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Your Music
at 11:17 31 May 2024

Any of you guys brave enough to share your own music to this music-loving forum.

I have stuff, but am a little over-awed, someone else can walk the plank first.
at 20:49 23 May 2024

Here's 5 musicians or bands I cannot stand.

1. Paul Weller

2. Myles Kane

3. Sleaford Mods

4. Green Day

5. The Horrors.

Midlands Beach Party - Coventry Versus QPR Match Thread
at 07:19 4 May 2024

Okay Okay, I know South Africa has the rightful reign for this thread and because of him we stayed up. South Africa you can return in the new season, as I know you will keep us up.

But seeing as it's the last game of the season.... I'll do the last one for old times sakes if that's okay with you all.

Obviously we're going to win.

Uncs with a nicely slotted goal to end his QPR career and Dykes with a brace.

3 - 1 QPR.

Marti can break out the sangria as soon as the final whistle goes. As I live in Spain myself and know how these things are. I will personally kill and cook a whole pig for Marti, the guy deserves to at least run for parliament in his local constituency.

Will we see a Tyler Richards subs bench appearance?

Away Kit - WISHLIST 2024/25 Season
at 11:19 28 Apr 2024

As someone who enjoys a bit of nostalgia and likes the odd nod to the teams history.

I think an updated version of the green and white hoops is well and truly due.

Not only is it visually good despite resembling Celtic, but that's the catch, let's really rub the salt into the wounds of Ian Beale, and have this as an away kit next season.

Could be tastefully done. The green doesn't need to be the garish green of previous kits, it could be a tad darker, with a very vibrant white and maybe some pintriping of sorts on the sleeves between the hoops...even the gold pin striping with a darker green would look good I think.

If we end up having one of these PUKE numbers for the away kit, I will be livid. Errea, LESS IS MORE!! you've done well with the kits.... make us a nice one with a nod to the past.

[Post edited 28 Apr 11:21]
at 13:11 26 Apr 2024

Hi all,

Last night we had to take our dog to have the last injection. The dog was my wife's and he was 13 years old, I had known him for 7 years or so during the relationship.

My wife was distraught, but for me, I didn't realise how badly something like this could effect you.

Our dog was a very loving, very friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, an absolutely beautiful boy.

I haven't owned a pet prior to this and it really was a kicker.

Anyone else dealt with this. My wife is beside herself, its like she lost a kid.

All the best,


Tiger a chance on me but don't let me down Hull Vs QPR Match Thread
at 19:01 12 Apr 2024

Back due to demand.

Was a bit lost this week, really don't know how this will go, i'm totally on the fence here.

I've been a bit miffed by the lads the last couple of weeks, that display against Sheff Wednesday is still fresh in the consciousness and Plymuff was somewhat an anti-climax.

Because we have the Irish Cafu, we're going to win.

Hull 0 QPR 1

Jimmy will be our dancing queen as he will dance past their defence and slot it nicely with his head into the top corner with a slightly poetic ricochet off the cross bar.

Chair will have multiple shots fly over the bar and if the Danish Jesus doesn't hit the post it won't be complete.

All I hope is no flappy nonsense from Begovic and PLEASE keep Albert on the bench, he's basically a coach at this stage.

The less corners for them the better!!

[Post edited 12 Apr 19:04]
Pilgrim and Bare It - Plymouth Vs QPR Match Thread
at 07:48 7 Apr 2024

Is a Devonshire pasty better than a Cornish one? too much cider in your glass, too much petrol in your car.

The long trip on a Tuesday night, doesn't sound good on paper, the relegation battle is nigh.

Marti will be fuming and Xavi (the calm before the storm). Serious words will have been had, hopefully heads will have been smacked (not with Ilias' rocks mind).

Sorry Monkey, I am going to take the reigns on this one. You did very well, a great effort, the team let you down yesterday. How can they disrespect both Monkey and Marti in the way they did?

Not feeling too confident with this one, plus I will be working and will miss the stream.

But you know the guys, they do have it in them. But we can't underestimate the Country bumpkins.

Plymuffs 0 - 1 QPR The goal coming from either Willock or Chair, just because they owe us one. Although I would like to see the Danish Messiah finally grab a goal and hopefully resurrect the teams spirits.

tight game!! tighter than discos' prose and tighter than Taylor Richards' agent.

Record Collectors of the board!!
at 15:14 31 Mar 2024

As I know you guys or at least most of you are all serious music heads.

Question to you guys... any of you also record collectors too? If so how are your collections, what are some of the highlights, holy grails, rarest records/cds etc. Do you have any current on-going collections right now? are you a completist? do you know you're flexi's from your vertigo swirls

Love to know. I am a committed record collector, its quite maddening been buying music since I was 12 years old. I am 38 now, still a huge passion, likely will never stop.

I also have my own record label too, plus make music myself.

IN VINYL we trust (after Marti of course)

at 18:25 17 Mar 2024

I have to be honest. I am not in the hate Begovic camp BUT, I have no idea why he's the captain of the squad.

Personally I have two choices for Captain if we are talking about senior players. COOK deserves the armband and if I was going for a younger guy I'd probably say Dunne or even Field, as they seem to be well-respected in the team.

at 19:25 15 Mar 2024

Anyone remember this? Bloke was a friend of mine at school, wasn't even a Rangers fan, he supported Arsenal.

Anyone got memories of any other pitch invasions?

Hot N Boro'ed QPR vs Middlesbrough Match Thread
at 21:09 7 Mar 2024

After our tremendous performance last night and my subsequent non-loss in the match thread stakes.

It's that time again!!! yep, the match thread... If we lose, I will leave them for the remaining part of the season and someone else can try their luck.

But given the confidence and general good vibes since the reign of the Marti, the Calm and the Holy Hodge, we've got this.


Goals coming from Willock if he starts and Frey or Dykes if either of them starts.

Are you guys as hot n boro'ed as I am right now or is the room feeling a bit Marti.



[Post edited 7 Mar 21:13]
Baggies Or Not Baggies... QPR Vs WBA Match Thread
at 08:25 3 Mar 2024

THAT IS THE QUESTION!!! (keeping it Shakespearian)

Ok guys, in good faith, I have started this post early yet again. As the vibes associated with such early-posts seem to help us/me.

I feel that Loftus Road may be another sell-out and just like the last three games - I still consider WBA to be a very important match. If we win this then we are in the ascendency.

Swansea (the most boring side after Stoke) will be in sight and dare I say it, we may even surpass Watford very soon, they're going down!!!

Lets hope the gods also shit on our surrounding teams.

So from the UFO, my heart says 2-1 win us. Another close game. Going for a Willock and Field goal.

CROWD needs to be the twelfth man.

Right... i'm off to make some Crop Circles near Andover.

over n out


PS. edited note (let's remember Chair will be experiencing Ramadan after next weekends fixture, so he's going to want to go out on a high)

[Post edited 3 Mar 8:28]
Loftus Road Walk Out Music
at 08:48 1 Mar 2024

In the CEO thread they spoke about new walk out music.

Now, I think in general compared to other football fans, QPR fans due to maybe our West London roots, have a kind of hand-in-hand association with great music. Many of us are "heads".

So, I think it's right the team kind of honour this by putting some of the most weirdest "out there" music for the team to walk onto the pitch. My vote goes for these three. We will collectively psych-up the team and freak-out the opposition fans.

Then, if we really want to get them in to mood.

Who is your Non-League side?
at 21:31 28 Feb 2024

Okay, we're all Rangers through and through, but if you had to choose a Non-League outfit as your 2nd club who would it be.

Me, I grew up in West London, but moved to West Sussex in my late-teens. lived most of my life their til moving to Spain in 2018.

So my non-league sides are Horsham and Dorking Wanderers. If push came to shove though, would love to see Dorking enter the football league one day.

Richard III "Over My Dead Body" Leicester Vs QPR Match Thread
at 08:50 26 Feb 2024

In the spirit of non-losses in the match-thread stakes, I will start this.

Hopefully we will make Red Leicester flavoured Walkers Crisps out of Leicester City FC

I am going for a 1 - nil win for us. I think the players will turn up and the game will be tight.

Going for a Chair goal, a long range effort with a deflection.... they will press us like mad, but we will fluke this win and continue Leicester's shitty form to 3 loses.

If we lose, I will gladly down tools for match threads for the rest of the season.

Fingers crossed!!!


[Post edited 26 Feb 8:51]
"To me, to you" Chuckle Brothers in London - The Qpr Vs Rotherham Match Thread
at 19:14 17 Feb 2024

Early, I know!!! But i'm doing this for the sceptically-minded amongst the forum members.

As much as I know our side are absolutely shocking with teams around us in these important scraps.

We've got this guys!!! No sweat.

2 - 0 We'll be seeing Andersen's debut goal for the side and I also have high hopes that if Willock turns up like he did today, he'll see his effort firing into the loft end net.

We won't be put through the mill, by this Chuckle Brother side.

All the best and KEEP the post alive, else you could JINX us if another match post comes after this.

Robin Reliant - Del-Boy, Batman or Dickie? - The Bristol Vs QPR Match Thread
at 20:50 15 Feb 2024

After the Match Thread request came my way. I am taking one for the team.

Very hard to be optimistic after yesterday.

But we've got this. 1 nil us. Marti will be giving them a right bolloxing today and tomorrow and thus, they will want to at least do something to make it up to him.

I think some of team will also not want Dickie having bragging rights.


Frey second-half header into the back of the home crowd net.... psycho celebration to top it off.

BUM-CHEEKS firmly together, but FREY will lead us to victory.

Delia Smith's extra thick stuffing - QPR vs Norwich Match Thread
at 10:50 6 Feb 2024

Due to feeling chuffed about starting the last match thread and winning, I have the confidence to drop this one early.

Going for another 2 - 1 Win.

We've got this!!! if there is such a thing as a new player bounce, we're going to have it.

the Loftus road crowd will be in full force, I will be watching via some form of Stream.

Goals coming from Colback and I'm going to also be bold and say Hodge is going to get another.

Can't see all the new blokes starting this one. But do imagine Hodge and Smyth will be in the starting 11 whereas Willock will be benched. I feel confident at least 2 of the other new blokes will be subs and used and feel maybe will also get assists.

But definitely we've got this one.... those 6-fingered bumpkins are going to lose this weekend.

Delia will be on the wine as soon as the final whistle blows

Tripping on Shepherds Bush green
at 12:22 4 Feb 2024

whilst walking to Loftus Road... took a trip, a psychedelic swirl of blue and white filled my mind.

Possibly one of the best Football 45s.

Alan Shearer spanking Chris Sutton in the shower - Blackburn Rovers Match Thread
at 08:27 2 Feb 2024

Right guys,

As I am up and awake. I have decided to start the Blackburn thread for the weekend.

Optimistic 2 - 1 tight game. Goals from Chair and a Penalty by Dykes.

They (Blackburn) will score before half time and hit the bar!!! but we will get something out of this.

[Post edited 3 Feb 14:02]
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