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Match Thread
at 21:41 4 Nov 2020

Think we'll win 1-0, Bonne to score.
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Derby County v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
Reading lose 3-2 at Cov
at 21:53 30 Oct 2020

It could happen to anyone, guv!
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The Frankenstein QPR Footballer
at 17:14 24 Sep 2020

Following from a thread below, let's build the Frankenstein's monster of a QPR footballer. He should have the finishing of... the handling of... the tackling of... etc. Can't answer the same name twice.

Just done this quickly, but...

The handling of: Phil Parkes
The tackling of: Paul Parker
The defensive heading of: Alan McDonald
The reading of the game of: Ray Wilkins
The passing of: Gerry Francis
The dribbling of: Stan Bowles
The dead ball ability of: Akos Buzsaky
The skill of: Adel Taraabt
The crossing of: Dave Thomas
The leadership of: Clint Hill
The passion of: Gareth Ainsworth
The strength of: Danny Shittu
The pace of: Tony Witter
The vision of: Ale Faurlin
The hold up play of: Kevin Gallen
The finishing of: John Spencer
The attacking heading of: Les Ferdinand

The perfect footballer. Might look a bit weird though.
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Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
The Defence: A Thought
at 16:39 14 Sep 2020

Was thinking about defence over the weekend.

There's a sort of wisdom been building up, not without its own evidence, that Warbs 'cannot organise a defence.'

It's an interesting thing when you line it up against other thoughts that we as fans have in general. For example, I think most of us probably think that when it comes to coaching, 'organising a defence is the basics, playing lovely attacking football is really hard.'

But why do we think, generally, that defending should be more simple? Should be something that can be fixed in training relatively easily? Why do we attach less skill to that? There's a sense that you should just be able to 'practise' 'defending' in training and it'll work out next week. You don't ever get fans saying, 'why don't you practise free-flowing passing attacking moves in traning that might help us watch you score amazing goals?' The closest we get to that is telling our strikers to practise shooting all week. But why is the specific skill of shooting put in the same category as literally all defending? When a team can't score goals it's generally blamed on the attackers lacking creativity or because the striker can't hit a barn door with a banjo. When a team lets in too many, the manager can't organise a defence. Why does a manager get blamed more for one than the other? I'm not saying this is hard and fast, but just saying generally.

I was thinking about this at the weekend as I watched the very enjoyable Liverpool-Leeds game, and I had forgotten that Klopp, too, received the same criticisms once upon a time as Warbs gets now (not comparing them - just saying similar criticisms were levelled). Luckily, Klopp is a great coach so he fixed it. You know, by spending £75m on Van Dijk and another £68m on Allison. Plus the emergence of the excellent Trent. And, at least until Saturday, those accusations went away. But he solved the problem by buying big. Same with Guardiola. He is constantly criticised for his defence not being strong enough, but the answer is not in his coaching, but in the fact that people believe he needs to buy better defenders.

Now conceding more than 70 goals in a season isn't good enough, but is our perception of coaching a defensive unit a little off? The two best coaches in the country have similar ideas to Warbs in terms of attacking football, high press, play from the back, etc etc, and both of them have had issues at the back. I suppose what I was thinking was two things: is all Warbs needs a CB (maybe it's Dickie) and a keeper and maybe a left back away from having those accusations quelled? And, perhaps more importantly, does this magical coach who can deliver a solid, hard-hitting defence allied to front-to-back 'through-the-thirds' football actually exist?

I suppose if he did, he wouldn't be with us. Other than the freakish year under Warnock, which owed a lot to one player supplying the attacking bit (and that was hardly 'coached'), the closest anyone got to it, for me, was De Canio, who fashioned a defence out of gossamer and also had us playing quite nice attacking stuff.
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Gut Feelings on New Signings
at 16:35 17 Aug 2020

I always think new signings are interesting for how we feel about them, because as fans I have a theory our initial reaction to them is very seldom close to how we feel a year or two down the line.

Charlie austin is a good example for me of one I thought was a brilliant signing and was a brilliant signing and he was everything I thought and hoped he would be - and more.

But then you have Cousins, who I thought was a super signing, just what we needed, and was never really close to it.

I remember being vaguely excited about Trevor Sinclair, but he turned out much better than we could've thought.

I thought Danny Cullip was a perfect signing, and he was for about 3 months, then fell off the edge of the cliff.

I thought Clint Hill was a depressing signing - and Derry. Er...

I was REALLY excited about Danny Nardiello - thought that was a cracking signing. Awful.

I thought Park was a great signing, even as I didn't love the way it was done.

Alex Smithies I kind of thought was second choice to Bentley and wasn't excited...

Other than Austin, do we ever really know? Sometimes the worst signings turn out to be the best and vice versa.
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