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QPR toast first cup final success since 67 — Report
at 22:59:53

It was my birthday as well. QPR never turn it on my birthday. Superb report
Antoine Freezman bids adieu — Column
at 09:06:13

Like 100 percent said above. I really hope Luke gets to read this. My favourite player since Faurlin.

Absolute blessings to you Luke and may you have a wonderful football future.
Well it was never dull - Column
at 09:10:32

A player I hold in higher regard than even Hill. At least with Hill he had experience in the Champioship. Faurlin had the odds totally stacked against him from day one. New country, new league, new style of play, language barrier and the list goes on. Even the mad house of QPR didn't seem to faze him.

Who would of thought that in 6-7 years time we would be holding this very special player and person in such high regard? He personifies everything I love about this increasingly stale game. He has the passion, commitment and desire to succeed and whatever club takes him on (I still very much hope its QPR) they would of acquired a fantastic naturally talented footballer with a football brain deserved to grace the highest stage. Just such a shame we will never see what potential he could of had even if it wasn't to be with QPR.
3 ACL's and to be able to complete 30 games this season tells you everything you need to know about him!

He is by far my favourite player to of played for Queens Park Rangers (Fan since the early 90's)

Best of luck to you Ale and thank you.
Tweets, training grounds and tickets - Tony Fernandes interview
at 03:47:12

Wow, just wow.

Clive how on earth did this come about? I know via the podcast and LFW forum you have had all the questions ready to ask TF if the opportunity arose of properly interviewing him but wow.

This is the sort of interview that creates an opportunity to get straight to the point no middle man, and a huge pat on the back for yourself for staying stern in your questions to TF. Someone had to do it and I'm extremely happy you had the chance to do this and that you didn't roll over when TF would come out with his usual lines.

Although the Twitter subject must of felt like banging your head against a brick wall, TF clearly feels like its okay to continue on in this vein which is a shame. I was hoping that the comments you made would give him a clear picture of the destruction a few words from him can achieve. I just now hope he is even more careful at what he puts on there for all our sakes.

To be fair to him though he didn't have to accept to be a part of this honest, refreshing, sobering interview and props to him for answering everything you threw at him. Was nice to learn more about the training development and to why it has been delayed for so long, you also quite rightly point out that its much more important to have a better training facility in place than a shiny new stadium.

TF is still a very corporate man which doesn't fit in with the QPR ethos as a family club. The question is though can we sustain this in the modern game whilst still classing ourselves as a family run club? I think a compromise may have to suffice?

Clive...... A huge thank you for doing this, it is very nice as a fan from so far away to know you finally got to have a proper one to one with the big cheese and have your say which echoes mine!

A beer is in the post! :D
John Gregory and Clint Hill’s ghost goal — history
at 08:45:49

I loved Gregory as a manager, he did a fantastic job with what he inherited, as was very shrewd in the loan market.

Deff one who deserves more credit than he got. The whole team had a great spirit/pride about them which sorely lacks today, bar 1 or 2.

Nice read. Thanks Clive
The end of the longest, hardest road — full match preview
at 04:30:30

Once again Clive thanks for your reports. Echoing everyone else's statements that you provide a service for fans unlike any other club and each and everyone of us on LFW are grateful for it.

Have also enjoyed Nathan’s prediction write ups in the preview and nice to get a mention in this one as this is the 1st time ever playing a Prediction league and have enjoyed every min of it, although I must say it has been an easier season to predicted than most I imagine. Hopefully a top 5 finish would bring me a small smile to otherwise a nightmare season.

As for the club listening to the fans I really think TF has had the penny dropped but when and if things go well again, then it will be testament to TF as to whether he continues to take this new approach which looks like it could be working especially for off the pitch situations.

As for on it, well.... Where does one start. There could be 3-4 fractured groups within the squad that just don't get on and our usual approach is ship out the dead wood and bring in more blood. I am in the camp that would normally say stick with what we have and do some old fashioned coaching but in this unusual situation we find ourselves in with regards to the type of players we have brought in (ie no type at all) then getting rid of the high earners with nothing to prove any more is a must which in our case is more than half the team.

And as for next season. I think as QPR fans this is a league where we belong in reality, the PL has been (bar a couple of miracle moments) a poor and hard league to follow and all over with still a quarter of the season left for the winner and I have had a lump in my throat so to speak for the majority of this season just watching us crumble away to next to nothing.
When relegation was confirmed it was a sigh of relief for me and once this last game is out of the way then we can all sit back and watch the papers go mad on who goes and who comes in.

In the words of all QPR fans............ "NEVER A DULL MOMENT HERE" And would you want it to be any other way????? Hahaha, well more better days would be nice for a start and lets hope they start in August 2013.

Well done for sticking together lads it what makes us fans so so special!

Have a beer on me.

Beware the pitfalls of a Redknapp coronation
at 22:37:28

I personally would love to see Ole Gunnar Solskjær brought in for long term. He has a great footballing brain, you could tell as a player there was something special about him, even with his Utd connections.....

Harry short term is the only option if we want to survive this year........
Take nine, QPR hunt first win at Arsenal — full match preview
at 21:39:51

This is such a bananna skin of a fixture, if there was ever a chance for Hughes to go all out for an away win this is it. We are expected to loose, so why not just go for it against a side as fragile us. A year since an away win sounds so depressing. I hope our luck will change soon.

I'd still take a draw at this stage. A point closer to safety.
Pressure building as QPR hunt elusive away win — full match preview
at 04:29:54

I reckon it will be 2-1 to West Brom. Even if we do loose but Hughes has thought tactically and giving it a go then that's all I can ask.

On another note.

Tomo. I sent you a PM a while ago (Should be a red 1 in the top corner of your screen) I remember you saying you live in New Zealand? I moved here in Jan And living in Auckland, I usually meet up with fellow R's out here to talk all things Rangers related.

If you up this way and want to meet give us a shout.

Fingers X for a decent result on Sat.
When Leroy Griffiths demolished Marcel Desailly - history
at 10:11:03

Ah great cheers for letting me know, I don't have the season vid of that year, hopefully one day it may surface up.....
When Leroy Griffiths demolished Marcel Desailly - history
at 07:33:10

Great read Clive, was there any vid footage of that pre season game? Would love to see it again!
The Iceman goeth
at 07:27:25

I would like to add to whats been said already, HH was an outstanding player, and extremely underrated, I'll will really miss him, but he is getting on a bit and the Injuries as Clive rightly said takes its toll on him, but when we needed that little bit of sparkle in what was a dire time before the promotion season HH was on hand to deliver when needed.
Great servant under all that crap from the old board and countless managers, The very best of luck to him and wish him all the best.

Thanks HH
What might have been… QPR bid farewell to the White Pele
at 10:22:45

I'll miss him, he is the sort of player you could connect with as a fan, tremendous shame that he never filled his true potential with us. The QPR of old is certainly behind us now, as players like Buzz leave.

I wish him all the best for the future.
That was 2011/12 — LFW Awards and loose ends
at 08:28:17

Ill echo the New Zealand contingent, Clive you make my life that much happier with your efforts on this site & I don't even have NZ Sky to help me see the PL. Here is to a relaxed & prepared pre-season. Thanks
Seven lessons to help QPR avoid a return to the turkey farm
at 10:29:55

Brill article, I would also agree that Luke Young deserves more credit, he also chipped in with 2 goals this season, but agree with him being shakey after his injury, Nice to be able to enjoy a summer not worrying so much about which direction our club is going in....
Hughes praises Hill, investigates Macheda Tweet - Monday Diary
at 06:58:46

Hate to be a Wigan fan right now.....
Implosion of the English game continues, and it all comes back to QPR — full match preview
at 05:23:42

Ohhhhh I'm praying to the big man above to get us a result tomorrow.

The QPR blood in me says the same old story, Blackburn will win this in a typical dominating QPR display but can covert for Shizzle fashion.

In the words of Highlander. "There Can Be Only ONE" That one better be QPR!

A lying league table? Buoyant QPR await arrival of troubled Villa — full match preview
at 22:05:23

Well done Clive, Thanks for the read.

Im also going for a 2-1 win SWP to get one (He deserves it more than anyone) & Jay Bothroyd to get one also.

Looking forward to it. :-)
Warnock’s defensive gamble pays off against Ipswich — full match report
at 00:27:00

Thanks Clive, Another 3 points in the bag! Roll on Sat!
Ten man Rangers secure famous Reading win — full match report
at 14:43:12

I love Faurlin, End of! Im glad he is not getting the recognition that Taarabat is as I really want him to stay! Quality performance from QPR. One of the season defining games for us!
Now everybody sit back and enjoy this, Notts Trees next, That will be a game and a half & The players will be up for it!
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