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Job interviews.
at 20:02 5 Jul 2020

What c unt decided that’s a good idea. Especially when you have to reapply for the job you’re already f ucking doing. Anyone that works in Personnel (f uck H fu cking R) is a worthless human bag of bones.

Chasing my f ucking tail all my existence and then brown f ucking bread. Up your arse co cksuckers.

I’m going to drink, listen to Swindon music, talk rangers talk b ollocks and f uck all careerist opportunists and their despicable ways and rule over my ways of eating beer money.

Kim Jung Ill was not so bad really just geoncidal and a bit of a c unt. Head of HR.
The Blue Nile
at 23:15 3 Jul 2020

Bloody blimey. Has there been a more heart wrenching band? Those first two albums. Flip a duck , Kleenex could mop up with this lot.
at 22:21 3 Jul 2020

Hate. The most redundant emotion of all. Hate begets hate and has no other recourse. It only feeds on itself. Recognising it’s impotency and moving beyond it are the goals. Hate does not bring redemption, conclusion or absolution. It eats but does not sustain. Hate has no place in me. Don’t let it into your life. Hate is a c.......

But I f ucking hate Chelsea.
Last Will and Testament
at 01:28 28 Jun 2020

I hate you

I hate your existence

You taste is shit. Not just in food.

You’re illegitimate.

You’re doomed to hate your job and life.

You’re not getting anything from me.

Bar supporting Queens Park Rangers.

And you’re taking that to the grave.

You horrible git.

Where do we go from here?
at 23:56 27 Jun 2020


(who’ll be first🤔).
Tom and Jerry
at 10:51 27 Jun 2020

I’ve been watching them all night. Absolutely f ucking brilliant and bloody funny(apart from the 60’s one when they went shit).

Going backwards is much more fun than forwards.

at 00:36 14 Jun 2020

When we all, inevitably, bow out, the circumference of our lives will be dictated by others who are still playing the strings of their guitar.

The influence we have on there perception of our drum solo of life will be based on the time’s we inherited their spatial awareness of our existence. This can be a higher figure than we can comprehend or acdisappointgly low but perhaps realistic measure of our influence.

The dust that we leave behind will be blown towards the stars and our eternal journey will really begin.

Football is back next week.
Trout Mask Replica
at 22:20 11 Jun 2020

I played that today for the first time in years.

When I first bought it, I thought it was the biggest pile of incoherent bollocks I’d ever heard. But I kept with it and after a few (quite a few) plays it began to make sense and squeezed some enjoyment out of it.

Now I’ve gone back to the original feeling that’s a big pile of incoherent bollocks. I don’t think I can bring myself to play it so many time again to get to like it all over again.

Elllla Guuuurruu...
Get down make love
at 21:24 3 Jun 2020

Get down make luiuurrve.

Kiss it baby KISS IT.

Hoo har

Well o thought it’d be a side step from political ding dongs on here plus I’m quite piddled
[Post edited 3 Jun 21:39]
at 11:07 29 May 2020

Are crap. Each and every one.

What’s the point of them? The film starts, has a story, moves along then next thing people are jumping about, singing, dancing, doing all sorts. Then stop and back to the story, which is normally cobblers.

Gave up on La bloody La Land after they all started dancing on top of their cars at the start.

It’s either one or the other. Music or film. Paint Your Wagon wasted Clint and Lee Marvin. They could have made a Point Blank/Dirty Harry type thing and ended up talking to trees under wandrin stars. Flip a duck.

I got dragged along to a song along The Sound of Music once with the Mrs and my mate and his Mrs. We were the only blokes there.

No musical has ever been any good. And that’s a fact.

Does the soul exist
at 15:16 28 May 2020

Or is it all in the mind and it goes with your carcass?

Is our life ours or do we have no control over our destiny?

at 01:36 25 May 2020

Mates that are in the Italian capital.



Was it a cat I saw

Chelseafansarecu ntsstn ucerasnafaeslehC
What’s good for a hangover
at 08:57 23 May 2020

Drinking heavily the night before.

After thirty years of this I’ve just found that fruit (blueberries and oranges) are great for easing a hangover. Life is a never f ucking ending lesson.

I hated school.
Ever fallen out of love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with
at 22:30 22 May 2020

Queens Park Rangers. Still love them but the fire ain’t burning any forests of brain cells that it did even twenty years ago.

From eight to about forty one ish, Rangers were the be all and end all. Totally obsessed. Ruined any chance of relationships, it was all I really cared about (alongside music and Guinness).

I missed maybe five games home and away between 1996 and 2004. At the end of every season I was absolutely knackered. I’d added another few stone to my frame and was in debt beyond my means and maxed out on three credit cards.

Once I stopped my away season ticket and got hitched, I stopped memorising all about Rangers. Stopped caring about that that I can’t change no matter if I’m there or not or how loud I shout.

I still love Rangers. But I don’t miss them right now and I’m not sure I’m worried if they come back or not.

[Post edited 22 May 22:32]
It was twenty years ago today
at 19:04 22 May 2020

That XTC released their last ever album:

The most innovative, influential and idiosyncratic band to walk the planet.

Apologies, I know it’s self indulgent and no one cares but it makes me feel emotional and old. That band infected my brain.

Going to annoy the wife and neighbours by playing this loud tonight and get so sh1t faced that I can’t remember my name.

Up the Rs!
Phil May
at 17:47 16 May 2020

Out of The Pretty Things died yesterday.

The first time I heard this made me a very happy chap indeed. It’s off it’s head but makes perfect sense. A genuine stone cold work of beauty and genius.

Parallel Dimensions or Universes
at 16:07 16 May 2020

In one of them QPR are the Barcelona of world football, that lot from the kings road have been closed down on health grounds by the authorities and beer makes you live longer and it’s illegal not for pubs to close.

it’s out there somewhere
at 01:00 9 May 2020

The flesh is the eroticism of the nipple that becomes the breast of the flesh thah becomes the beauty than becomes the. Explanation of the word and the word becomes the flesh and that lays the foreskin of the flesh

Just get it and then discard it but make it yours and then lick it. Because it and it ain’t it.

Rangers Rangers
at 01:12 2 May 2020

We are the club that’s on our way
We aim to win each game we play
Just watch and see and you’ll find out
The game we play, what it’s all about

We know you’re with us all the time
As Rangers fans you’ll help us take the lead
And once we’re there things will be fine
Our aims to reach the top and that is all we need

We are the team you love to cheer
We gave you thanks each single year
So all need’s a mighty roar
So we can tell, who you’re shouting for

Rangers, Rangers you are the best
Rangers, Rangers you beat the rest
Rangers, Rangers everyone can see, you’re the team for me

We have a squad, so full of flair
There is no team that can compare
And we feel sure
Each team we meet
Will find us strong and hard to beat

These hoops of blue and white we know
That if we play our best the fans will shout for more
And when we play at Loftus Road
It’s worth at least two pints for us and that’s for sure

We are the team you love to cheer
We gave you thanks each single year
So all need’s a mighty roar
So we can tell, who you’re shouting for

Rangers, Rangers you are the best
Rangers, Rangers you beat the rest
Rangers, Rangers everyone can see, you’re the team for me

Rangers, Rangers you are the best
Rangers, Rangers you beat the rest
Rangers, Rangers everyone can see, you’re the team for me

Carry on till whenever ... QPR FOREVER. F uck every one else.

I coulda been a contender Johnny
at 23:55 1 May 2020

I coulda been somebody.

Pallokaville ain’t such a nice place bruv. Full of Chels c unts innit.

[Post edited 1 May 23:59]
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