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You spoil us – Preview
at 00:35:49

That is beautiful writing I laughed hard and really enjoyed it .Sadly your opinion on the state of the game is spot on and with the winter closing in its a bit depressing actually (but the rest of the article softened the blow ).Who knows where QPR will stand after the Christmas fixtures but hopefully they can pull off a few wins to keep us sane .
I keep seeing that picture of the crowded train ,is it real or photoshopped hopefully the latter
Pleasing all of the people, all of the time - Report
at 01:09:58

Magnificent report ever surpassing other masterpieces from this amazing season .Its a talent only you alone appear to have Clive keep it going if thats even possible .
If Eze played for Man City or Liverpool or any other top team that goal would be described as world class so it is ,what an amazing player and great young man best of luck to him going forward
Chair takes advantage of Rooney's generosity - Report
at 00:50:41

Magnificent report as usual Clive happy the regulars were rewarded with a winner to ease the chill.Manning blazed over his own bar I think which could have been candidate for Own goal of the season.I saw Watford giving up a beauty on tv a few weeks ago to seal that title
QPR on Eze street as Warburton changes tack - Report
at 19:34:27

Great work again Clive ,happy for BOS he could really be a difference maker in the busy run ahead if he keeps up that play.If Eze stays healthy it could be a magical season for him and us
F-awesome Forest set QPR on road to ruin - Report
at 01:42:35

That is a brilliant report and despite the result and shocking slide we are on it softened the blow.Ryan Manning playing liquored up was top class stuff
However on a very disturbing note both Manning and Lumley room together and probably see the social media postings which are horrible and uncalled for .Hopefully they can both shake it off and return to early season form ASAP
Big test for QPR's new flying fullback ethos - Preview
at 13:08:52

Brilliant as usual Clive love the dreams it happens to most of us but we just block them out the following morning haha.Perfect description of Mick McCarthy who is so defensive or more accurate negative he thinks hanging on for 0-0 actually wins games .No excuse for not bringing in fresh young players like Manning but he has a 2 year contract and will not change now.Of course ROI are playing puke soccer and continue to under the last few managers its miserable to watch.
As bad as QPR were last winter/spring thank Jesus its all like a bad dream now and we entertain the fans who lay down their hard earned cash and deserve that at the least .Come on Urrrrrs
Are you not entertained? Knee Jerks
at 01:05:17

Great report as usual Antti what a day at headquarters .
This is a reply for Myke above regarding Ryan Manning and ROI.
A direct quote from Mick McCarthy today regarding playing Matt Doherty at left back.Greg Cunningham got a bad injury Saturday ,Doherty played left back before those are my options.I don't have too many options .This is enough to make me cry in my drink because even if Manning was starting every game for QPR he should be in that squad.On top of that he is playing superbly and in a hostile environment you need a player on form.
Matt Doherty should be the first or second name on the teamsheet every match for ROI yet MM benches him for Coleman (who is a great player btw)when they should be both playing .Its so frustrating bleeding green but so happy bleeding blue and white at present
Spot the difference, QPR annihilated at Norwich - Report
at 01:25:17

That was one of the finest pieces of writing I ever had the privilege of reading I tip my cap to you Sir .It put me in the mood to eat Kimberley myself tonight if I met her .Oh and QPR are fuc*ed it sounds like and have broken the spirit of the unbreakable one .
More late penalty heartbreak for luckless QPR – Report
at 14:30:02

Beautifully written piece as always Clive keeping it real in the midst of a miserable run of form and decisions .
We seem to always fall into the trap of trying to defend a lead by not playing and without going into the records I suspect we rarely get the points that way.
I know its just exhaustion and frustration both on the field and off but it feels like we are right on the edge of the cliff now hopefully we can fly instead of falling
QPR power past Pompey into FA Cup fifth round - Report
at 19:50:52

Loved every sentence of it well done
I just want to tell you good luck, we're all counting on you - Preview
at 17:25:21

Great article as always Clive and I like the positive prediction .I feel the home crowd will be the difference and we will advance.
Is that headline ripped from the excellent old movie Airplane btw
Blackstock's goal of the season moves QPR towards safety - History
at 00:53:54

I love all the match reports as well as the ref ones thanks a million Clive .Is that the same Lee Camp on the Netflix series Sunderland Unti I Die because if so he stayed on too long .He looked terrible but his D was brutal to be honest
Stranger things - Knee Jerks
at 18:40:10

Excellent article as always Antti between you and Clive QPR Fans are lucky.Its the most optimistic we as a bunch has been in years and to think home grown players will soon make up over half the team is exciting.
Of course if we get promoted that will all change ha ha just kidding .
Not in love with the treatment of our keeper but it could be worse he could be kicking for the Chicago Bears in the NFL now that is abuse
One year on - Preview
at 01:12:29

Another excellent and eye opening piece Clive not just about the players pulling on the jerseys each week.
Ironically after a year or 2 reading your writings and enjoying the humor and information they always provide it was your article after the Millwall fiasco and seeing how demoralized it left you that I signed up .For no other reason than to thank you for the superb work and to add my voice of encouragement .
Same again this year.Let no fu***r get under your skin its them that are miserable and letting true QPR Fans down with that cowardly behavior .
Happy New Year
New man faces a tough task at Reading - Interview
at 16:08:59

That is one excellent but God awful depressing interview.2 games in a row QPR face teams destined to the drop it looks like and its hard to imagine their Fans paying good money to watch the inevitable it sounds like.
Neither club appear to have the structure or talent in place to get out of jail.
It makes QPR look like Man City to be honest with our talent and safe position but I still get a chill thinking back to the first 4 games it could possibly have been us .Phew
Slick, composed, professional QPR sweep past Ipswich – Report
at 01:49:35

Excellent as always its happy days at LR at the moment lets keep our streak going.
Love the comments about the ref that is funny stuff but you are bringing it all the time now Clive on a roll like the team
A very un-QPR display - Knee Jerks
at 18:05:20

Great piece as always thank you
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