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Les on Summer Transfers
at 14:57 3 Mar 2020

What we knew already I guess?
Richard/Bobby/Wayne Match thread
at 14:14 25 Feb 2020

Only fitting that 3 'legends' get in the title of the match thread.

From someone who thought Stoke was going to be a boring 1-0 win, not going to try to predict the score!

To guarantee a boring night I will say that our home games this season have rarely been dull and given some of the 'personnel' on show - cough cough - I doubt tonight will be either!
Storm Stoke Match Thread
at 08:51 15 Feb 2020

Assuming on, I'll go for a very unlike us 1-0 win
City v Spurs & VAR!
at 11:45 3 Feb 2020


Not really about the decsions per se - you could argue with most, but may as well just have left it all to Mike Dean - would agree with some, not others but wouldn't have the interminable delay.

For me

Aguero pen - Mike Dean correct, VAR wrong
Sterling challenge - Mike Dean and VAR wrong
Sterling pen/dive - Mike Dean and VAR correct
lloris - moved at pen - Mike Dean and and VAR both wrong
City player 2 yellows - easy decision - Mike Dean correct
Rovers Return Match Thread
at 16:07 28 Jan 2020

Don't think we have a definitive match thread, so here it is.

If we can get over the crushing disappoint of not having the opportunity to concede 8 goals to Man City reserves, think we might grind out a 1-1 draw tonight.

Wells won't score our goal btw!
Smart Motorways
at 11:51 28 Jan 2020

This could just be me but here goes...…….

75 deaths on smart motorways in last 5 years - Panorama programme , loads of media coverage, much shaking of heads ' 'something MUST be done' quotes etc etc etc

All road deaths last 5 years = over 1,700 EVERY year, making that over 8,500 in the same 5 year period.

AND believe it or not, those figures are pretty good compared to the 5 before that.

Shouldn't we be thinking about how dangerous our roads are in general rather than concentrating on the relatively tiny number of deaths on the smart motorways?
Was Saturday, now Friday Wednesday Match Thread
at 14:56 24 Jan 2020

The other two threads are really about attendance, so thought I would start this as THE match one!

2-1 us Hugill and young Jack for me
Goal of the Decade
at 17:37 27 Dec 2019

Now on offy.

In terms of the joy of the day and what it meant its Bobby
For pure outrageous skill its Adel
For the come back and who we were playing and the player who scored its Jamie

and finally despite who it is - its a great strike from 'Matty'

All things considered and because its many people's best moment supporting the Rs - ever - never mind just this decade, has to be Bobby doesn't it?
at 18:31 7 Dec 2019

Easy this football lark.

Keep it simple - 4 x 8/10s and the rest all solids 7s and you'll win more than you lose in this div.

BFG, Pugh (my MOTM), BOS and Eze the 8s for me - everyone else good solid performances and no silly errors

Easy peasey!

Ref OK - got some the calls on Hughill wrong I think, red card for pen? - probably just about say it was an attempt for the ball so that's a yellow.

Big no no for me and its a law thing - offside against BOS in the first half -fk should have been taken where he touched the ball (20 yards in our half) not back in the PNE half.

Still its not about the ref tonight!

The early PNE Match Thread
at 12:06 6 Dec 2019

just noticed the odds and thought may as well start the match thread with the post.

Amazingly we are favourites, Preston a big 2/1 to win.

Having said that I'm going for a 1-1 draw tomorrow.
Just over 48 hrs to go
at 13:50 20 Nov 2019

Thank the lord

Johnson v Corbyn, Duke of York, Word Association, age concession, Spurs manager...…….. nice to have some QPR related actual football threads to read again soon!
Maidenhead v Rotherham
at 14:52 11 Nov 2019

Its nice to have a smile about a manager's comments away from our beloved club.

Alan Devonshire after this red card challenge (1' 10")

"Haven't seen it back yet but the lads tell me our fella got the ball and didn't touch their player. Ref couldn't wait to get his card out. We will be appealing"

You would hope our own Mr W would never come out with something as silly as that!
at 16:56 10 Nov 2019

Think we got away with one and possibly 3 or 4 today!

Main one - 2nd half I (and those around me in T block) thought it was Geoff Cameron who got caught too tight to oppo who turned him only to be dragged back, Ref gave FK but booked Hall.

Hall then commits a stone wall yellow card offence later (hacking down oppo who was breaking) referee didn't yellow card him only IMHO because he had booked Hall already.

However, who I thought should have been cautioned, Cameron, DID get a yellow later - another shirt pull.

Whoever committed the first foul - one of them should have gone.

Just seen the highlights - impossible to see if their non first or our real first were offside - both very close.

Live I also thought their early shout for a pen was one but not seen that one again yet.

Will update my thoughts (just like VAR!) after seeing 90' tomorrow - bet my one loyal reader can't wait!
Techie query for Clive and others
at 15:53 7 Nov 2019

On 'Ref Chat' - when you open a thread it automatically takes you to your last unread message.

Is that something that could be introduced or would it be stupidly time consuming, ie expensive to change this forum in that way?
Middlesboro stats
at 13:11 7 Nov 2019

Home table we're 16th and they are 22nd in away table

Last 6 we're 17th and they are 24th

Goals scored at home we're 3rd
Goals conceded at home we're 24th!

Goals scored away they are 21st
Goals conceded away they are 11th

I'll stop there!
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