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Stupidest thing you’ve ever done
at 00:38 30 Nov 2019

Done so many it’s just a blur...

That thing, that you wished never ever happened. But yep it did and it was all because of you. You tw@t.

Being born. Start from there.... and they’re off...
I’m farting like an absolute bastard
at 20:46 29 Nov 2019

Since lunchtime. Can’t stop the gits. And here comes another...

at 08:26 23 Nov 2019

What’s the bloody point in that?
Morry Thou?
at 07:27 23 Nov 2019

All these years, I thought it was “My relief now”

Get a grip.
The death of Immortality
at 22:53 22 Nov 2019

Live, love, get annoyed about stuff, die.

That’s it.
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What just happened?
at 17:02 15 Nov 2019

About 20 years ago an extremely fit woman at my old job asked me out. She was from New Zealand, I think, and blonde, great “chesty pegs” (her description) and supported the Rs! She was cracking. Had an overlapping front tooth but, my word, she was on fire.

Off for a pub crawl down Goldhawk Road (when it was possible to do such a thing). I’m potting all the shots. Being funny, taking sensibly, having proper intelligent conversations. Never happened before and rarely since.

Chucking out time and we are walking back up to the Green, mows my chance to seal the deal.. here we go..

“Samantha, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“You ever thought about getting your teeth done?”

The Wagon
at 13:32 1 Nov 2019

It’s a bumpy old ride and I could be ambushed at any stage. Hopefully the wheels won’t come off and the town of Sobriety will welcome me with open arms.

It’s been 90 minutes since this journey started. Dyin ain’t much of livin boy.

at 17:55 24 Oct 2019

Apparently, according to a BBC website article, there is a thing whereby Man City are trying to get internet influencers to increase attendances at their chumpions league games by influencing people on social media.

Anyone that’s influenced by some mindless t wat on the internet to do something is some sort of mindless t wat.

Don’t read that bloody article.
[Post edited 24 Oct 17:57]
Joe Waters
at 18:53 18 Oct 2019

Is a git.

And a c unt.

[Post edited 18 Oct 18:59]
at 23:22 11 Oct 2019

No one says that anymore

Get knotted you toerag.

Nor that

Or “That’ll be less than 6 quid for that pint mate”

The Tree of Life
at 19:57 5 Oct 2019

Is a burdensome thing, for those who live a lie. For a man without love, he ain’t no man at all. Just a cold Bitter Wind passing by...

A very wise man said to me today that it’s all about the vibe. You can analyse things to an inch of their life but the vibe is all. And baby the vibrations are good.

The ying, the yang. The tree bears fruit be it ripe or rotten. This tree is giving forth and long may it continue. This is football as we know it.

Moby Grape me baby.
[Post edited 5 Oct 19:57]
at 21:59 4 Oct 2019

Can list 3-0 inlukily you can win 3-0 luckily. You can draw 0-0 crapily. You can do anybloody thing, cause it’s football. It’s all happened before and it will happen again.

It matters not. It just is.

That, Clive is your match report for all eryenity. No payment nexcesaru🙆🏼‍♂️
Don’t get annoyed
at 21:41 4 Oct 2019

Get wan£ered

That was the advert wasn’t it?

I brike two TWO BAORS of glasses tonight . I was blind before but now I can’t see .

You think losing when you’re ppayning well is bad?

Try looking at something that ain’t there
at 23:02 28 Sep 2019

That whole day was boring. Boring and crap. West Brom. F ucking boring club. Nether big not small, just West Brom fu ucking off West Brom. Is there a south/east/mid Brom? What’s a Bromwich? Don’t tell me don’t care.

Bloody hell. It’s all sh it. Non consequential cobblers. Why do I ho back. Just to watch a team that no one cares about outside of us, who have totally unreasonable expectations of their never achieving club.

Well, it’s something to get annoyed about innit. My train of thought has now derailed.

There was a point and I’ve list it. Bloody early kick offs.

I’ll be dead in 40 years. If not sooner.
Stupidly happy
at 22:59 27 Sep 2019

Songs that make me grin and bounce like a complete berk

Now to listen to something bloody awful and depressing, I’ve got a mortuary record somebloodywgere

That was mead meant say Morrissey not mortuary, but hey ho

[Post edited 27 Sep 23:18]
at 22:13 27 Sep 2019

Doesn’t exist. Or if it did it’ll soon be extinct.

Philosophy was from county Kerry
That was
at 20:40 14 Sep 2019

A f ucking great game of football.

One of the best I’ve seen in year

And we won
There is no way, NO way that you came from my loins
at 00:44 14 Sep 2019

The first thing I'm gonna do when I get home is punch your momma in the mouth.
If QPR never existed
at 15:30 1 Sep 2019

What could you have done?

And if LFW never existed does the post actually exist?

Existentialism for dummies.
at 18:21 24 Aug 2019

Reading Cilves preview and much fun it was but this word ‘woke’.

I’ve only really noticed it recently and seems to me to be one of those buzzwords that I bleed I g hate because I think it’s having a go at me and makes me think that everything believe in and think is w@nkish.

Bloody stupid word for something that is anti human being. This wish for perfectionism in us that is unachievable and just adds to the cobblers of living.

Woke my ar$e.
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