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Championship Centre Back Partnerships
at 19:37 8 Mar 2024

Courtesy of Sky Cook& Clarke -Salter (although they spelt it Slater) are the third most effective starting CB partnerships at 0.82 goals conceded, behind Rodon and Ampadu at Leeds 0.3 and McNally and Rose at Stoke 0.67.

Terrace Talk
at 06:44 7 Mar 2024

Nice little interview with a QPR fan from before last night's match (I think he might be the son of the Moroccan fan who wears the blue hat because he talked in one of the earlier games about the famous QPR fan from Morocco being his dad).

The presenter who's not a QPR fan absolutely raving about us.
Bet365 odds for Stoke QPR
at 04:00 12 Feb 2024

Any thoughts?

Bet365 have both us winning and the draw at 5/2 and Stoke winning at evens.

Quite surprised as Stoke have only won twice since 1st December, against Rotherham and Birmingham, both away from home. They’ve also shipped eight goals in the last two games, admittedly five of those against Leicester. Not great for the morale though.

Do the bookies always favour the home team despite form or is it just they think we’re awful?
Our Fans
at 05:21 10 Dec 2023

I know it's been said a few times but I thought it deserved its own thread. Our fans have been pretty dogged in still turning up and largely cheering on the team despite the absolute dregs they've been served up since October last year.

I couldn't quite believe the turn out for home games given the fact we were hardly scoring a goal per match, let alone getting any points at home.

As for the away fans (and I made WBA and Middlesbrough this season so far so made a bit of an effort) they have been magnificent as I've heard them louder than the home fans even when they were almost totally outnumbered, as at Preston.

Another good thing is the number of younger fans we've had recently, guys in their teens and 20s really supporting the team, home and away, which is positive seeing as we had seemed to be an ageing crowd for quite a while.

Anyway shout out to you all and to anyone shelling out for a stream who can't get to matches.
Advice about Travelling on Saturday
at 17:35 30 Aug 2023

Hi guys

I'm going to Middlesbrough on the supporters coach on Saturday but am planning to stay up there and go to Newcastle straight from the ground for a couple of days.

I was wondering what I can do with my suitcase? Any ideas about what you have done in similar situations?

Also, how long before the game are we likely to arrive as I've never been on the coach before?

at 17:06 22 Apr 2023

Sam Field finally scores after getting in brilliant positions and never getting anywhere near scoring.

We beat Burnley away!!!!
Three points separating fifth and 16th
at 21:51 26 Dec 2022

It's a bit nuts at this stage of the season!
For stattos
at 16:34 5 Oct 2022

I know we all know this but it still astonishes me the difference in how much teams are put together for between long term Championship teams and those who have been in the Premiership.

Sheffield Utd's team last night (incl subs that went on the pitch) cost nearly £72 million. It's still gobsmacking for me. I wonder what their wages would be on top of that.
West London Sport Article comparing recent managers
at 22:20 28 Sep 2022
Chair stats
at 22:23 14 Sep 2022

Two more assists for Chair today, which makes five for the season in nine matches. For comparison Ebs in his last season for us got eight and fourteen goals, which is about one in three. Chair has three in nine.

Meanwhile Willock has five goals in five matches.

Loved the quick thinking for the second goal.
Congestion charge
at 12:26 31 Aug 2022

Just wondering if anyone has been caught up in fines for this? I believed I'd set up autopay last week and I noticed today that I've got a email validation in my junk mail for my account which prompted me to contact them. I am convinced that I entered my bank details for the auto pay because I would know that that's the only way for them to take payment. They're saying that I only registered my car and not the autopay. I can't prove it but they can't prove that I didn't either. I've notified them before any penalty notice but outside the three day's grace for payment I'm assuming I'll have to pay the fine but anyone experienced this?
A few thoughts....
at 00:02 7 Aug 2022

Swansea. Middlesbrough, Norwich, WBA and Huddersfield have all got one point or fewer. Can't see most of those fighting for relegation at the end of the season. A reminder that it's a very, very long season and we're bound to have ups and downs.

The comms team team did a fantastic job in creating a good atmosphere with Chloe, Martin Rowlands, Mark Prince and the Bowles family.

It's a b*gger to lose: Richards until October; Armstrong unknown; Clarke-Salter unknown. Roberts apparently in contention for Tuesday, which is good. I'd particularly of liked to see more of Richards as he looked quite promising last week.

There were signs that the team spirit and belief was starting to seep back. Goals are a huge part of that. We only scored 16 goals in 18 games from the beginning of Feb to the end of the season (if I've counted right) - 0.89 per game. We scored three today, which is bound to lift the crowd and the players.
[Post edited 7 Aug 2022 0:02]
Injuries from other teams
at 07:12 17 Mar 2022

Is it just me that's really hacked off by two of our best players being taken out by our rival teams. Willock last night and Seny by Blackburn. Both injuries changed the game, as Willock looked really dangerous. It also meant both matches that we used an early sub which limited our options.

I know sh*t happens but it's really p*ssing me off. Particularly Willock as teams are targeting him and he's not getting the protection. I love Warbs' integrity but I really think he should be moaning in public and to refs about Willock being hacked down so much.
No subject
at 11:23 16 Mar 2022

Please don't make this a political thread. I'm just posting because it's nice to celebrate good news for once.

Her husband and family have been incredible.
[Post edited 17 Mar 2022 16:44]
Blooming close
at 14:30 13 Mar 2022

Ridiculously close from fourth to thirteenth. Only eight points separate us from Preston. Only two points between us and Luton in seventh. Just a couple of matches is going to decide it. It's not usually this close surely between fourth and mid table?

Last season there were 18 points between Brentford in fourth and us and Bristol City on the same number of points in twelfth/thirteenth after 36 matches
If we thought we were bad...
at 21:35 14 Feb 2022

Three shots on target between them after 75 minutes - WBA v Blackburn. 0-0. And they're lucky to have that.

Of course Blackburn will be world beaters against us.
West Brom Team for next week
at 16:34 9 Jan 2022

WBA had Cipre sent off yesterday, so they may have a minor issue in their defence line up for next week (I say minor because obviously they've got a bigger squad in terms of strength in depth than us). But they've got one CB at AFCON (Ajayi), one long term injured (O'Shea), one suspended (Cipre). They've got Bartley and Clarke but one CB who's not been in the squad for a while (Bean) and one who's only 18 and just played reserve games.

If they play four at the back that stops one of their strengths, which is Furlong pushing up to attack but also close us down from playing out from the back. Unless they play Furlong as CB and draft someone else in at RB.

Wonder if Dike will be ready to play. Hopefully not as they've had trouble scoring of late and we could do without him having his debut against us.
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