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at 13:48 25 Nov 2019

Just seen that UBER is not having its licence renewed by TFL, a real shame as i think its a great service. anyone else use it, its fantastic, or was.
Last minute summer holiday deals
at 21:34 4 Aug 2019

Trying to find a last minute deal but there is nothing, anyone else found this ?

Yeah the pound is low vs the euro and dollar but usually there are deals to be had?

And now every flight stateside wants money for baggage and to choose a seat, basic economy is the default now, mental
Matt Smith- Wales International
at 14:30 21 Jun 2019

Another player potentially incoming, Man city and Wales international, central midfielder, thoughts?

Maradona Documentary ***NON QPR
at 13:38 19 Jun 2019

Has anyone else seen this?

I went last night with herts_Ranger, superb film.

I didn't know much about his Napoli days in the 80s due to no internet etc, I have never really liked the man but this documentary has changed my mind.

now I want to go visit Naples too
Dental Work- Bridges/Crowns etc **NON QPR
at 15:45 17 Jun 2019

Going all Mumsnet as I know you guys/girls are fountains of knowledge!

I cracked a tooth badly and it cant be repaired (just to the side of my front ones) dentist today said the crack goes right up into the gum (after X-Ray) and a crown probably wont be possible as it needs something to secure too.

Options are to

Remove and have a gap -NO

Remove and have a removable denture- NO

Bridge: Remove the tooth and place a bridge but it means ruining the tooth next to it as they grind it down to attach the bridge, very invasive but long lasting.

Implant, £3k and the most long term but again quite invasive and expensive

Final option- A Maryland bridge- the one im leaning towards,remove cracked tooth, then they basically make a tooth same colour and shape and attach it to the teeth either side side (permanently) by a metal or ceramic fitting (you dont see it ) and it is supposed to last 5-10 years, maybe more

has anyone has a Maryland bridge, do they work?

cheers in advance!

Parking tickets on Wood Lane today
at 18:44 19 Apr 2019

I thought single yellow line were ok to park on during bank hols? Saw a long line of cars ticketed as I walked up from Westfield, anyone here get one?
Cricket Fever -Mumbai Indians NETFLIX (NON QPR)
at 20:32 7 Mar 2019

Can’t recommend this show enough, a hard knocks /all or nothing but for cricket, very insightful
Leg room at LR
at 10:01 30 Dec 2018

Sat in C block SAR yesterday for the first time in a year (villa home 2017) and remembered why i hate it so much, despite a good view and built in padded cushion there was no room in the seat for me with people either side! I’m 6’4’’, in shape etc so not fat, but literally couldn’t sit comfortably for the game. Had to sit crooked and hold one leg all game to stop the seat in front from digging into my knees.

Seems to be more room in the paddocks, loft upper just as bad, anyone else have these problems, it’s making me not want to bother going again if I can’t get in the paddocks .. or am I just too tall for these old stadiums
[Post edited 30 Dec 2018 10:54]
Baseball @ Olympic Stadium Next June
at 10:44 3 Dec 2018

Anyone else trying for tickets for the Evil Empire vs Bahhsstaan

I'm in a queue on ticketmaster, its taking ages. Top price tickets £385 lol cheapest £30
Maurizio Sarri
at 22:44 20 Oct 2018

Seems a good guy, old school manager who’s adapted to the modern game, just a shame he’s at Chelsea.
Cobra Kai TV Series (NON QPR)
at 22:10 9 Aug 2018

Any fans of the original Karate Kid film then you must watch this new show.

Set 34 years after the original film, it really is excellent, first two eps are available for free on YouTube, you can subscribe or have a free trial for a month to see the whole thing

The annual socks thread
at 13:57 8 May 2018

Following on from the successful ‘trainers’ thread posted last week, what type of socks are you wearing/wanting?

I’m a fan of the ‘happy’ sock range from John Lewis. Tough, stay in shape, keep their colour etc

These are a recent box set I procured, I’m wearing the polka dots now;
Burton Home Game- Ticket offer
at 12:43 26 Aug 2017

The burton game on 23rd Sept- if you're attending the Baltimore Ravens @ Jags NFL game on Sunday 24th @ Wembley, show the QPR box office your ticket and get in for the burton game for a tenner. Or if your a Ravens fan like me (tobolory?) wear purple to the box office and get a cheap ticket too. A good move by the club
Queuing for the new shirt
at 07:57 4 Mar 2017

Who else is in the queue? Got here at 6:30 and it's already all the way back to the box office. 2 shirts per customer, can't see there being any left by lunchtime
SuperBowl 51 Predictions thread..(NON QPR)
at 08:21 3 Feb 2017

It's that time of year again, no not my annual Star Wars marathon but the greatest show on earth.

Who you got and by what score?

The closest gets to have dinner cooked for them by northen_r

I'm going for Patriots 31 Falcons 21
What do you think about Ian 'olly' Holloway returning
at 22:09 12 Nov 2016

What do you think about Ian 'Olly' Holloway returning ?
at 22:02 12 Nov 2016

TWICKETS Help needed.
at 15:31 13 Sep 2016


im buying tickets for tonights game but I'm not a member, TWICKETS are selling some in the loft upper and it says you need to be a member.

do they check this when you collect your ticket form the box office?

thanks in advance
Mohammad Amir-Cricketer (NON QPR)
at 19:58 12 Jul 2016

This guy is currently in the Pakistan test squad after a five year ban and a jail sentence... Should he be allowed back in test cricket?

What do you all think?

I'm on the fence, can't decide, doesn't seem much of a deterrent for match fixing/ bowling no balls but he was very young and supposedly influenced by others....

at 12:01 6 Jul 2016

Thought it was a hoax but apparently he's been given a 21 month jail term.

Edit- apparently it's suspended as its under 24 months.

[Post edited 6 Jul 2016 12:04]
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