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at 20:51 21 Oct 2021

I was watching the Rangers game on BT and I’ve just seen the most ludicrous goal ever given by VAR officials.The player had a shot saved by the keeper and another Rangers player knocked in the rebound,but 1/2 his body was in front of the last defender when he scored it.Nobody expected it to be given,but the ref has the offside decision overturned by VAR and gives the goal.
Pinner,look at it and explain that one to me,because most of the players were baffled too.

Maybe I should’ve waited because they supposed showed the usual lines and apparently the defender’s mum was playing him onside.
[Post edited 21 Oct 21:08]
Steve Bruce
at 13:23 20 Oct 2021

So Bruce finally accepts defeat at Newcastle and walks away.His stats show that his worse win percentages were at Newcastle and Sunderland.28% compared to 29%.He was in charge for 97 games at Newcastle and 98 at Sunderland.The only difference was that he won 1 more game at sunderland.

At least he can laugh all the way to the bank,and it won’t all be his fault if the Newcastle new superstar manager gets them relegated,although the geordies will probably still blame him and Ashley for it.
at 15:38 4 Oct 2021

I got an invitation to the bond meeting at the club on Wednesday night,but I’m not 100% sure I can make it now.Does anyone want to go who didn’t get an invite?Is it a case of just transferring the email to someone,or should I contact them and inform them to let somebody else go instead?
Cheers for any information.
at 06:47 28 Sep 2021

I just heard that UEFA have dropped their legal action over the 3 remaining clubs over the breakaway European league.And they also said they aren’t going to be collecting the fines they imposed on the other teams.
If only the EFL were as lenient?
Brum tickets
at 16:54 26 Sep 2021

I have an adult and an U18 ticket going spare for Tuesday night if anyone is interested.I don’t think my brother wants anything for them,but I tried to advertise them on Twickets with no joy,so pm me if anyone is interested.
Pleasantly surprised
at 14:26 23 Sep 2021

I asked for and received a football book for my birthday last week.It was British football’s greatest 100 grounds,and we are at number 36 of 100 of the must see football venues.No mention of the queues for the toilets,the warm food,or the lack of legroom.
Somebody likes us then.
World Cup 2022
at 20:51 22 Sep 2021

The premier league say they are starting a week earlier next season and finish for the World Cup on November 13th.Then they’re starting back on Boxing Day.How are they going to fit in all those games plus EFl cup and European games too?
I bet they give the EFL games a miss and only allow the non European premier league teams to enter it.
And no doubt the championship will follow suit and finish in November too.If we are in the playoffs we will get an even shorter summer break.
Ticket for saturday
at 15:58 16 Sep 2021

I have a spare U18 ticket for Saturday if anyone wants it for somebody who has been naughty at school.Free to a good home for someone who wants it.
at 13:02 11 Sep 2021

I’m just watching the Palarse v spuds game and I wondered what has happened to the atmosphere?
Where have the ultras gone?Have they thrown their toys out of the pram again,or has it been a hard week back at school?
at 09:30 29 Aug 2021

A couple of observations from yesterday about our ticket policies.I was speaking with Julie outside the lower loft entrance and she said that there were 2 boys standing by the turnstiles because they had to wait for an adult to go in with them.Apparently U14’s are not allowed in without an adult now.How are we supposed to encourage the next generation of fans if they’re not allowed in without an adult with them?
How many of us used to be given a £1 and went to football on your own as a kid?There were no rules then,and are kids not safer in a football ground than walking around outside now?

Also I have to question the purchasing policies of the box office regarding the lower loft yesterday.
We have 3 out of the 4 seats in our row as season tickets,which means that there is a spare on the end of the row.But yesterday it was sold to a adult on their own,but the rules say that you have to have a child with you to sit in the family stand.I tried to buy a ticket for a cup game a couple of years ago for a season ticket holder who has been coming for 50+ years,but I was told that he needed to buy a child’s ticket too or they couldn’t let him buy his own seat for a cup game.He must’ve bought yesterday’s ticket through the box office as it’s normally empty for games.

A lot of fans were forced out of the lower loft when it changed to a family stand a few years ago,and some even stopped going to games,so how can the club get it so wrong now?There were loads of adult groups in there yesterday,so when is a family stand not a family stand?

Pub for Boro
at 09:06 18 Aug 2021

I just looked at the football ground guide and the pub for away fans at Middlesbrough is called Doctor Browns.Is that where all 20 away fans are meeting tonight,or is there better around the town somewhere?
My train gets in about 2.30 so I’ll probably be laying in a gutter by 7pm.Safe journey to everyone going tonight,and here’s to another 3 points.
Come on u R’sssssss.
at 15:15 10 Aug 2021

I’ve just spent 70 minutes waiting to get through to the Middlesbrough box office for information about the game on Wednesday week.They told me that they’ve already sent the information through to our box office,but with 2 away games already on sale I guess they’re going to be on sale soon,maybe Thursday.
They said that tickets are normally on sale on the night unless it’s a sell out,which seems unlikely,but cash only.
They are hosting Bristol City on Saturday and according to their website tickets range from £18 for U18 to £31 for adults.Their oap age is 65 and over.
October 16th
at 19:44 3 Aug 2021

The people,or computer who worked out the fixtures for October 16th should go for retraining.We are away at fulham,while brentford are to home to chelshite.
Luckily Sky will do the right thing and make ours a Friday or Monday night.Cue the West London derby weekend spiel.
Gunnersbury park
at 21:30 28 Jul 2021

My grandson is playing for the Ipswich town academy team tomorrow in a mini tournament against Brentford and Juventus.He is only 12,so would there be an U13 academy team at most clubs,or do they do it 2 year age groups,as in U12 and U14?
Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow night,so I can’t go along and watch him play,but with him being a keeper who has just moved to regular size goals for small ones,I think he will struggle a bit.
Was Gunnersbury park our old training ground,or am I mixing it up with another site?And are Brentford’s kids any good?Our usual bees lurkers will no doubt be posting soon about how they win the World Cup for England in 2028.
Cambridge Utd
at 12:31 7 Jul 2021

I spoke to the ticket office at Cambridge Utd today,and they said that a decision on tickets for our friendly will be made next week.And I can have a season ticket if I want one.
at 07:29 4 Jul 2021

There was a feature on pie & mash shops on the travel show on bbc breakfast today just before 7am.
Cooke’s was shown,but not the one in Shepherds Bush.Is our one still open?There are only around 20 left in London now,but the ones left seem to be doing well.Roll on August 7th for a couple of pints in the new white horse and some pie,mash and liquor.
First game
at 07:01 24 Jun 2021

Seeing as we know that our first game will be at home,who do we think it will be against?
My guess is Barnsley.
Kiwis v India
at 00:07 18 Jun 2021

The world test final starts tomorrow at southampton,but the weather forecast isn’t the best.What happens if it’s a draw?Do they share the trophy?
Sorry I’ve just seen on the bbc that there is a potential 6th day planned,but only to make up lost time.So it will be shared if it’s a draw.

Who do we think will win?I think New Zealand will edge it because they’ve got used to the conditions over here over the last few weeks.Hopefully it will be a good game.
[Post edited 18 Jun 0:11]
Balloon flight
at 16:34 15 Jun 2021

My son bought me a balloon flight for my 60th last September,and tomorrow is the day it’s taking place.Has anyone done one before?I’ve been told that it’s so peaceful and relaxing,but I guess not for someone with Acrophobia.Is it too late to buy a parachute from Amazon?
It’s been nice to converse with you all over the years,and I hope there is still a few more posts left inside me in the future.
Sky hate us
at 19:35 2 Jun 2021

I’ve just watched Sky’s best goals of the championship season 2019-20,and surprise surprise,we don’t feature at all.So Eze’s on the opening day at Stoke or Bright’s spectacular goal at St Andrews didn't happen then?I’m sure people can remember other good goals by Manning and others that should’ve got a viewing too.
What a bunch of c@nts they really are.
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