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Penalty shoot outs - good question
at 19:32 9 Jan 2022

In a rare moment of showing some interest in football Mrs Headhoops asked - we have been involved in 4 penalty shoot outs this season - any know if this is a record?
Best/Worse Sporting memories of 2019 — QPR & Other
at 13:18 20 Dec 2019

Been chatting about this in the office this morning. What have been your highs and lows of the past 12 months and why? Here’s mine.

Best QPR memory — Feb 26th — Freeman masterclass beating the Champions of Europe 1-0.
Worst QPR memory — 0-4 at home to Forest
Best sporting memory — Being at the England v All Blacks Rugby World Cup Semi Final in Tokyo.
Worst sporting memory — England not turning up for the final a week later, shades of Wembley 86.
QPR player of the Year — Eberechi Eze
Best sports personality of the Year — Lewis Hamilton
Who will be our QPR star in 2020 — BOS.
Other than QPR, which sporting event do you never miss? - PDC World Darts at Ally Pally

Best QPR memory -
Worst QPR memory -
Best sporting memory -
Worst sporting memory -
QPR player of the Year -
Best sports personality of the Year -
Who will be our QPR star in 2020 -
Other than QPR, which sporting event do you never miss? -
Lampard's Derby vs Gerrard's Rangers
at 08:46 1 Aug 2018

already driving me nuts - is it in every journo and broadcasters contract that they have to say it?

Crafty Cockney checks out at just 60
at 21:56 5 Apr 2018

another massive sports character leaves us far too early. Loved the old time darts (pre the sky superhype) Bristow vs Jocky Wilson, fags, booze and a different era. RIP.
I forgot he played for us
at 13:49 17 Feb 2017

as a by product of reading through all the names nominated for our worst player ever I came across this ex player and immediately thought - I forgot he played for us. Was a
FA Cup winner
UEFA Cup winner
World Cup Winner
Tasty Transfers
at 14:06 20 Jan 2017

bored of all the manure, citeh, ar4e to fight over X player clickbait.

Here's some transfers that should have happened

Frankie Bunn from Bath to Chelsea
Ray Train from Crewe to Locomotive Leipzig
PDC - World Darts - Ally Pally - Diversion from QPR
at 15:44 16 Dec 2016

Started yesterday and the biggest pish up of all time.

10 of us going to the Sunday afternoon session - anyone else a regular partaker in the tungsten carnival?
match thread
at 08:13 29 Aug 2015

Find myself in Singapore killing time before flying home. Would like to think we have more than Huddersfield but brain keeps saying 1-1 Chery again.
Harry's Norverns Presser
at 11:20 23 Jan 2015

This weekend its the FA Cup 4th round and naturally we aren’t involved. Here’s an alternative presser as 'Norvern' takes the hot seat.

(At this stage you don’t have too read this OP or if you have withdrawl symptoms and are not easily offended read on).

NorthernR arrives. Bottle of Peroni in hand. Icy stare for Rangers Dave.

Board in general is doing well enough but finding it very ‘ard getting decent posts away from home. Bare bones in fact, only had Brian McCarthy available and sober for Ireland pre-season. Still got loads to look forward to, Frankie Friday, flat roofed pubs, random irritations and Carla Delavigne…..

Disco, no great lad, loves his mum, salt of the earth, been a real star, don’t understand a fing he posts, I would have signed him when he was a kid.

Sure, need to get a few more posters in — maybe some long term loanees, yeah Konk, top bloke, not sure his heart would be in it. Speedies Double? F@rk off.

Takes a long gulp of lager. I agree there is a fine line between the economic and fiscal policies of Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories, it really is up to the electorate to decide. I don’t do that tw@tter thing, not my cup of tea. Posters should steer clear of political opinions, always ends up in a can of worms with toys ejected from prams.

Some posters coming into a rich vein of form, Hunterhoops, quality, quality wordsmith, been terrific for me couldn’t praise him higher. And the lad DaveB, well informed, balanced and always looking to bring in other posters, never a moments trouble, first on the board and last off. Glares at Rangers Dave once again.

Questions turns to jobs, his in particular.
being binned? I’ve got great support from the Fans Network, gotta get more hits that Fantasy Island, or it’s the tin tack, don’t know nuffin about that? Just doing my best, I can feel that I have the backing of the posters, fantastic relationship with them. Deleted threads? Nah, only that Woking and his hard core porn posts, still, he loves his mum and its gets Holloway going for the pyrex.

Good news is we are getting a few back but some are carrying longer term knocks, Ingham is a big miss and then there are others who are just not fit. 18 stone for one and metallica, way, way too heavy gutlords, they need to cut down on their porklife and get some exercise, be more like saxbend. We are like a band of bruvvers, need to stick together to pull out some results, that’s not helped by all the international stuff, its tuff losing quality posters like Pommy and Brooklyn when the overseas time zones kick in.

Here comes the Google wnk off question — I see your pay per click numbers are up why’s that? That’s down to that mature dating ad — site went mad when that went live, thought I was going to migrate sarf and swop Northern Towers for Sandbanks.

You can bang on about this poster and that poster and what they would bring to the board but we haven’t got the budget to bring em in — give yoof a go you say, dontcha read the posts, we have that youngster Isawqpratwhitecity doing a job for us. Empties special brew can.

Its been an ard, tuff season so far but you have got to remain positive and post with a smile on your face, just like Jamie and Son of Gregory. Still no matter how abysmal my record gets I can always count on the Taxi boy from Essex to take me home…

start the car …….

Should have seen it coming but the headline still makes you spew
at 13:51 15 Sep 2014

sky coverage yesterday - up next the......

.......Gaalactico's - fark off utterly nauseating.

I also used to hate the old Flanagan and Allen stuff we had.
SAS - shearer and sutton. cack.
Remy-not going far in his own car!
at 20:09 15 Jul 2014

14month ban for drink driving - not like he couldn't afford a cab. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid footballers can be!

Next year'name on shirt Remy Martin?
Remy - can he play in the playoffs - who's opening post is the best?
at 15:53 28 Apr 2014

Loan players - best and worst
at 13:30 3 Feb 2014

All these new loan players got us talking about some of the best and worst we could recall.

Kyle Walker and Fredericho Macheda for example - polar opposites.
Andros Townsend and Mark Kennedy in the plus camp Gus Caesar in the worst ever category. Any particular favourites spring to mind?

Saturday Score
at 13:10 25 Oct 2013

we haven't had a 1-0 for a few weeks so going for 2-2, actually

Clarets 0 QPR 1 Austin 78

I'm always wrong mind....

Chelsea statement on players liability
at 13:33 24 Jan 2013

Chelsea are allegedly releasing this statement later today.

In light of recent events the directors and the obscene russian owner of Chelsea would like to point out that they are not at all liable for any injuries sustained as a result of a Fernando Torres shot. Ballboys and spectators, especially those either in Row Z or by the corner flags have been warned.
Crowd for West Brom?
at 14:06 4 Jan 2013

just been on the offish interactive box office - as can now go tomorrow.
There appears to be thousands of seats to choose from - my guess would be a crowd of circa 12,000 - no wonder the Club is reluctant to take the larger away allocations?

Mind you at £35 the club priced this one wrong IMO.
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