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Dogs. 13:11 - Apr 26 with 3399 viewsSpaceman_P

Hi all,

Last night we had to take our dog to have the last injection. The dog was my wife's and he was 13 years old, I had known him for 7 years or so during the relationship.

My wife was distraught, but for me, I didn't realise how badly something like this could effect you.

Our dog was a very loving, very friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, an absolutely beautiful boy.

I haven't owned a pet prior to this and it really was a kicker.

Anyone else dealt with this. My wife is beside herself, its like she lost a kid.

All the best,


Dogs. on 13:24 - Apr 26 with 2591 viewsslmrstid

Sorry for your loss, losing a pet is like losing a family member because of the time commitment and emotional investment you put into them. The grief process is the same.

Much as you'd advise anyone who's lost a family member, take time to grieve, be kind to yourself, and in time you will remember all the lovely times you had together.

All the best.
Dogs. on 13:28 - Apr 26 with 2550 viewsMonkey_Roots

We always had boxer dogs growing up, and when they went I cried more than I did for my grandparents when they passed.

They're innocent, always there, and they love you unconditionally.

No wonder she's beside herself, I would be too.

Get another one :)
Dogs. on 13:30 - Apr 26 with 2535 viewssuperstan

Sorry for your loss, I know exactly how it feels. Our Staffie was 16 years 3 months and 1 day old when we had to let him go, best dog ever, worst day ever, it was so bad that I never want to go through that again, have great memories though. That was 7 years ago and its still raw.
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Dogs. on 13:30 - Apr 26 with 2535 viewsBlue_Castello

Mate we've been through it three times, it's gut wrenching it's 100% like losing some part of your family, I guess if your not a dog lover you don't understand.

We had 2 Cavalier King Charles , Louis and Ralph , they are the most brilliant dogs, lost them both a couple of years ago, fortunately they lived to a very good age for their pedigree, that's twice now we've been to the vets and stayed with our dog whilst the injection is given, it's tough but you just have to be there......

Thoughts with you mon ami....
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Dogs. on 13:31 - Apr 26 with 2512 viewsnix

I'm really sorry to hear this Paul.

Losing a pet really is losing a member of the family. When I went to take one of my cats to the vet during Covid the vet came out and brightly asked the name of my cat, I just couldn't speak. We look after them and they look after us in return.

We just have to grieve like any loss. I'm sure it comforts your wife that you're equally sad. What was his name?
Dogs. on 13:35 - Apr 26 with 2479 viewsE17hoop

Had to do it with one dog and numerous cats. Never easy and sorry for your loss.

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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Dogs. on 13:37 - Apr 26 with 2453 viewsdenhamhoop2

Sadly been through this 4 times and a fifth fairly imminent first was a King Charles Cavalier who had a bad heart he passed away in back garden when 8 then a Yorkshire Terrier who was a terror for tea and got a tumor and was gone almost overnight. Then a Nipper she was 16 and her legs hearing and bladder had gone by the time she was bringing up blood it was a kindness to have her put down. Took over my aunts dog when she passed away another King Charles Cavalier who died chasing after a rabbit in a field nearby had to carry him to vets for him to confirm there was nothing to do. My current dog is a Wire Haired Terrier who is 15 and has cancer so in palliative care just make sure he is happy and treat every day as his last. It is as close as you can get to burying a close family member as you can without actually doing so.
I would say leave it a while before you consider another dog and if you do please get a Rescue Dog there are too many abandoned dogs out there
Dogs. on 13:41 - Apr 26 with 2414 viewsHayesender

Absolutely gut wrenching losing a dog, and my thoughts are with you and your other half, but console yourself that you gave that bundle of joy it's best life.

Take time to grieve, but when you both feel ready, go and get yourself a rescue dog. There's so many dogs in these rescue centres who deserve a good home

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Dogs. on 13:44 - Apr 26 with 2410 viewsChrisNW6

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful 9yr old Welsh Springer last Sept and the house isn't the same. Still wait for the friendly welcome everytime I put the key in the door and think of her daily. Thinking about getting a rescue but not sure I want to commit to another puppy as we want to travel as we get older.

Sorry for your loss, never easy and you did the right thing.
Dogs. on 13:48 - Apr 26 with 2394 viewsSpaceman_P

Yeah we do plan to get a rescue next I think. As my mother-in-law got one from a rescue and he's a saint.

Our dog for a Cavalier lasted long, he lived to 13 years old. Had heart issues.
Dogs. on 16:52 - Apr 26 with 2170 viewsitsbiga

Our 16 year old dog died in Nov last year. My wife still cries several times a week about it. She says it feels like she lost one of the kids.
Had a tumor we didnt know about rupture and bled to death internally. Was all over in 24 hrs and the vets couldnt do anything.
Our ther dog died after a year of declining health and pain and daily pills and fluids.
Quick was much better.
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Dogs. on 17:04 - Apr 26 with 2128 viewsMick_S

When we lost our Lab, we chose to go to the vets for the final moment. Anyone who can’t face that - I completely get it, but I’m so glad that we went. It is very peaceful, instant and they are out of their misery that they cannot understand. It’s a very uncomfortable topic, but it will happen.

As mentioned above, it’s unconditional, it really is and the love they have for us anytime of the day, but especially when you return home, is always there. They are the best.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?

Dogs. on 17:24 - Apr 26 with 2088 viewsDaBurgh

Sorry to hear that Paul.
My girlfriend, who I met 7 years ago has a golden retriever, he's 11 years old now, and we know that at the most he has two years left, probably one.
We are retired now and he is part of our daily routine, he's like the patriarch of the family, he has his routines, which include several naps per day. We are all growing old together, we make a fuss of him everyday because we know that any day can be his last. My partner will be devistated when he goes, she bought him after her divorce and they shared her first house as a single person since she was 18.
I'm sure she will miss him more than me, but I'm OK with that.
Dogs. on 17:35 - Apr 26 with 2064 viewsstrikerace

We have had 6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels now, mostly 2 at a time.
It always sucks when the end comes, they are part of the family. In fact they enjoy sitting on the couch watching TV as much as the rest of us.
Dogs. on 18:08 - Apr 26 with 1976 viewsactonman

Sorry for your loss , I have had a few family pet dogs go and also rabbits and cats recently , it is heartbreaking! We now have our own family dog and I know if anything happened to him , I would be devestated beyond words , I would without hesitation choose his life over many humans I have come across , rest in peace little doggy
Dogs. on 18:22 - Apr 26 with 1945 viewsGloucs_R

Time heals.

We had our labrador for 14 years before we made that final trip. It was without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

For the next few weeks I came down every morning expecting to see him. When I was cooking in the kitchen I could swear he was still sitting in the hallway watching me. Waiting for me to "accidentally" drop some food on the floor.

It's been almost 5 years now and we have two other dogs but I still miss him immensely.

There is a fantastic poem called rainbow bridge, it still brings a tear to my eye.

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....
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Dogs. on 18:38 - Apr 26 with 1890 viewscheeseydane

Been through it six times as a married man. 5 ridgebacks and a rehomer. Lost two to cancer, one to epilepsy, and the worst was my big boy who suddenly got his stomach tube twisted so couldn't breath. That was the worst. Never had kids but they were my kids and my heart breaks everyday because of them.
I'm now single and won't ever have a dog again, because I don't think I could take it one more time.

Technology advances, unfortunately humans do not.

Dogs. on 18:38 - Apr 26 with 1889 viewsPaddyhoops

I’d have a dog before a human being any time. The problem is they become teenagers and then go and die on you . It’s happened countless times and never gets any easier.
My sympathies,Spaceman.
Dogs. on 18:40 - Apr 26 with 1886 viewscheeseydane

Dogs. on 18:38 - Apr 26 by cheeseydane

Been through it six times as a married man. 5 ridgebacks and a rehomer. Lost two to cancer, one to epilepsy, and the worst was my big boy who suddenly got his stomach tube twisted so couldn't breath. That was the worst. Never had kids but they were my kids and my heart breaks everyday because of them.
I'm now single and won't ever have a dog again, because I don't think I could take it one more time.

Sorry for your loss Paul. Be strong mate and keep all the good stuff close too your heart.

Technology advances, unfortunately humans do not.

Dogs. on 19:39 - Apr 26 with 1794 viewsswitchingcode

Very sorry for your loss just given my dog a hug who is in the latter days of his life and don’t mind admitting reading there posts has me in tears
Dogs. on 19:45 - Apr 26 with 1781 viewsMick_S

Dogs. on 19:39 - Apr 26 by switchingcode

Very sorry for your loss just given my dog a hug who is in the latter days of his life and don’t mind admitting reading there posts has me in tears

It’s what they do mate.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?

Dogs. on 19:46 - Apr 26 with 1776 viewsSuperhoops2808

Sorry for the loss of a much loved pet I am sure - They play a huge part of the family

No different really but we currently have 6 cats but prior to this we had 5. All of them had to be PTS over the course of time and it is really hard. I make no bones about it I cried like a baby at several of those, especially with one who looked at me as if to say 'Thanks Dad for putting me out of this pain'

That was over 10 years ago and I still remember the look

Any family pet leaves a massive hole. I echo some of the comments on here, rescue is the way forward. Dont line the pockets of greedy breeders - But as has also been said, you will know when the time is right.

This was always our favourite poem that we have in their ashes boxes (copied and pasted I am afraid):

There’s something missing in my home,
I feel it day and night,
I know it will take time and strength
before things feel quite right.
But just for now, I need to mourn,
My heart — it needs to mend.
Though some may say, “It’s just a pet,”
I know I’ve lost a friend.
You’ve brought such laughter to my home,
and richness to my days.
A constant friend through joy or loss
with gentle, loving ways.
Companion, friend, and confidante,
A friend I won’t forget.
You’ll live forever in my heart,
My sweet, forever pet.
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Dogs. on 19:51 - Apr 26 with 1759 viewsQPunkR

Dogs. on 19:39 - Apr 26 by switchingcode

Very sorry for your loss just given my dog a hug who is in the latter days of his life and don’t mind admitting reading there posts has me in tears

My dog is 13 and a half and has been living with cancer for 8 of those. Sadly I'm working in another country while he's back in London and I wish I could give him a hug right now

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Dogs. on 20:01 - Apr 26 with 1728 viewsSonofpugwash

Angels don't have wings they have paws.
Sorry to hear about your loss I can fully sympathise having gone through this twice before.Firstly there was Sam a whippet/Alsatian cross who we picked up wandering around the local shops and gave us 13 years of wonderful companionship.A great ratter he was and quick as greased lightning - he used to chase the trains up at Hall Place near Crayford where the tracks ran next to the park and the train drivers used to toot their horns at him.
Then there was Leo,a Ridgebac/Greyhound cross and the quickest 8 stone dog you ever saw.Gentle as a spring lamb and such a voracious lover of walks saw us out of the house four times a day - I calculated we must have gone once around the globe in 13 years.I've gone through the family photos and there are more of the dogs then there are of the rest of the family!
You'll well up unbidden at moments of recollection of course but don'r worry you'll meet up again on the other side eventually.
Do yourself a favour and get another dog,you nrrd one and don't for a minute think it's being disloyal,

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Dogs. on 22:46 - Apr 26 with 1622 viewsBeckenhamhoop

This thread fills me with dread. I live alone and have had my first dog for the last six years. We spend pretty much every moment of every day with each other. He’s a beautifully natured Cocker and he doesn’t know it but he’s got me through some very tough times.

I’m not sure how or if I’ll cope when he goes. Fortunately, hopefully, it’s still some way off.
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