently according to scientists
at 22:48 19 Jul 2019

Or some such, it’s impossible for the human brain to not think. Zen in its totality is out of reach.

No matter what even if you just sit and veg some part of your brain is thinking why haven’t we bought a striker.
Well sodcthat I’m going to take up that challenge and empty my brain. I may need incontinence pants
The Smiths- overrated load of
at 00:06 13 Jul 2019

Cock. Always were and always will be.

Oohhh how dare you.

NME / indie load of sh1t.

But you HAVE to like them like the Stone Roses and any other Mancunian sh1te.

Because god forbid you think they’re a waste of f ucking space.

They weee are and always will be SH IT
What if
at 22:17 6 Jul 2019

Death was a staging post before life
Nothing mattered
It IS all pointless.
We are condemned
We beat Norwich in 1976
If what
We aren’t as good as we want us to be
The things you thought were important, aren’t.
Oh fu£k it
In 4 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion
at 10:15 29 Jun 2019

Years from now, the universe will consist of nothing. Everything will be dead including time.

Just remember that after we lose to Stoke.

[Post edited 29 Jun 10:17]
What would we be if we never existed
at 17:49 14 Jun 2019

That always blew my mind to think about that, if life never existed would we be stardust.
at 23:20 8 Jun 2019

I said to myself last eeel don’t drink and post, I fuc king lied. To myself. Drink you wally, drink.


I neeed you I hold out my hands and I love you

I’m 64, will you still send me a valentine

Will I be famous

I’m cleaning windows

Irish eyes are smiling

The hoodoo comes

Smokey sings

Two worlds collide

When will it all bloody end.

Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves?
at 23:55 1 Jun 2019

Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

Benson, Arizona blew warm wind through your hair
at 23:00 1 Jun 2019

Don't give me any of that intelligent life crap, just give me something I can blow up.
We never really get over our teenage years
at 22:25 24 May 2019

You either become a c unt and forget about them or become a t wat want to constantly revisit them.

Nothing goes in deeper.

Unless you’re John Holmes.
Psycho Derek loves Psycho Delia
at 21:53 24 May 2019

Life after deatj
at 23:35 17 May 2019

You know what, if Andcwhwn I pop my clogs and I find out him upstairs actiallybexists, the first thing I’m going to do is give Him an slmighty kick in his celestial knackers. That’ll make bring a tear to the cun7s eyes .

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