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Sol Campbell abuse
at 07:30 30 Jan 2019

So I just read that Sol Campbell was getting pelters from Cheltenham fans, singing homophobic chants. Which is very surprising I'm this day and age but also goes to show we are still far away from having an openly gay football player.

Which for some reason is really important. I personally don't believe it is important, like the colour of a players skin, it means nothing to me. It won't change my opinion and in this day and age I'm sure it wouldn't matter to most people except knuckle dragging mouth breather.

Anyway my point is this Cheltenham have released a statement:
Cheltenham could not be reached for comment. However in a statement on its website the club said it wanted to remind all supporters “that it is against the law to shout or chant abuse on the grounds of ability or disability; age; gender; gender reassignment; marital status or civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race, nationality or ethnicity; religion or belief; or sexual orientation."

It is against the law to chant abuse about Ability?? Does this mean that shouting/chanting "Your $hit and you know you are" and if someone is slow and lazy we can't tell them either?? I honestly didn't realise most of the songs sung at games across the country could land someone in court or band from games.

Also if we play Brighton again soon are we no longer able to sing "we can see you holding hands"?
Manning kissed the badge after scoring a penalty for Rotherham
at 22:29 18 Sep 2018

Now I'm not sure how I feel about this. I remember Jimmy Smith doing it for us when on loan from scumbags and thinking it was brilliant for obvious reasons. Then I started thinking about how, can't think of a better word for it, lame it actually was.

Apparently people in the "Twittersphere' are getting up tight about it. Is this something we should worry/care about it does it not bother you at all.

Sorry if posted already just very strange he did this and I'm not bothered as he's wanting the fans to be behind him but is it right he is kissing their badge?? I don't remember him doing it for us but I could be/probably am wrong.
Matty Philips
at 20:11 21 Nov 2016

So if I'm not mistaken I believe Pullis is playing Philips either up front or as a number 10??

If it is upfront then why did he not have this sort of form when he played up there our last few games in prem?

If it's the number 10 role then it's quite inspired he's really looking good and enjoying his football.

That p155es me off!!
Ruck between JFH and Ned??
at 16:32 30 Oct 2016

Sorry if already been mentioned.

Just seen on twitter, I know, that there was a barny between JFH and Ned. Any truth in this or usual twitter nonsense.
Occupational therapy help needed
at 10:06 8 Aug 2016

Hi guys

I know I post very little and always ask for help but I really need to know if anyone has been through this. I know a few of you have autistic children so hopefully you may know the answer.

I have a meeting today with an occupational therapist today to hopefully diagnose my son. We have been waiting about 4 years for a diagnosis because his previous school knew nothing about autism and believed my son was just slow.

What will today bring me, will we get the diagnosis we have thought for the last 4 years or will we have to wait. Will this be uncomfortable for my son and will he get upset?
Any information would be a great help to my nerves as we are hoping we can start getting the help he so desperately needs. Thank you in advance 85
Not sure if this has been posted
at 14:24 9 Jun 2016


Seems the mettals don't want to buy us
Energy advice needed!!
at 19:11 7 Feb 2016

Hello Gentlemen and ladies,

I have an immersion heater in my house. I currently rent so can not change the tank. I have just done a reading and my bill is £280 more than the £300 I've paid for in the last 3 months. Does this sound about right?
The immersion heater has been set to come on in the morning and back on again in the afternoon/evening until the kids are in bed. So about 6 hours total for the whole day.
I make sure the kids turn lights off and tv's are turned off if they are not watched what the hell am I doing wrong??
It's a 4 bed detached house if that helps/matters.
Your help would be much appreciated.
Armand Traoré
at 21:54 15 Jan 2016

Don't know if this has been said but I have been told today that he won't be playing for us again.
Been told by the club to find another club.

I think it's a shame he had real potential on the left wing but never given a fair crack on the wing.
This site has gone to sh#t with some posters
at 11:35 9 Mar 2014

Now you may or may not have read anything I have put because frankly I don't post much cos it mostly gets ignored! But I still liked to read this site all day everyday.
When I first starting reading it, it was the only place to get a level headed view on QPR without everyone trying to be ITK. It was also a great place to go if you used to have a season ticket but got priced out of going cos of tango and cash.

But now after all the sh#t we as qpr fans have been through reading this load of arrogant Bo llocks has given me the right hump.

I will get onto the owner bashing in a second but first, when a qpr is unable to go for one reason or another and streaming is the only way we can watch a game does not mean we see less of the game than you. Frankly we see more with the age of the Internet it's arrogant to say you do. Second, as good as abdel was for us and as much as he's saying horrible things about us can't we just let him go?? We sound like a bunch of bunny boilers and women who have been cheated on. Did we really believe he loved qpr as much as we loved him?? Third: just because someone has an opinion on Harry, cool it blind faith cool it sucking up why have a go at them?? Do you really think harry is reading this site and will buy them a drink over someone who doesn't like him? Bugger me we are sitting pretty in the league a whole lot better than what any of us thought can we cut him and the guys who follow OUR team like we should a break we all are supposed to follow the same team aren't we??

Fourth: why the bloody hell when the times I can go do we look at each other like someone has just slapped our wives for singing?! Loftus road used to be jumping everywhere every time I went why aren't we now?? You can blame the family stand behind the loft all you like it doesn't stop people singing all over the ground.

Fifth: why don't we sing about the team we are playing? It's annoyed me since I started going 25 years ago surely we can break the trend and sing about the team we are playing rather than the scum??

Sixth: Why are we knocking tony fernandes he is the best thing to happen to this club since ahmit bahtal (sp) he is open honest and has tightened the purse strings since being in the championship so we go up fair and do not breach the financial fair play rules which only account for the time we are in the championship. What we spent trying to stay up has no relevance to the football league. It's stupid to want him gone he is young in this business and has learnt let's give him a break.

This site was great for debates now if you dare to think anything opposite to the cliques on here you are gonna get the keyboard mafia like you used to on fantasy island!!!

I guess this rant is to all you people moaning about the owners, managers and ex players get over it. Look back and think did you really think we'd be top 10 let alone top 4?? Let's get behind the lads and stop booing them as soon as they come one. Let's not argue with each other like the players did last year. Let's debate rather than making people feel like a twonk for wanting to voice an opinion that doesn't agree with yours. let's also stop thinking we are under the ownership of the likes of Thompson, wright or tango and cash because we certainly aren't!!
FAO Oliver George
at 20:08 1 Jan 2014

Hi does anyone know, or even are, an Oliver George who may have been at the game today and walked out of the ground towards white city station??
If so please can you email greg.bready@gmail.com
Funny P!$$ take on Bosingwa
at 14:13 20 Aug 2013

Bobby Zamora off to Villa??
at 22:20 10 Aug 2013

I haven't heard anything about Zamora leaving, where had this come from?

I know it's been a topic or debate recently but surely this is just in the transfer coupons on skybet just so mugs would put money on it?

Man Itd Turn down £10m Plus Mata or Luiz???
at 10:57 17 Jul 2013


Manchester United rejected Chelsea's opening offer for Wayne Rooney on Tuesday night and remain insistent the England striker is not for sale.

Chelsea are understood to have offered £10m in cash plus a player, thought to be either Juan Mata or David Luiz, in part exchange for the 27-year-old.

United immediately rejected the offer and left Chelsea in no doubt as to their position on the matter.

But Rooney has reiterated his desire to leave the club this summer.

He has been left angered by recent messages coming out of Old Trafford, most noticeably new manager David Moyes's suggestion Robin van Persie is his main striker.

The Scot said last week: "Overall, my thought on Wayne is that if for any reason we had an injury to Robin van Persie we are going to need him - I want as many options as possible."

Rooney has expressed his disappointment to senior figures at the club and insisted he will not accept a squad role behind Dutch striker Van Persie.

Rooney - who has two years left on his contract - has also been linked with a move to Arsenal.

New manager Jose Mourinho confirmed his admiration for Rooney in a BBC interview on Tuesday.

More to follow.

Thats crazy I would have bitten their hand off for Mata. He's worth £30m on his own plus only on £100K a week.

Gus Poyet sacked
at 20:07 23 Jun 2013

Oh dear.
Would you have him?
Championship Penalty Takers
at 11:58 18 Oct 2011

Request from my West Ham Supporting manager.

Any Ideas??
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