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Next season's captain
at 03:01 22 May 2018

Hard to replace Chief. Should, of course, typically be the longest serving player according to the Italians. In matters of football or sartorial elegance, best advice is always listen to the Italians.

Darnell then, isn't it?

Ps Obviously Robinson the most likely candidate if he stayed, but i'm assuming otherwise.
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at 01:11 10 May 2018

It gives me absolutely no pleasure to come out with yet another weary i told you so, but surprise surprise, Hoilett's had a good year. In the team of the season i believe.

He's a textbook example of a player who was incompetently managed for the duration of his stay with us. In and out of the side irrespective of form, too much emphasis on put on defending, too many position changes and not given enough love by the fans either (plus bad luck with injuries).

It seemed blindingly obvious that if he'd been played every single match in his best position, he'd have flourished. And then the fans might have given him better support.

Ps Not wishing to dredge up another bloody Warnock thread, but congratulations Neil, absolutely superb job with a pretty mediocre squad. Talk about getting the best out of teams.

Pps And as a Cardiff born man, get the fcuk in there!

Ppps Speaking of i told you sos, i presume you all heard Hill and Derry saying Warnock 100% wanted the job second time around? Which was always bleeding obvious. One day people might start to learn.

Literally sensational podcast. Didn't expect anything like that. Love those guys.
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Mackie interview
at 13:23 5 May 2018

Worthy of it's own thread. Bless him, Jamie always got it. Nice to see that level of emotion.

Interesting to hear him make a point of praising the owners and Adel.
That bloody centre routine
at 01:32 5 May 2018

Does my head in. Every manager we have does the same thing every single game. The only thing it achieves is giving away possession and giving a free shot for one of their players on one of our defenceless players whilst he's up in the air. I'd struggle to think of a worse way to start a game. Straight out of the England playbook. Can't see the Italians doing it.

How about this for a revolutionary new approach: try passing the ball on the floor to one of our players' feet instead?
at 03:36 22 Apr 2018

I think he's come in the side under pretty bad circumstances. Normally, backup keeper comes in to cover an injury or for loss of form by the present incumbent or what have you. Less pressure. Everybody expects him to be worse, it's something of a no-lose situation. To be playing when the team was winning, Smithies has been absolutely excellent all the way through and is literally sat there watching over your shoulder and you've been picked in a sympathy game against our rivals - that's a tough scenario for him. I think Ollie has tried to be nice by picking him, but in reality dropped him in it somewhat. The fact Smithies' lass is pregnant got bu gger all to do with it really. I mean he's sat there.

Two (ok, one and a half) games later, he's unsurprisingly had a couple of shaky moments, but done well. I like the fact he's been very aggressive so far, coming for everything kicking with both feet again etc. I was so pleased for him with the penalty save, although it has to be said, on that particular occasion he was a little deep and slow off his line. I reckon Smithies would have cleared that without a penalty.

It was obvious he looked concussed, they should have brought him straight off. New rules clearly aren't infallible, if that wasn't a straight red, i don't know what is. But then Brentford could have had eight players sent off.

Anyway, there you go. It does seem like we've a load of good keepers at least.

Ps What a save by Smithies - deserved to save a point or three that.
Hang on in there Neil!
at 03:12 22 Apr 2018

Another amazing season from Mr Warnock, irrespective of whether Cardiff go up or not. Cardiff weren't doing so well, not expecting a promotion push particularly.

Warnock can be relied upon to keep it nice and simple and at least to pick the right players in the right positions. Ahem.
at 03:34 21 Apr 2018


Another good one for you. Bear in mind the Thai is a lot smaller and not allowed to even use half of his arsenal.
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The Art of Eight Limbs
at 06:15 20 Apr 2018

In case any of you dont know about the King of Martial Arts, here are some cool documentaries which illustrate not only some of the beauty of Muay Thai, but some of the unique magic and charm of the world's coolest country. Some awesome Thai music in the Phuket Top Team documentary for music lovers. Thailand often gets a bad reputation in the west but western media have no real understanding of Thai culture, which is so amazing. Magic and ghosts and everything are completely real and everyday stuff here. What i always love, if you ask a western fighter why he's fighting, they'd be after the belt, or fame, or money, or for their ego, or to prove themselves or whatever. If you asked 100 Thai fighters, they would all say they are fighting for their parents and their king and to represent Thailand with honour. They truly are a different species.

Anybody who wants to learn about the world's coolest place, these are worth watching. If you don't, bah humbag to you, you're loss.

Ps Yes, most of it is exactly where i live.
Pps Bear in mind when the Thai fighters are fighting in things like K1 they are at a massive disadvantage because half their arsenal is forbidden. Not to mention they are usually fighting much larger opponents. Thai fighters typically destroy others when they are allowed to fight freely.

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at 02:21 18 Apr 2018

Have to respect him as a man who isn't afraid to form his own opinions and say what he sees as the truth, however unpalatable it is to the media and the sheep. I always enjoy hearing what he has to say.
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