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Playoff Final Highlights with Commentary from Green, Hill, Austin and Zamora
at 18:39 24 May 2020

Absolutely brilliant. If you haven't watched it yet, get on your bike and watch it. It is hysterical and an absolute joy. Well done to whoever thought of doing this. Its magic!
Who is our longest serving First Team player?
at 14:52 24 Mar 2020

I'm thinking that the player who has longest time playing in our First Team must be either Hall or Shadipo. Shadipo has been on the edge of the team since at least 2016.

Anyone know?
Goal Scoring
at 06:41 22 Mar 2020

For so many years you never really knew where the next goal was coming from. You hoped for a bit of magic or a well placed set piece.

This is the first season in ages where that isn't the case. This year we have so many ways to manufacture goals. Every time BOS, Eze, Chair, or Manning get the ball we look dangerous. Fast breaks suit our style. So does passing the ball around patiently until a gap opens up. So does hitting it long for BOS/Hugill to latch on to. There are so many avenues to goal this season.

I was thinking this while watching the Liverpool team. We had a talented team then. Adel, Cisse, Diakite, Taiwo, Mackie, etc. It certainly wasn't a lack of talent. And the Liverpool game showed that we knew how to score. But in those days (with the exception of the Taraabt promotion year when the strategy was pass the ball to Adel) I never knew where the goal was going to come from. It was like goals were the product of a moment of magic rather than the result of a scheme and structure designed to produce results.

We might not be promotion material, but this has been the most fun year to watch QPR in a really long time. It is so fckin annoying that the season looks like it'll end early and we'll be cheated out of the watching the most dynamic and cohesive team to wear the hoops since the Terry Venables days
Marc Pugh -- Great player but ...
at 16:56 15 Mar 2020

I like Marc Pugh. He gives a lot of effort and pulls off some deft touches. But, it seems to me that when he plays, Ryann Manning's role is curtailed and his freedom to power down the wing is stifled.

Its not really his fault, but i prefer our shape and creativity when he isn't on the field.
Eze -- this'll annoy some but...
at 16:36 11 Mar 2020

Eze -- I know that this'll annoy some, but I don't actually think he's the best player in our team. There I said it! I'll hide for a bit while the shrapnel clears...

To be clear, I love Eze and think he's a supremely talented player and a joy to watch. We are lucky to have such talent on our team and I hope it last for a long time.

But in my opinion, BOS is a more impactful player. How many times has he chased down a complete lost cause, brought the ball back into play and manufactured a goal out of it? How many times has he gathered up a hopeful hoof and muscled the defender off the ball to create a chance? Him and Eze are both wonderful dribblers of the ball and Eze is a certainly a better crosser of the ball. But the speed, determination, and physical presence that BOS brings to the game are so fun to watch and so important to the game we play.

Its a game of opinions and, in my opinion, BOS is the best player on our team.

Discuss ...
Cameron to be Suspended for the Next Game
at 00:40 8 Mar 2020

Should we start with only 10 men?

I mean, we did alright today with only 10 players on the field!

QPR Ladies
at 20:37 6 Mar 2020

Did you realize that QPR Ladies are top of the table. Already beaten Fulham twice this season!

Well done to all involved
Manning: How Many Chances Did He Create?
at 20:08 16 Feb 2020

1. Cross from Manning on the left to Hugill, Hugill lifts over the bar from one yard out.
2. First goal came from his run and crisply weighted pass to Hugill. Hugill slots home.
3. Neat backheal to put Pugh through in the box Pugh hits tamely at goalie.
4. Ball charged down in defense. Manning races downfield and puts the ball through to Eze (someone else may also have been involved) whose shot is tipped over the bar.
5. Short corner passed on to Manning whose shot is parried into the path of Chair, who slots home for goal number 4.

Did I miss anything?
We Should Be Getting More Penalties
at 16:45 18 Jan 2020

With BOS, Eze, and Chair dribbling their way into the box repeatedly I’m every game, we should be getting more penalties. Trouble is, they are ‘too’ honest and work too hard to stay on their feet and see the move through. Any opponent dribbling into the box against us is guaranteed to go flailing down three times a game at least one would be called a penalty. Glad to see that the lads care more about playing football than cheap tricks. Their runs must scare the pants of defenders.
QPR transfer Records
at 19:23 4 Jan 2020

All the transfer talk got me wondering about our record transfer fees. So, I turned to Wikipedia and this is what I found:

Highest transfer fees paid
Name From Fee Date
1 Democratic Republic of the Congo Christopher Samba Russia Anzhi Makhachkala £12.5M 2013
2 England Steven Caulker Wales Cardiff City £8.5M 2014
3 Netherlands Leroy Fer England Norwich City £8M 2014
4 France Loïc Rémy France Marseille £8M 2013
5 Brazil Sandro England Tottenham Hotspur £6M 2014
6 England Jordon Mutch Wales Cardiff City £6M 2014
7 Scotland Matt Phillips England Blackpool £5M 2013
8 Cameroon Stéphane Mbia France Marseille £5M 2012
9 Canada Junior Hoilett England Blackburn Rovers £4M 2012
10 England Bobby Zamora England Fulham £4M 2012

Highest transfer fees received
Name From Fee Date
1 Democratic Republic of the Congo Christopher Samba Russia Anzhi Makhachkala £12M 2013
2 France Loïc Rémy England Chelsea £10.5M 2014
3 England Raheem Sterling England Liverpool £10.4M 2010
4 England Les Ferdinand England Newcastle United £5.4M 1995
5 England Jordan Mutch England Crystal Palace £4.75M 2015
6 England Charlie Austin England Southampton £4M 2016
7 England Alex McCarthy England Crystal Palace £3.5M 2015
8 England Andy Sinton England Sheffield Wednesday £2.75M 1993
9 England Darren Peacock England Newcastle United £2.7M 1994
10 Scotland Nigel Quashie England Nottingham Forest £2.5M 1998

To be honest, there is not a lot of value in either of those lists. Buying Remy for £8M and selling hima year later for £10.4M is good business and the buying. But that is about it. Its hard to believe that shte we bought in 2014.

Anyhow, I look at those lists and cannot believe £20M is coming our way for Eze. The two are unrelated, I know. But won't believe it until its on the offish.
Bromley Boys
at 02:21 29 Dec 2019

I would guess that most QPR fans will love the film Bromley Boys. I certainly did. What a laugh. Its a funny little film about supporting a useless, sorry I meant to say unglamorous team. Its certainly something we can relate too, and even appreciate the fact that we aren't the worst team out there. If someone can be obsessed with a team like Bromley, then perhaps we aren't completely nuts (well, its a theory).

If this has already been posted about I must've missed it -- I'm sorry if I did.

Anyhow, did anyone else see it and did anyone else like it as much as I did?
Enjoying The Goals Means Accepting The Defensive Lapses
at 17:25 6 Oct 2019

QPR has not scored this number of goals since the early 1980s and the Clive Allen/Paul Goddard pairing. Our two main strikers are both in the top 5 goal scorers in the division and we've had goals coming from all over the pitch, especially from our young creative attacking midfield corp. Our wingbacks are well integrated in the attacking scheme and Manning seems to be at the heart of most of our most attractive scoring attempts.

However, we are also conceding lots and have yet to keep a clean sheet. So obviously the two things are linked. We often play three/five at the back with the two wingbacks encouraged to roam freely. Plus the centerbacks are also encouraged to play football and we have seen Barbet, Hall, and even Leisner carrying the ball upfield and getting involved in passing/attacking game. As a result, there are times when our backfield is overrun, outmatched and torn apart easily. Also, the constant passing back to the goalie leaves the goalie (who is not an outfield player and therefore not naturally inclined to passing the ball around crisply) sometimes getting caught out and looking clumsy.

These defensive lapses are inevitable consequences of the system that we are playing. The manager could fix them by playing a flat back four, but then there wouldn't be the structural foundation for the attacking magic that we are all loving.

This is a team of players who, in many cases, haven't played this system that long and are still learning the upsides and downsides of the system.The fans are going to have to be patient and understanding. If we want to enjoy the freeflowing football and freescoring fun we are going to have to accept that it comes with conceding plenty of goals as well. There are only 11 QPR players on the field at a time. If we are going to be devoting 7-8 players to the attacking effort at any given time, there are also going to be lots of times when the defense is going to be out of shape and overwhelmed. They are part and parcel of the same thing.
My gift to you!
at 04:02 6 Oct 2019

ZAMORA!!!! The ten men have done it!

I kinda forgot how many class save Green made to keep us in it.

Which Current Squad Players Are On Loan?
at 15:20 15 Sep 2019

Anyone remember?
at 21:53 7 Sep 2019

Why isn’t anyone talking about the England team. 4-0 is a decent result no matter who the opposition is. 14 goals scored and only one conceded in 3 qualifying games so far. Exciting, young, talented team. two semifinals in the last two international competitions. This is priceless.

The BBC says that England haven’t lost a qualifying game in World Cup or European cup qualifiers in a decade. That doesn’t sound completely right coz I thought we lost to Belgium recently, but if the Beeb say it i guess it must be true. Ten bloody years! That’s crazy!!

Who is your favorite player to watch in the current squad?
at 01:04 26 Aug 2019

We've got a bunch of players in the current squad who are just a joy to watch. You know who I mean: Eze, Manning, Chair, Amos, etc. Players with skill, guts, determination, you name it. We all like different things, so we likely all have different favorites. So who is your favorite and why?

My favorite player to watch is Bright. Whenever he is on the field I feel like we have a chance to blow up and whenever he is on the ball I feel like he is going to get something going. He is just exciting to watch as he runs at the defender, skips down the line, and so on. Plus, I love the strength he has combined with the baby face. I feel like people underestimate him and think he can be pushed around because he kinda looks young -- then they get a shock when he out-muscles them for the ball and sets off, leaving them in the dust.

What about you? Who do you particularly enjoy watching?
Calling NYC Rs
at 11:36 3 Aug 2019

Anyone watching the Stoke game at the Football Factory?
Number 10 Foundation Dinner
at 04:17 21 Jul 2019

Is anyone planning on going to the Number 10 Foundation dinner on August 15?

Its not cheap but Rodney and other "67 legends" are going to be there.
Pickford -- what a Stud
at 16:46 10 Jun 2019

How great was that to have Pickford be the anchor man in our first five penalties and have him bury it with that much confidence? That is just demoralizing for the opposing team. Once he scored that, I just knew he was going to save one.

So, it now turns out that England are so nonchalant about penalties that we send our goalie up as anchor. Stud!
Of course Olly has an opinion
at 09:25 5 Apr 2019
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