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Referee! (And assistant) - WBA
at 09:08 20 Feb 2019

Disclaimer - based on watching live only - no replays

1) Mass pen claim 1st half - not for me
2) Our pen - didn't have a great view - but not a massive shout from crowd/players but then not a massive moan from WBA either
3) Lumley - That WAS handball outside the box in 2nd half wasn't it? Looked like it to me
4) Assistant ER - Now as I do that mostly all the time myself, I know its not easy but 1st half he missed two obvious ones and to me called 2 'technical ones (one on/one off) incorrectly as well. Missed an obvious foul right in front of him 2nd half as well. Thought he was poor.

Ref pretty decent though - foul on Eze looked an orange in real time, so yellow not incorrect as such.
QPR v Watford - Last Night!
at 09:27 14 Feb 2019

No. not in my dreams - I was on the line for the Women's league match.

1-1 final score, would take that on Friday after 90'!

Watford's goal was from a penalty btw
Not great is it?
at 12:57 12 Feb 2019

Just thought I'd have a look and see how sales are going for Friday, but it seems the ticketing site is down...…..again
Bristol City Match Thread
at 11:51 12 Feb 2019

Right, lets try and get Saturday out of the system with a win

Team - who knows?
Penalty Taker - who knows?
Score - who knows?

I'll go for Cousins for Scowen, Pav for Bright and BFG for Lynch, otherwise same start as Sat
Wells to take the next pen and a 1-0 win for us (Not a pen, but another Smith header)

There we go - sorted!
Watford - early odds
at 10:58 8 Feb 2019

From PP

Us 16/5

Watford 5/6

Seems a bit skinny for us and conversely I thought Watford would be shorter.

90' prices btw
Can't buy Watford tickets on line?
at 10:10 7 Feb 2019

Question for V block regulars
at 14:59 6 Feb 2019

Because of ticketing 'issues' me and Mrs PP were in said block last night - normally I'm in T.

I lost count of the number of comings and going during the match.

One bloke arrived 5 mins after the start, went back out after 15 mins, came back, went out again on 38', mins came back about 55 and left again on 85'

He wasn't alone - it was like the changing of the **** guard all match!

Is it always like that there?
Referee! - Portsmouth
at 12:18 6 Feb 2019

Thought he did OK - considering he is an up and coming PL ref, I thought there were one or two things that he could have avoided

1) Smith got hauled down in the 'D' and he waved adavantage - the ball was wide and we were being challenged. That, for me, is NOT an advantage. Think he had his PL hat on there where ANY possession is considered advantage - which works if you're Man City et al, but didn't apply last night

2) 2 yellows looked spot on to me and don't think he missed any others

3) A few 'on trend' pointings at a possible foul , followed by a thumbs up to player 'fouled' - what is that all about - again you see it a lot in the PL - doesn't achieve anything

4) He did TRY to manage our timewasting, and he did have a word with Freeman about it - but as we've said before no real action taken nor time added on really

Otherwise a quiet night for the officials.
Its a sign!
at 15:55 24 Jan 2019

Clive will obviously give you the full run down on him later in the week, but I can reveal that the referee on Saturday is the same man who officiated on the historic win v Forest!
Tonight (Non QPR)
at 18:03 23 Jan 2019

Man City travel to Burton 'defending' a 9-0 lead.

There was a discussion on here about whether Man City had shown Burton 'respect' or not by winning so easily.

Sooooo BEFORE the event this time, what should Man City do

Play a strong side and go for it again?
Play a weakened side but still good enough to win comfortably?
Play the kids and make it a 'contest'?
Its snowing
at 15:28 22 Jan 2019

in Eastcote!
The Steely Match Thread
at 19:19 11 Jan 2019

Ok, I'm starting this week.

Team - Back to his favoured 11 I think and I'm going for a hard fought 1-1 - Mr Wells to score again.
Mr Wilder
at 19:18 11 Jan 2019

Blotted his copybook with me now.

Always admired his honesty and comments post match - a refreshing change from most managers.

However, on Sheff Utd offy he is quoted as saying 'They then (after poor start to the season) signed some players, which I was surprised about because of the transfer embargo'

Sly, factually incorrect, dig - something I would expect from Pulis, Smith or Lambert but not from him.

Another one bites the dust!
Villla - The timekeeping!
at 16:39 3 Jan 2019

Just watched the 90' through

Added time 1st half

Kodja Injury = 1
Lumley injury = 6 1/2
QPR Goal celebs = 1
Pav injury + Villa subs x 2 = 2
QPR Sub = 1
Villa Goal = 1
QPR Sub = 1
Villa Sub = 1/2

I make that 14. Clearly ref has not added anything on for goal celebs nor the timewasting.

Have to say didn't see much wrong with us timewasting wise in 90' - nowhere near justifying the levels of angst on HERE about it!

Added time - he actually played 13 - we made a sub that took a minute, given he's booked both Lumley and Bidwell for timewasting - he's added on 1 more minute for that - that seems fair to me.
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