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So this gem.came up.on my Facebook feed
at 21:37 22 May 2024

16 years ago today, John Terry spat on Tevez, changed the penalty order to make his the match-winning one, slipped, missed, lost and cried

never forget

For once the algorithm was correct in what it chose to show me!
Anton Ferdinand and John Terry
at 11:56 2 May 2024

Still rumbling along...
at 11:41 2 May 2024

Why did the Spackman term start?

(Sorry... had to.)
Lady Chats v Dull
at 20:34 24 Apr 2024

I'm.thinking we need Coventry to still be interested when they paly Blackburn on Saturday, so we want a Coventry win? They play Ipswich next Weds so they can lose that one.

1 all currently
Lids v Boro
at 19:28 22 Apr 2024

Who do we support?

Or are we just hoping that Boro maim half the Lids team
Being linked to Kemar Roofe
at 21:29 12 Apr 2024

[Post edited 12 Apr 21:29]
Keeper for next year
at 10:42 11 Apr 2024

So Begovic is out of contract and has been.. let's say rusty to be polite, and I very much doubt he will be back next year.

So my question is, do we go with Walsh or are we bringing someone in? If so, does anyone have any suggestions who we should be after who is affordable and good enough?
Who's it anyway?
at 22:20 9 Apr 2024

Although Field hit the net, did Dykes get it across the line first? He was claiming it and pointing at the linesman...
JCS transfer talk
at 17:28 5 Apr 2024

Valued at £5M...
A positive team that cares
at 16:41 31 Mar 2024

Look at these two clips... dont tell me the whole team, even those that didn't or weren't playing don't care... they do. That wasn't the case under GA... marti deserves a lot if credit for this IMO

Weekend fixture/rooting guide
at 09:17 7 Mar 2024

No not that kind of rooting, get you mind out of the gutter

Sheffield Weds play Leeds at home on Friday night. Leeds win please

Blackburn v Plymouth is a difficult one. Thinking a draw is probably best

Millwall v Brum is another match between 2 relegation candidates. Another draw?

Preston to beat Stoke

Watford to lose to Coventry

Huddersfield to lose to West Brom

Brizzle to beat Swasea.

Of and 3 points for us please...
[Post edited 7 Mar 9:18]
Will 50 points mean safety? Prediction competition
at 09:32 3 Mar 2024

Convention states that 50 points means safety in the championship. But with 11 games to go and the current form of the bottom half, that may not be enough?

So for sh1ts and giggles (no prizes), how many points is do you think the 3rd from bottom team will have when they get relegated.

I'm going for 52
Tuesdays championship games
at 20:09 12 Dec 2023

From Plymouth thread...

Tonight's rooting guide (oh er missus):
Blackburn to beat Brizzle
Preston to beat Huddersfield
West Brom to beat Rotherham
Stoke and Swansea to draw.
Dear Marti. About our corner kicks....
at 17:03 29 Nov 2023

You are doing a bloody great job so far. Keep it up. However, you might find this useful:

The definition of success: expectations for Marti
at 07:52 31 Oct 2023

From what I've read the appointment of Marti seems quite progressive and interesting. But also comes with risk. But having tried to tread water with the last 3 appointments and mostly failed it is sh.t or bust time.

But the crux of the question to me is what will we the fans (and by extention the board) accept as reasonable for the ret of the season?

We are a club which is drowning. As Clive has pointed out regularly there are significant issues. There is a danger that the née manager just becomes yet another sticking plaster on a limb which needs amputation so the rest of the body can survive.

So what should we REASONABLY expect for the rest of the season from Marti?

If we get relegated is it the tin tack/P45s all round or does he get longer? Is it about progression rather than results (as long as they aren't terrible). Or is anything less than staying I the championship unacceptable?

So now we are safe pt 2: who do we want to go up via palyoffs?
at 08:59 30 Apr 2023

Luton and Boro both guaranteed their spot. Coventry looking good too. Waaall, Sunderland, West Brom and Blackburn chasing the last slot.

Not exactly a stand out candidate for me. Maybe Boro, or Coventry for doing the right thing. Luton or Waaall would be odious in the extreme. Not bothered about WBA or Subderland or Blackburn. Just a bit meh.
So now we are safe, who do we want to come down?
at 17:53 29 Apr 2023

Yes I know whoever comes down will be odds on to go back up but it's not like we challenging for promotion so who do we want to come down?

Southampton look down, so really it's perm any other 2?

For me, Florist (just becuase they spent all that money on so many players it would be funny) and Everton as there might be a new ground to go to, plus I think they are the only team never to be out of the top division, so that record goes...
[Post edited 29 Apr 2023 18:15]
Possible player sales: to where?
at 21:38 20 Apr 2023

I've seen several posts on here urging a "clear out", and i cant disagreewith the sentiment. But there are several.issues that come with that: firstly you need another club to want to buy those players, then given we are losing money hand over fist, we need someone to pay hard currency so those assets. Something not helped by most of our sellable assets playing crap.and losing significant chunks off their value, and the well know fact that the Championship player market has fallen though the floor as if Liz Truss were in charge of it.

I don't see any of our players going to the Prem. None of them are good enough. Field could be of Interest to one of the few top championship clubs willing to splash a few quid. Willock made the championship team last year so may get some interest from similar. Chair I think is more likley to go abroad.

But who else could realistically go elsewhere, and where would that be. I'm mostly stumped to think of anyone who would pay reasonable money for anyone in our team
[Post edited 20 Apr 2023 21:39]
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