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The last thing in life 23:52 - Apr 3 with 737 viewsqprxtc

It’s good ing to happehn.

What di you take away from this shite. A man mad sport of inconsequential cobblers or English Settlement.

I didn’t see Stans last second gol v Cov in 74. Not did I see Brum stiff.

I love rangers my family think too much. XTC are superb.

Love love and dislike unlove. Spankybumpoo.

Rangers! Towers of London!

The last thing in life on 23:54 - Apr 3 with 723 viewscolinallcars

Understand cannot I fuss what the all about is.
The last thing in life on 00:01 - Apr 4 with 691 viewsqpr_1968

Poll: how many games this season....home/away.

The last thing in life on 00:08 - Apr 4 with 682 viewsqprxtc

Spread cheese on unchesse cheese. What you have to remember is cobblers.


Susan Fassbender
The last thing in life on 00:38 - Apr 4 with 640 viewsBoston

I've left instructions for my headstone...

I could do with a good kip.

Poll: Thank God The Seaons Over.

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