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Da diddly qua qua da diddly qua qua
at 21:03 10 May 2024

Great lyrics of our time.

Dint say you’re easy on me, you’re about as easy as a nuclear war.

F uck off Noddy
The beauty of nothing and nothing is more beautiful
at 22:00 5 May 2024

We come from it , we go to it. Empires build, they crumble. It’s all going to end in, nothing.

It’s all experience. Clouded by those who wish us no light but for themselves. They too will end up being scattered in the vast, unerring blackness of the untold empty sky.

And yet, I am and I shall be.

QPR 2023/24 season review.
The last thing in life
at 23:52 3 Apr 2024

It’s good ing to happehn.

What di you take away from this shite. A man mad sport of inconsequential cobblers or English Settlement.

I didn’t see Stans last second gol v Cov in 74. Not did I see Brum stiff.

I love rangers my family think too much. XTC are superb.

Love love and dislike unlove. Spankybumpoo.

Rangers! Towers of London!

at 21:15 29 Mar 2024


Hoo har 🍻🍻
Does time exist
at 23:53 22 Mar 2024

Is it just a human concept of measuring life and railway timetables. Do Martians know about daylight saving times?

We spin around thexsun and then the sun explodes. What a git.

And pubs still. Lose at 11pm.

You only get what you give. What a song.

This whole damn world can fall apart. And it will.

A good man always knows his limitations.

Time for bed Zebedee
Yet another unnecessary post about specific shi1t
at 22:21 9 Mar 2024

Paul Weller is f ucking overrated , Morrissey was and is a c unt. Cinnamon by Sydenham Syd . Life begins at the hop is cobblers.

Single bed by Noosha Fox is gorgeous. And


That’s entertainment is a work of bloody genius.

Danny baby , tell me what do you say
Melancholia of a three year old
at 23:27 21 Feb 2024

This done me in even befofre I had a grip on life or myself.

Fifty years later.

Comment allez vous
Ultimately, is belief just a matter of the incomprehensibleness of existence?
at 22:56 21 Feb 2024

Or are we losing at home to Rotherham!

Does it matter? What is matter? Who’s that bloke that commentates on shot called matter?

Matter . It either does or doesn’t.

Mater. Yer mum.
at 00:06 13 Jan 2024

I like


My wife

My mum

My sister

My sisters in law

My nieces

My aunts

My bruvs not Mrs ( plutotoniacally)

I think women are pretty f ucking brilliant.

I couldn’t be here without them.

I the ones I dislike are generally blokes.

More women in football. More women in politics. More women in public life.

Blokes f uck things up. Women create.

F uck that stupid Liverpudlian arse that onc played for our great club and has shown his true light of being a woman hating bullying male kunt (sorry Clive).

In short I love birds.

[Post edited 13 Jan 0:08]
David Soul
at 15:59 5 Jan 2024

Has given up on us baby.

Loved Starsky and Hutch. Loved Silver Lady too. And Salems Lot!

See ya Hutch.
History that only music told me
at 23:50 21 Dec 2023

Kennedy died in 63 poor Jackie Kennedy

Adam and the Ants - Catholic Day -1979

It’s 1961 again and we are piggy in the middle

XTC - Living Through Another Cuba -1980 (it was 1962 actually Andy, but hey what’s another year)

As Noam Chomsky famously said
at 22:08 16 Dec 2023

“Queens Park Rangers? F ucked if I know. Isn’t the human condition bloody weird. Where’s me pint”

Amen brother.
Superlatives are late supers with a laxative
at 23:36 1 Dec 2023

Wins two x a spin and herein lies a be bow bow bub a bub bow bow!

You Rrrrrrrsss!
How many year have you got?
at 23:56 23 Nov 2023

I’m 54, nearly. I’ll never see Mike Keen lift nuffink

at 23:26 23 Nov 2023

What’s the farquars’s that about then?

Ten minutes to live. Have a w ank or not?

Nine minutes to live. What to do now.

I was at Norwich away , Dennis Bailey. 1991. A rangers fan got em over before the game but lived to see the game.

It’s a funny old game and then it’s all bollocks

Andy Partridge is 70 today
at 08:17 11 Nov 2023

Cheers you old git.

Swear words are words
at 23:54 4 Nov 2023

F uck me if they’re not.

We lost at Oldham n 1980 0-1 No ome caredz. It wasn’t a big thing. QPR lose. A lot.

I’m drunk I talk bollocks , I have ZERO answers . I don’t cRe a our analysis .

I love XTC and I’m a wa&ker so neigh
QPR programme site
at 12:07 2 Nov 2023

This came up on RetroQPR today and looks pretty bloody marvellous. Pretty much all QPR programmes since way back when. Already wasted a few hours going through this lot.

Thanks to Nick Guoth for setting this up. Great stuff.

Dancing in the City by Marshall Hain
at 23:44 27 Oct 2023

Is a work of genius that needs more football chant involvement.

Wonky hand claps a la mick jagger too

at 08:24 25 Oct 2023

I always held that team in that season was the worst I’d ever seen. Not just at Rangers but any team. The football was awful, the players were crap ( bar one or two) and the whole club was just miserable. I went to every game bar one that season.

Until the last three games this season, I still held that idea. Sadly, this bunch of f uck stains have sailed past that 2001 team flicking ‘V’s and giving them moonies.

That 2001 team, diabolical as it was, were capable of scoring, winning at home, creating chances. Occasionally playing not bad football. Some of them even cared about playing for QPR.

This team could well be the death of us. And I can’t think of one of them who would give a shit. I’ll be there on Saturday. But as soon as the first Leicester goal nestles in our onion bag I’m off to the pub to enjoy myself. I won’t applaud them on, I won’t cheer their names as they’re being read out. I couldn’t give a flying f uck about any of them.

The sooner we purge this lot of mercenaries from our history the better. Shameful bunch of charlatans.
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