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Season ticket refunds
at 20:31 5 Aug 2020

I had an email from the box office today saying that the refund on our season tickets was £46,but I don’t know what that represents.
With all the talk of redundancy last month I thought I’d cash my adult silver st in and one of our 2 U18’s and watch the games via my daughters U18 season ticket.
We have a family package consisting of 2 adults,2 U18’s and an over 60 ticket that comes to £1189,so what does the £46 equate to?
Anyone else got theirs?
Charlton refunds
at 12:53 23 Jul 2020

Has anyone had a refund for their Charlton tickets yet?My brother bought ours and he said last night that he hadn’t received any refund yet,despite hearing that they were being repaid on July 2nd.
Wycombe game
at 19:53 6 Jul 2020

I’ve just started watching the Wycombe game and both linesmen are on the same side of the pitch.Is that because of the low sun?Is it even allowed?Ignore that as it’s a sub warming up in a yellow fluorescent bib.
[Post edited 6 Jul 19:57]
Palace v burnley
at 20:18 29 Jun 2020

What channel is this game on tonight please?Is it amazon prime?
Employment law
at 15:51 24 Jun 2020

Does anyone on here know anything much about employment law?
Without going into too much detail and boring you all,I got an email from my employer saying that there was a good chance that I’d be made redundant as the work had dropped off drastically to what it was pre covid.
I was given a choice of roles in depots to move to,but they seem to have been filled now,even though the consultation period doesn’t end until the 30th June.
I received another email today that said that the only job role open to me is one where I’d have to be away all week and sleep in my truck at night.Or I can resign if I didn’t want to do that.
Considering I’m at home every day based on my old role,is this a reasonable offer of an alternative,or do I suspect they haven’t got a legal case and hope that I go quietly?

I’m 60 in September and spending nights away sleeping somewhere in frozen Scotland 4 nights a week doesn’t sound like my idea of fun.

They also want my answer by tomorrow at noon,which is still in the supposed consultation period.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Box office
at 16:36 2 Jun 2020

Does anyone have any news on when the box office will be open again?I have an issue about next year’s season ticket that needs to be addressed.
I can try and phone the 0208 number but I didn’t fancy listening to a 5 minute recorded message.Thanks.
at 23:27 19 May 2020

Just to let you all know that BT sport 3 (417) is showing highlights of our FA cup final from 1982 on Saturday morning at 9am.
I guess it might be both games,but I’m not sure yet.
St. George’s day
at 00:05 23 Apr 2020

Happy St. George’s day to everyone.The one year most of us get the day off and we can’t go down the pub to celebrate.Hope you all have a good day and stay safe.
Missing person
at 19:57 29 Mar 2020

There were a few of us that used to stand together in metal bit of the old loft where ML is now but most of the people I stood with don’t come any more.There was 1 bloke from Kingsbury called John.I cant remember his surname though.He looked like bono because he had the same long black hair.He was about 5’6” at a Guess.He also had a brother that looked nothing like him.
Any know of him or his whereabouts?He was there until about 88/89.
Some good news
at 13:42 18 Mar 2020

There is always some good news to brighten the day.No more eastenders and Eurovision is cancelled too.
Stay safe everyone as there is something to look forward to.
at 21:47 9 Mar 2020

Nice to see the villa getting a good walloping again.Isnt the racist bellend supposed to be working with the defence?
at 08:17 4 Mar 2020

I’m just watching breakfast tv and they’re reporting about Super Tuesday in the US,where 2 democrats aged 77 and 78, are competing to stand for election against a 73 year old,who will be 77 or 78 by the time he finishes a possible 2nd term.
Are there any younger people involved in politics over there?Or does the wealth needed to be able to go to the very top in American politics mostly come with age?
at 10:56 9 Feb 2020

We had a power cut about 2 hours ago and I guess it’s because a tree has brought the lines down,and I don’t think they’ll be attempting to fix it until the winds have died down a bit.
But it shows how dependent we all are on getting the electricity to do things we normally take for granted.
I’m not overly bothered at having no tv,but as we have only an oil fired boiler for heating,which needs electricity to run it,we have no heating.I can’t boil a kettle or cook anything either.
At least the mobile has a bit of power in it.
Stay safe everyone,and I’ll get back to reading my copy of war and peace before it gets dark.
[Post edited 9 Feb 10:58]
Is it just me?
at 20:56 8 Feb 2020

What is with this new Chelshite song about them being rent boys?Change it to they’re vvankers and I’d sing along with,but rent boys.Come on it’s just embarrassing.
at 11:37 27 Jan 2020

I’m on the 7pm Eurostar on Saturday night for the rugby on Sunday and we’re staying quite close to Gare du Nord station until Monday night,but I’ve only ever been to Paris once,and that was only for a few hours but that was almost 40 years ago.
Any tips for bars,food or travelling around the place would be very welcome.And things to do and see would be good too.
Brizzle game
at 13:21 26 Jan 2020

Hello all.Just to let you all know that there is a collection for prostate cancer uk on Saturday for the Bristol City game,and I volunteered to be one of the bucket shakers.That means a free ticket,normally in the South Africa Rd stand.I will be in my normal seat in ML so the Prostate Cancer will be spare.
A donation of £5 or £10 to the collecting bucket will secure it.Any takers?
It’s happened again again
at 15:46 18 Jan 2020

Another walk from Oxford Circus and another win.I had to get up extra early today though but I managed it in just over the hour this morning.

And guess where I’m driving in my truck tonight?Only our Leeds depot.Will I still be smiling at 10pm tonight when I get there?Of course.
Strange choice
at 09:32 15 Jan 2020

I’ve just seen on bbc teletext that the Cardiff keeper etheridge is a potential target for West Ham.Was it just a one off poor display at our place,or do they have Stevie wonder as a scout at West Ham?I almost choked on my cuppa when I read it just now.
It would also finish some people’s hopes of getting smithies back.
at 16:52 13 Jan 2020

Has anyone seen this film yet?I went today and thought it was brilliant,although slightly far fetched in places.Well worth a viewing though.
at 10:16 13 Jan 2020

Is there any news on Blackburn tickets in 2 weeks time?I’ve just been on the official site and there is nothing there.
Is it because of a lack of interest,or is it because of the date change?
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