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at 15:02 12 Jul 2019

Ahead of 1st proper game, with 7/8 new signings and a couple of interviews with the new man are we feeling more or less optimistic than we were before he was appointed?

For me - players and staff making all the right noises, but then that's the easy bit...……

Still going for 16th as it stands.

Fail to bring in a couple of forwards and I might revise that, but then again the 'right' signings might make me stupidly optimistic again!

(Very) early odds
at 14:51 28 May 2019


To win the league 45/1
Relegation (3rd fav) 3/1
Promotion 16/1
Its official
at 17:04 8 May 2019

All on offy now - Warburton
Lazy jounalism (again!)
at 17:21 7 May 2019

Seen this a few times - we did NOT PAY a £42M fine in July. We were FINED the 42M but we do have 10 years to pay it back and it has no impact on FFP calculations going forward.

Few quick thoughts
at 19:28 19 Apr 2019

Pen - was, thought Bright lucky to stay on the pitch and what the hell was the ref doing having a 5 min conflab with half the Blackburn team while they ignored the ball 30 yards behind them?

Booking GK 20 seconds from time - really?

6 mins was right - I called it - BUT only if you add on no time for time wasting - its obviously to orders as they all do that.

1st half - blowing up as we take a corner - not seen that too many times at ANY level.

Not his greatest game - but we still deserved to lose
Millwall Match Thread
at 10:21 10 Apr 2019

Pithy title or what?

Don't think anyone in the mood for clever word play.

3-0 Millwall and the most miserable £50 I have ever won.
at 17:24 9 Apr 2019

Something happening there?

Paddy Power odds for relegation not available for them today?

Some light (Non QPR, Non Brexit) relief
at 14:27 9 Apr 2019

LOVE this story - where the hell are they meant to stand?

Unless the weather map is going to encompass half the Atlantic, body/arm/hand is always going to obscure the county!

Its not as if people are going to not go there on holiday because they can't see it on the weather reports!
Non Steve Mc - safe to read!
at 17:43 4 Apr 2019

I was on the line for a vets game last night and spent 90' 'next to' Miekle Leighterwood! (haven't checked spelling - sorry)

He was manager of one of the teams!
at 17:41 4 Apr 2019

Sooooooo no one likes the candidates being mentioned, no one likes the Eustace press conference - dull/uninspiring I've seen, everyone thinks we will get stuffed v Norwich and the opinion on all those on the board/management seems to have taken a nose dive.

So the point in sacking Steve was.....

We seem to have caught the mood of MPs - 'vote' against everything and everyone!
at 14:07 3 Apr 2019

Well this rather sums it up at the moment

2 candidates and one of those from the Women's team.I have nothing against women's football and officiate games regularly but

a) Why is this the first month any from the women's team included and

b) If its now 'club' goal of the month, why no candidates from U23s, U18s s etc etc?
Law changes 2019/20 - Part 2
at 19:03 11 Mar 2019

For those that want the exact wording, head to the IFAB website but in summary, in no particular order

1) GKs and 'defensive' FKs in penalty area are now 'in play' as soon as ball is kicked
2) Subs must leave field at nearest boundary line
3) Team officials can be shown red/yellow cards
4) Drop ball is now officially involves just one player - from the team who had the ball when play stopped.
5) No attacking players allowed with 1m of defensive walls
6) Drop ball if ball hits referee and it goes in goal, attacking move starts or it cause change in possession
7) This ones a belter! - If after a 'back pass' or throw the GK 'unsuccessfully' attempt to kick the ball he IS allowed to pick the ball up
8) Another belter - Goal posts, bar and net must not be moving when penalty kick taken - GK must not touch them and must have at least part of one foot on /above line when kick taken. He can't stand behind the line either
9) Loads about handball - but even accidental handball that leads to a goal will be punished (See IFAB for even more confusing definition of 'deliberate' when goal not involved!)
10) Plus a lot of stuff only referees interested in like caution after play restarted and IDFK signal etc etc

We're going to have fun with that lot!
Law changes 2019/20
at 16:09 7 Mar 2019

This is the text from latest IFAB meeting - exact new law wording not agreed/released yet

"On the topic of defining handball, a decision was taken by The IFAB to provide a more precise and detailed definition for what constitutes handball, in particular with regard to the occasions when a non-deliberate/accidental handball will be penalised. For example a goal scored directly from the hand/arm (even if accidental) and a player scoring or creating a goal-scoring opportunity after having gained possession/control of the ball from their hand/arm (even if accidental) will no longer be allowed.
Following experiments in different parts of the world, the AGM also approved changes to the Laws of the Game related to a player being substituted having to leave the field of play at the nearest boundary line, yellow and red cards for misconduct by team officials and the ball not having to leave the penalty area at goal kicks and defending team free kicks in the penalty area.
Additional approved Law changes included: measures to deal with attacking players causing problems in the defensive ‘wall’, changing the dropped ball procedure, giving a dropped ball in certain situations when the ball hits the referee and the goalkeeper only being required to have one foot on the line at a penalty kick."

McClaren on the offy
at 16:03 22 Feb 2019

Still lives in the Middlesbrough area?!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't realise that, some serious commuting - although presumably he spends a fair amount of time on overnights in London?
Referee! (And assistant) - WBA
at 09:08 20 Feb 2019

Disclaimer - based on watching live only - no replays

1) Mass pen claim 1st half - not for me
2) Our pen - didn't have a great view - but not a massive shout from crowd/players but then not a massive moan from WBA either
3) Lumley - That WAS handball outside the box in 2nd half wasn't it? Looked like it to me
4) Assistant ER - Now as I do that mostly all the time myself, I know its not easy but 1st half he missed two obvious ones and to me called 2 'technical ones (one on/one off) incorrectly as well. Missed an obvious foul right in front of him 2nd half as well. Thought he was poor.

Ref pretty decent though - foul on Eze looked an orange in real time, so yellow not incorrect as such.
QPR v Watford - Last Night!
at 09:27 14 Feb 2019

No. not in my dreams - I was on the line for the Women's league match.

1-1 final score, would take that on Friday after 90'!

Watford's goal was from a penalty btw
Not great is it?
at 12:57 12 Feb 2019

Just thought I'd have a look and see how sales are going for Friday, but it seems the ticketing site is down...…..again
Bristol City Match Thread
at 11:51 12 Feb 2019

Right, lets try and get Saturday out of the system with a win

Team - who knows?
Penalty Taker - who knows?
Score - who knows?

I'll go for Cousins for Scowen, Pav for Bright and BFG for Lynch, otherwise same start as Sat
Wells to take the next pen and a 1-0 win for us (Not a pen, but another Smith header)

There we go - sorted!
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