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Popmaster (Non QPR)
at 10:37 16 Oct 2019

Nearly time for some football but in the meantime another thread to pass the time.

Anyone listen to this on a regular basis?

Anything after 1990s and I'm stuffed - only manage to get into the teens on the odd good day.

Anyone actually been on it?
Techie experts
at 17:12 6 Oct 2019

I get the message 'No KS where KS required' when I try to play Ryan Manning video on the offy.

Highlights and all other videos on there play fine

Any ideas?

My end or the club's?
Mark Warburton's
at 11:23 5 Oct 2019

notes in todays programme

1) Very sensible assessment of where we are

2|) Jasper the masseur - well done that man and hope his son is back to full health very soon
Offy highlights and 90' re runs
at 17:09 3 Oct 2019

It does now seem that we get the official EFL highlights and Andy and Mr London on the 90' re run (and obviously on live)

3 possibilities

a) The EFL highlights is a contractual obligation
b) Saves the club money/time not having to produce own edit
c) On going 'technical issues'

Its probably b or c , but who knows?!
[Post edited 3 Oct 17:09]
Latest odds
at 15:36 29 Sep 2019

Not done this for a while so here goes


To win the league 60/1
Promoted 10/1
Relegated 12/1
Top 6 4/1
Top half 4/5
Bottom half 10/11

WBA 11/2 to win the league - pretty good value there I think
Mr Austin
at 18:10 26 Sep 2019

Not great on the detail - we're level on points with them and are actually favourites (just!) on Saturday.

But he is (a bit) complimentary about us
Brentford tickets
at 17:15 25 Sep 2019

Anyone know exactly what day they go sale (to members)?

Luton 90'
at 09:25 19 Sep 2019

Just received an email from the club.

This is from someone closer to the technical team I think.

They are still working on the problem and hope to have the 90' up on the site at some stage today.
Tweaks we need to become top 6?
at 13:14 5 Sep 2019

We've discussed goals against and the defence, but notable (Stoke excepted) that our 2nd half performances are so much better than 1st.

Why is this - are Eze/Chair/Wells/Hugill better against tired defenders?

Do we need to be more adventurous 1st half?

Certainly Eze/Chair have seemed so much better 2nd half, not least because service they get seems to improve as game goes on.

Certainly something we need to work on, can't KEEP conceding 1st as we are doing.

QPR v WBA ticket boo boo
at 16:50 27 Aug 2019

Although it says that the tickets are on sale from today - they are not.

Thursday 10.00am - just so you don't waste your time like I just have!
Referee! - Wigan
at 11:21 25 Aug 2019

OK for his first season in the Championship

Agreed with

1) Yellow for foul on Chair
2) No foul on Chair in the corner (Barbet did an identical challenge 2 mins previously - no foul)
3) Eze free kick - very close to a pen but without VAR you can't guess so always going to go for the safe option

Disagreed with

1) Wigan number 2 should have had 2nd yellow for foul on Eze
2) Wigan number 5 should have had 2nd yellow for shouting and pointing at him not once, twice but three times!
3) Wigan 17 should have been booked long before he tried get Hall sent off

New law 'interest' (Only to be me prob)

When Manning went down injured, ref stopped play when Wigan had the ball. Normally that would be drop ball to Wigan, however because the ball was in pen area, it goes to GK. Lumley rather unsportingly then just played on!
The hot Wigan Match Thread
at 10:13 24 Aug 2019

Everyone outside doing better things obviously, so anyway here it is.

Not much faith in this as my footy bets have been teerible so far but I've gone for us -1 on the handicap - basically we have to win by two or more.

2-0 us - Chair (finally!) and Wells (on as sub)
Its the Match Thread!
at 11:22 17 Aug 2019

Had a good look, didn't see one so here goes.

Prediction - as difficult as ever but will be disappointed if we don't get a point - think we will - I'll go for 1-1 Chair to score
Is our 'luck' changing as well!
at 15:50 14 Aug 2019

I think, with SOME justification, most thought we got the rough end of refereeing decisions, looking at the season as a whole last year.

IMHO - we have had two go the other way so far this season already.

Last night's pen plus the one not given at Stoke for the Pugh handball, which looked a pen to me.

Long may it continue - sure it will swing back the other way though!
Pre match play list
at 17:06 6 Aug 2019

Off you go - sure to be some inspired choices on here

I'll kick off with the very restrained and realistic...……...

Mascot cost
at 14:22 6 Aug 2019

That's £420 for 1 or £540 for 2

Expensive or the correct 'market rate'?

I suppose the 4 tickets and the kit are worth about £200

The odds
at 15:20 29 Jul 2019

Time for a little punt - agin to alcoholism and drug taking to some I know but here we go

For the optimists

To beat Stoke 7/2
Top of the league 66/1
Promoted 16/1
Top 6 7/1
Top half 17/10

For the pessimists

Stoke win 8/11
Bottom of the league 10/1
Bottom half 2/5
Relegation 10/3

I am having a few quid on the optimists side!
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