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Tomer Hemed signs for Charlton
at 19:36 19 Aug 2019

That's a 94th minute Loftus Road winner waiting to happen
Luke Amos
at 18:53 3 Aug 2019

The kid looks good. Real good. Obviously first game of the season but he seems quite a complete player. Felt like he deserved a thread of his own
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Villa spending £150m+
at 23:44 1 Aug 2019

Now I'm not one to normally rant about something other clubs are doing as I normally couldn't care less, but this is simply ridiculous. A newly promoted club, who were probably half a season away from being hit with FFP and being on their arse, have now spent more than £150m+ this window. And the worst bit is, it's being praised by the media! Everyone is loving it. When did this become normalised? That is an insane amount of spending. We will forever be tarnished for our reputation for spending £12m on one player and now £150m is apparently the way forward.

I hate Villa
I hate Terry
I hate Dean Smith
And I hate the Premier League for what it's become and I cannot wait until the day it all goes tits up.

Rant over
The Fear
at 16:13 1 Jul 2019

Just as a warning- this is not meant to be a pessimistic or depressing post. But does anyone else have this new found fear of making any signing? Every signing that we've announced has just given me more fear. I think the past few seasons have scarred me so badly that I cannot get excited over any new signing over fear it will just end up a complete f*ck up, especially with Twitter and these fans who get so over excited that there are now fans who want Austin back- and not in a jokey way.

I have no doubt Amos and Smith will be great players, and I'm excited to see them play, but the first thing that popped into my head was "well that reminds me of Tom Carroll and i thought he was rubbish".

Anyone else have this?

I blame Redknapp and Hughes
Sunderland Vs Charlton
at 13:16 26 May 2019

We all want Charlton don't we?
Leeds Villa
at 13:57 28 Apr 2019

Never seen anything like it.

Leeds score when a Villa player is down, massive brawl, Villa red card, Leeds let Villa equaliser but Jansson doesn't want it to happen, another brawl!

Villa cheating as per. Play to the whistle. Leeds did nothing wrong, I'd be fuming if I gave a goal to them because they turned off
Nakhi Wells
at 17:07 27 Apr 2019

POTY awards
at 19:45 23 Apr 2019

I see the latest uproar on social media has commenced. Is it only me that thinks it's harsh to be so critical and abusive for a few nice awards? I mean I get our form has been woeful but people aren't looking at the season in general, we were in the play offs at one point in December. I personally think there are a few nominees :

1)Lumley. First season in the Championship, 24 years of age, 14 clean sheets (one of the highest in the Champ) plus those three consecutive clean sheets at home.

2)Leistner. Came into another country, never played in England before, to a dysfunctional defence. Played consistently well despite having Lynch next to him. Good leader and in general a good bloke

3)Freeman, carried us throughout so many games it's ridiculous. His performance Vs Leeds warrants a nomination in itself.

Or, you know, we can just hurl abuse at a random guy behind a Twitter account who must be close to quitting with the random sh*t he receives purely for doing his job
Worst performance in years
at 21:56 13 Mar 2019

For me that surpasses 7-1 West Brom and 6-0 Newcastle, and all the other thrashings.

Maybe once I've calmed down I'll stop overreacting but tonight that was the worst performance in a long long time, a waste of a night. No fight, no attacking threat, no organisation.

So so worrying
Grealish has just been punched
at 12:19 10 Mar 2019

In Birmingham Vs Villa. By a fan. Never seen anything like it!
I just can't
at 22:05 19 Feb 2019

When that goal went in I really did wonder if I could keep doing this myself. Cannot think of the last time I have felt this deflated after the past couple weeks as a QPR fan. They work hard but at some point after 6 losses in a row you have to start becoming critical.

Lynch is calmitous, would happily not see him play for us again. The subs never work. Wszolek should have stayed on. Wells with all his quality has completely lost his confidence since the penalty.

With Boro, Leeds and Brentford I'm really seeing 9 losses in a row
at 10:21 16 Feb 2019

Play like that every game please. Was like a man possessed. Best performance in a QPR shirt for me
Not good enough
at 17:52 9 Feb 2019

We can talk all about the fightback and the spirit, but why should we even be 4-0 down in the first place? Absolutely embarrassing first half. That's now 8 goals conceded at home in 2, 4 league losses in a row, which could easily end up 8 with the opposition left to play .

Yes the comeback was good, but let's be honest Birmingham never got out of 1st gear in the 2nd half.

Worrying. Now we have been a bit sussed out we don't seem to have a plan B
Who would you like to see come up
at 14:08 31 Dec 2018

We are half way through the season, and I'm bored at home, just want to see everyone's opinion on who they would like to see come up from League 1, as we most likely will be in the Championship next season, bar an unlikely play off push or relegation fight.

I would like to see Portsmouth back as I do like their fans and ground. Was shocked to see Luton were so high up, I still thought they were in League 2!

Sadly there aren't many shock teams this season, it's a lot of been there done that, no real new grounds, no underdog story. I'd like to see Charlton back but already done that ground a few times. Please not Doncaster or Barnsley again, pretty sick of them. The closest shock is Accrington but looks unlikely.

I think I'd like to see Portsmouth Charlton and Luton, purely for away days and excitement
Scarily Easy
at 17:24 26 Dec 2018

Don't remember the last time a win felt so easy. 2-0 up, comfortable, never went out of second gear second half, when we did we scored. Freeman constantly a danger, Wells as classy as he has been, Furlong is an outstanding player in my opinion. Even Lynch had a good game. Eze was poor, he may need a rest, but Chair looked lovely when he came on. Exciting times ahead.

That being said, Ipswich just felt hopeless. You could tell they tried, but they had no quality, and their stubbornness to keep playing it around the back only played into our hands more.

Win Vs Reading and who knows, we may be in the play offs for the start of 2019. Crazy stuff.
Post- Match thoughts
at 18:01 15 Dec 2018

Freeman- When he has one of his days, he is on another level. What a fantastic player. Wells is something we've been missing for so long, pace, energy and an eye for goal. Luongo great, Wszolek as energetic as ever. Was a good performance against an anti-football team.

Felt for Cousins. Was having a good game up until he was forced to go to RB because Lynch wants a holiday. Can't catch a break. Eze was man marked but still produced moments of quality. Lovely to see Furlong back

If that is a promotion contender then we might actually have a chance. Boro were truly woeful, Pulis being typical Pulis. All in all a nice way to warm up a miserable weather day
[Post edited 15 Dec 2018 18:01]
October and November Sky games
at 16:06 31 Aug 2018

Only Aston Villa at home has been moved to Friday night.

I love being crap, much more Saturday games

*this is only to November 10th not the whole of November*
[Post edited 31 Aug 2018 16:07]
Starting 11
at 17:05 23 Aug 2018

With Hemed and Wells now both in. Do we both start them? Can we have Eze and Freeman in the same team now? I'm intrigued to see what the team is. Any suggestions?
Our Tactics
at 00:31 12 Aug 2018

I'm hoping this will improve as we play more with the same team, but to me today looked like McClaren trying out new tactics yet due to no signings our team playing old Ollie tactics.

Nice that we try to pass it out, but it's obvious Ingram and Lynch don't seem to know how to do that well, and once Sheffield Utd realised our plan, put four players on our men and pressed, and us not being City, couldn't play it out as easily.

Then I saw how because our players are so used to it, the midfielders and Sylla pressed high as we became quite used to just hoofing it up by the end of last season. It doesn't help that we have Smith, and bringing him on ended with us just reverting to hit and hope.

This isn't a criticism post. I'm just hoping McClaren is aware that after both Preston and Utd, our defence don't seem to be good enough to play that way. If so will he change it? Or try and train their way into it, and if our players will even be good enough to train into playing it?

Interested to see it
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