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Surely it was more than that thread...
at 20:39 14 Jan 2021

Southgate has the perfect balance right now IMO but that includes picking Grealish in the starting 11.There is a dangerous look to this team in 2020 and if Kane and Rashford and Sterling stay healthy they will win a major competition soon I believe .
Is there any list in existence on LFW including all the International players who wore the hoops it would be surprisingly long I bet.We supplied a bit of talent back in the day.Its dried up now of course but if Eze plays well for the remainder of the season and goes to the Euros we can claim him kind of .haha
It's official: Chair beats Eze where it really counts - the bauble challenge
at 16:15 14 Jan 2021

His heart rate did climb a bit but he lost count by 2.Maybe he was including his false start which I am sure Eze will respond to
Pretty impressive and he showed everyone the secret keep the ball or bauble low he got on a roll and even when it got up there he was well past the post .
Nice to see it being released its a lot more fun after 3 points in the bag
And then a hero comes along – Report
at 15:58 14 Jan 2021

Can anybody clear up whether the ref saw the message on MB shirt in remembrance of his sister RIP or its just cut and dried to award a yellow.
I thought it was only when a player took off his shirt and displayed 6 pack abs (Ronaldo for example ) or are they afraid of political messages etc .
Bad form either way but still a magical night
Charlie is back
at 03:31 13 Jan 2021

Great post daveB I felt exactly the same but what a joy to see him head it home and celebrate like the old days.
Fair plat to MW he started him and it gave the team a great lift then having the lead its easier to grab 2 it has happened to us enough this year ,nice to turn the tables.
Looking forward to Saturday it feels like new life and energy has taken over LFW and the players too .
Expat Friendly v Luton
at 00:36 13 Jan 2021

Boston you are the man ,what an uplifting win and the first time in a long time the doom and gloom is lifted .
Luton Vans - Match Thread
at 18:43 11 Jan 2021

There is no way Charlie is starting IMO.He did play most if not all the second half against Arsenal and had a chance to score with a snap shot and could not get up to a cross late on.Not saying he cant jump he was being held down it looked like .
The downside is pretty obvious he is not able to go from our box defending to their box shooting right now either from fitness issues or injury recovery issues .
He should spring on 10 minutes into the second half after watching how things are going then stay high and try to poach one .
Rangers Legend Richard Keogh
at 15:17 10 Jan 2021

He is being serious ,RK gave his all for Ireland and for Derby too.
He was not behind the wheel remember just passed out in the back seat and easily could have died there.The other 2 players fled the scene and if the car went up he was done.
I personally hope he can finish his career on the field he has earned that right at least
Expat Friendly v Fulham
at 00:45 10 Jan 2021

Exactly my thoughts superhoopdownunder we should have won it there .No composure he could have put it in any corner except the corner flag .Thanks Boston
Charlie coming home.
at 01:07 9 Jan 2021

He looks like he is basically limping along or hopefully its his natural motion but he wont be getting any clean breakaways thats for sure .Last weeks game he played most of the second half I think and looked pretty bad.
However if we supply a lot of ball I know a big if he could grab a few goals and mentor the young strikers .I dont see him lasting the half season though
Expat Friendly Eze v Sheff Utd
at 01:46 3 Jan 2021

its working fine for me too Boston thanks for the effort .Ironically I cannot get any Sky to open ever not even the tweets .
what a magnificent goal but pretty pathetic defending but SU are dead men walking right now
Palace v Sheff Utd
at 01:40 3 Jan 2021

Sheffield Utd are basically relegated already and its not a shock to me .If David McGoldrick is your main striker and no back up plan they were toast in September .Its all about goals now and you need 2 or 3 strikers to bang them in .
I also watched West Brom v Arsenal and that got ugly pretty fast .Furlong got destroyed by Tierney practically the whole game and poor old Charlie Austin is literally limping along its actually sad to see
Maradona Documentary ***NON QPR
at 15:21 1 Jan 2021

No doubt Fenwick was going to take him out only for the yellow card which today would have been a red of course .Even that last second tackle/attempt from Butcher ?could have been at least a yellow and hurt DM as he was hobbling celebrating .
Lets face it he got the living sh*t kicked out of him not just that game but every game he played so the fact his body was broken is no shock.
The pain probably started him down the path of drugs IMO and like Juzzie it was only a matter of time before he passed awaw.Sad end another miserable moment from 2020 RIP
Bye bye Bright
at 15:05 1 Jan 2021

This !!! its a lot easier playing when Eze has 3 players watching or tackling him then finding yourself the center of attention and getting the treatment.He still attacks defenders but they can force him wide knowing he will just blast wildly at the same side instead of shooting across the net or passing to an open teammate.
Look at Sterling,KDB,the Liverpool 3 headed monster they all run at defenders then try and find the open player unless they are 1 on 1 with the keeper .
Its coaching I believe plus the lack of real goalscoring talent here , if he goes up he will be the small fish in the big pond watch him pass it then
Happy New Year thread
at 00:51 1 Jan 2021

Same wishes to everyone on LFW but especially those under the weather from various issues .Brighter days ahead hopefully
at 00:49 1 Jan 2021

How are you feeling man and your better half also.Almost back hopefully
Anyone had a decent 2020?
at 00:47 1 Jan 2021

Good thread qpr_1968 .I dusted off the golf clubs for the first time in 3 years and actually played a stunning round of golf .I had 5 birdies and 7 bogeys without any mulligans (free reload )or gimees (nasty little short putts picked up wink wink).It was out of the blue and my lowest ever by a mile .
Of course the following week I caught the fuc*ing virus and it all went downhill fast .Still that magic feeling still cheers me up.
I also found Chaterbuate while trying to find Hesgoal to watch the superhoops another pick me up
Ozzy Osborne Documentry
at 20:43 31 Dec 2020

When you are flicking through the channels again Paddyhoops try and find the Motley Crue one its brilliant and it has one incredible Ozzie scene.Its not him of course and factually not correct but it involves the ants and the straw .Life was a little rough back then before the World Wide Wed of camera phones otherwise it would have been all over the place .
Agreed about Sharon Osborne she kept him alive so far
Improved QPR within whisker of shocking Norwich - Report
at 01:13 31 Dec 2020

I am so happy to be part of this site Clive that is a magnificent story to top off a superb match report .Happy New Year to all
at 16:54 30 Dec 2020

Not sure if you are being funny Clive or a mis print and you meant Mick McCarthy the former ROI manager .
We would be excellent at the back (good )but forget about crossing the halfway line because Mick turns attacking talent into pub league players once they get into the other half.
Plus he would not have Ditzy to help the cause .Inside joke for Irish Rsss
at 16:45 30 Dec 2020

Great thread btw but lost in the euphoria of the point and that shocking miss at the end is the happy fact we did not crumble after their pathetic penalty .I watch almost every match thread and once we fall behind its almost inevitable that game is gone .Its almost a given this year that we cant seem to find the belief or desire to claw it back but last night might be a huge turning point .
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