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Pendulous Thinking
at 10:40 20 Jul 2019

Reasons to be cheerful:
Lynch plays for someone else. Or doesn't. I mean, really, who cares?
Freeman has gone but at least won't be back to tear us a new one twice this season.
A couple of the signings this season look like decent long-term bets. I think Masterson could be a pretty good mid-term prospect that could net the club a few quid.
Shodipo and BOS on the same field. Mmmm, pacey.

Reasons to be fearful:
Freeman has gone. And so, naturally, everyone who plays his position this year will be described as 'not as good as Freeman' by the barely hominid, milk-fed gimps that inhabit Twitter.
We still, unaccountably, pay Sean Goss to do something. Does anyone actually know what that is?
We haven't quite found a 30-goal per season striker, that nobody else knows about, who will work for food.
Split centrebacks playing out from the back: 'Kill it! Kill it with fire!' (This also applies to short corners).
You Lot Honestly Think I make This Stuff Up
at 08:16 15 Jul 2019

The West Country: where you have to make your own entertainment.
Own Up
at 08:05 28 Jun 2019

Did you see the QPR fan at the Women's World Cup game against Norway? Was it you? I am ruling myself out of this inquiry / witch hunt but if you have any information call Crimestoppers now.
Tory Leadership Race
at 09:57 31 May 2019

Not a party political thing or a reason for an LFW punch-up, but I keep having the eerie feeling that eventually every single Tory MP will put themselves forward leaving Teresa May with the casting vote. At which point, she cackles maniacally and slowly points at Jacob Rees Mogg sitting at the back, with the entire parliamentary party turning to stare at him... He is seen to gulp and mutter 'Oh, copulate my happenstance'
The Needlessly Provocative Thread
at 14:24 25 May 2019

'No offence, but...'
Terms That Best Sum Up The Season
at 18:10 5 May 2019

Why I Hate Everything By Dorse 'Dorsey' McDorseface Jr
at 11:31 23 Apr 2019

1. Everything deserves it.
2. See 1.
3. I am a QPR fan. We embrace the first noble truth of the Buddha that 'all existence is suffering'. In fact, we bastard well embody it.
A Few Beers
at 22:34 18 Apr 2019

And listening to dub at unreasonable volume since the rest of Clan Dorse are camping in some foul hellhole* for the night. Fcuking brilliant. And the day off tomorrow!

We should all give thanks to the Easter Bunny for laying the chocolate egg so that the slaves in Babylon could get the weekend off (or something).

Drunk posting: the sport of kings.

* That is to say, any campsite in the whole of the universe as far as I'm concerned. By the way, what is it about caravan owners? They all seem like the sort of grim, sinister-looking couples that look like they engage in regular, poorly-lit suburban swinging with other grim, sinister-looking couples.
Swanee The Swansea Swan Match Fred
at 12:43 13 Apr 2019

Right. You know the drill. LFW Bingo:

Bummed in the gob.
Lynch trying to get sent off.
Boiling Piss.
Chaps my arse.
Why the fcuk is he not playing BOS?
John Useless.


Actually, I am strangely positive about this match. I have no idea why. Perhaps it is lack of sleep after getting back from my gig at 1.30AM and being woken up by my daughter Tantor at 6AM. I explained to her that she and I would be taking an exciting trip to the orphanage later.

3-0 to the good guys. Manning to get one.
[Post edited 13 Apr 12:44]
Things, Up With Which I Will Not Put.
at 12:53 8 Apr 2019

Playing out from the back with split centrebacks.
Short corners.
An offside trap that relies on a 78 year old full back getting up in time.
Surrendering initiative at home, especially to teams that need a flashlight and a map in order to find their arses with both hands.
Surprise Attack Dooms Us All
at 16:12 5 Apr 2019
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