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Eze's goal at Stoke...
at 15:09 3 Aug 2020

..exactly one year ago today. That's really weird. Time is all messed up.
Back-to-back hammerings?
at 20:58 5 Jan 2020

Unless I'm forgetting something obvious, I can't think of a time we dished out 2 tonkings in a row like this?

Off the top of my head, I recall us following a 4-0 at home to Rotherham with a 5-1 hammering of Charlton at LR in the promotion season 1982-83.
For the record: 37 years ago today
at 13:34 22 May 2019

Someone should do it.

I recall a grey overcast day (it rained too). But still a very proud one. Despite that American marching band…..

So..what now?
at 09:39 23 Apr 2019

The morning after. The 2018/19 season is over - with 2 'close season' games to go.

Firstly. Let’s stop having a go, just for a second. A sincere well done to Les Ferdinand, John Eustace the management staff and all the players this season. The priority of staying in this elite league (the top flight of English football, as opposed to the irrelevant International conglomerate that is the Prem Lge) ) has been achieved. We have to fully acknowledge that. Just ask Rotherham and Bolton fans how they are feeling today. That’s not us. Thank you Rangers.

However, what in the ‘sam holy hill’ do we do now?

We all know that the lights on the ‘relegation dashboard’ for 2019/20 are already all flashing bright red. The parachute payments are gone. We are absorbing FFP consisting of one of the biggest fines in world sport. We have no manager in place. We have a crop of decent young players around the place requiring leadership on-and-off the field in one of the most brutal, competitive, leagues in the world if their fragility is not to be exposed. Our best player (Luke Freeman), clearly a Championship standard midfielder, will almost certainly be offski (Fulham is my bet). The rest are League One standard at best – and that is no criticism. The punters aren’t daft - empty seats abound, not out of disloyalty but probably weary cynicism. The upper tier of the School End is going to be a seriously happy place next season unless something fairly major happens.

In a sense, it’s all so annoying. Since 2015 we have been well run. Good decisions have been made: Warren Farm, new plans for a stadium, excellent community work, proper scouting for young players. IMHO, a lot of really good stuff is going on at QPR. It’s just the 20 years of mis-management from 1995-2015 coupled with the strength of the current Championship which casts a huge shadow over our ability to soldier on at this level in the short and medium term.

I guess, as fans, all we can do is get behind the team form August and fully understand the challenge we face and be totally clear about expectation. We are 19th in the Championship. If we repeat that position this time next year it will be , in all seriousness, one of the greatest achievements in our history – yes, probably comparable, in real terms, with 1967 and 1976. That’s why Les is right; the choice of next manager is crucial and it just has to work – somehow – to galvanise what we have, unearth some gems (…) and give us a chance.

Bring it on….

Hey, its 4 March....
at 09:26 4 Mar 2019

Before my time, of course, but a very important day in my calendar none the less.

Still really envy all of you who were there...
[Post edited 4 Mar 2019 9:27]
at 21:46 18 Feb 2019

What might have been. Shades of '82. And winnable....
Watford - what??!!
at 10:41 21 Jan 2018

Top half of the Premier League - and Silva gets bullet?
Well done Rs – we’re top of the ‘league’
at 16:25 14 Jan 2018

Well done to Ian Holloway and the team for yesterday (massive win; our single most important victory since relegation in 2015 – probably (maybe alongside Forest Home last season)?).

And the result got me thinking – always dangerous.

What we’re seeing in football (and have seen increasingly for some time) is the league structure not reflecting the real gap between teams. Now some would say that’s been bleeding obvious in the Premier League for years. With the Leicester ‘flash’ title excepted, 7th place and above is off limits for most clubs. But I think this now goes further down the league structure too.

IMHO what we are now seeing is a merging of 10th place and below in the Premier League with the top half of the Championship – on-the-field at least. For example, if you swapped Watford, Bourmenouth, Huddersfield and Brighton with Derby, Bristol City, Leeds and Forest would you really notice much difference in terms of on-field quality?

This is where the title of my (not so rambling) post (stay with me a bit) comes in. I think we are beginning to see the Championship change from being a League of Hell, where everyone beats up everyone else, to a league that has split in half as surely as the Premier League has done - as ‘big clubs’ like Wolves, Leeds and ‘Boro force up prices in chasing top flight dreams.

For teams like Rangers, we may have to accept, in the short and medium-term, that the top half of the Championship will be a ‘foreign land’ to us – our recent historical blunders, FFP and the parachute payment losses (I think all fans will agree) mean that we won’t be in this ‘club’ for some time to come while we sort ourselves out.

Viewed through this prism, you cans say that sitting today in 14th place in the Championship is effectively being ‘top’ of a third tier that stretches from us, in our lofty position, all the way down to the depths of League One (to include teams like MK Dons – they would never challenge us as at home, would they?).

This probably means that, for now, we honestly can’t compete off the field with teams like Fulham and Brentford – hate to say it, but Millwall are arguably our big rivals - which is probably why the recent defeat at the New Den hurt particularly badly.

So the upshot of all this, in the glow of yesterday, is actually positive. We’re 'top of the League'; the highest position of where we could hope to be right now. Don’t get me wrong; if we lose the next 6 on the bounce, I’ll be moaning about Ollie’s tactics with the best of them. But if we finish the season in 14th that would be some achievement; a big improvement on last season despite a real trimming of the squad.

If Ollie, the team and the club get things right on and off the field, of course we’ll hope to challenge the top half of the Championship again and go from there. But let’s hope all our fans see the need to have patience and appreciate what is actually being achieved at our club under massive financial pressure – as evidenced through results like yesterday.

[Post edited 14 Jan 2018 16:26]
Class from Scum fans at Hudders...
at 21:34 12 Dec 2017

I sht you not...apparently loads of Chel**a happily singing "Champions of England; you'll never sing that!" - at Huddersfield Town fans tonight. Yes, that's Huddersfield Town.

Doesn't that just sum them, and modern football fans, up? Twunts.
[Post edited 13 Dec 2017 12:28]
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