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TNT Sports Rain Covers
at 14:27 23 Jan 2024

Will Altrincham have had support from TNT Sports ref. Rain Covers.

With no pitch protection the game tonight must be in serious doubt with the 2 recent storms.

I seem to remember we had help (TNT) previously to ensure the game goes ahead.

No News from Alty good news?.
Boxing Day Tickets for a £1
at 18:16 20 Nov 2023

Fair play lets get behind this initiative and get Spotland Rocking!
Ryder Cup 2023
at 13:41 29 Sep 2023

Any keen Golfers on here?.

Unbelievable morning

Europe 4 v 0 USA.

FAO Admin - Change of User name
at 13:39 29 Aug 2023

There is another Dale4Life on this board how can i change my user name?.
A route out of the mess?
at 13:31 29 Aug 2023

Whilst Dale are still in big trouble (Lack of Money) the on field results have turned a small corner. Is this weekend a chance when we can help out a bit?.

Dale fans have always been fantastic but one immediate release valve of financial pressure is more fans through the turnstile on match day.

If half the season card holders persuaded one friend to attend that would add 1000+ to the gate.

It could not have fallen any better. Halifax at home a local derby (they will bring good numbers).

7 points from the last available 9.

Dale unbeaten in 3 games (7 goals)

If we all did our very best with this self promotion over this season it might allow us chip away at the weekly cash deficit. This should not detract from the boards ongoing work to stabilise the club - I will happily declare that I have already asked 2 who have said they will come with me this Saturday.

Twitter -
at 18:10 27 Jun 2023

The feed for the above that appears on this home page is it a club run / club endorsed twitter feed?.

is it censored in any way or can the holder of the account post what they like?.

Manchester City 2022/23
at 17:14 18 May 2023

Manchester City very impressive last night.

The best team in my memory having not won a trophy yet this season but looking like they have a Treble opportunity.

Better than the Manchester United Treble winning side in 1999?

I am hoping McNulty was watching the attacking free flowing football and uses this as his template come August
Being the Best Dale fan you can be - Spread the word.
at 18:12 12 May 2023

I was thinking how can we fans help the club.

Season ticket purchased early and new merchendise bought for the new season they are a given.

Encourage lapsed supporters that the club is on the brink but not cast adrift at sea, a Winning start and attractive attacking football will help but it would be great if we could match and even better the last season home attendance numbers.

If you know any lapsed fan try and get them to buy into the idea of coming down buying a season card and having a good time at Spotland once every two weeks. I know the club will be rolling out promotions and deals in the next few months. Its time to dig deep, not necessarily in the pockets more in the soul.. we are Dale and we can be amazing. Lets not roll over instead roll up the sleeves and bang the Dale drum nice and loud.

Roll on the fixture list being announced and the dawn of a brand new challenge.

Up the Dale.
Kevin Phillips
at 15:14 24 Apr 2023

Kevin Phillips has unexpectedly left South Shields (who have FL aspiration).

Got them promoted this year into Conference North just one tier below Dale. They get around 2400 home fans attending certainly not tin pot.

I have no idea of the circumstance but would be the type of young upcoming manager we should look at especially with a non league promotion on his CV.
Tranmere (H) 18th March 2023 - Match Thread
at 11:06 18 Apr 2023

Big Jim fluffed his lines second half v Bradford.

Tonight there should be no pressure.

Stop the idiotic short goal kicking that nobody wants or enjoys. Play some attacking football in the oppostion half. When play opens up be direct, drive towards goal and get some shots off with venom, ideally on target and follow the shot in with agressive hunting / forward play.

Be tenacious for 90 minutes - run through walls and collapse on your knees at FT.

More of what we saw second half on Saturday is just not acceptable.

Up the Dale I sense a win tonight (although its probably 10 games to late).
Bradford 56 Deaths
at 11:52 16 Apr 2023

It seems like quite a few Bradford fans have already forgotten that tragic day.

The inexcusable use of flares yesterday despite the obvious fire risks was quite a downer during the game. Of all fans in the football league I am amazed that they didn't self police this and sort the idiots out themselves. Once again our stewards very poor in not making hundreds of Bradford fans take there seats.

I appreciate that the idiots throwing flares were probably not even born in 1985.
[Post edited 16 Apr 2023 12:04]
Rochdale Football Club 2023/24 - Tough Love - Positivity Thread
at 13:56 27 Mar 2023

This is not a wind up thread the slide down the pole of negativity has to be addressed and quickly. Winning games aside how do we all move forward from here together?.

Can Simon and the board of directors create some togetherness and harmony in what on the face of it is a pretty tough task. 2500 with a shared interest and a common goal can be quite a force should they all stick together regardless of how bad the short term future looks.

I dont think the gates will drop as far as some fear. The 5th tier is not a complete graveyard or it need not be.
[Post edited 27 Mar 2023 14:00]
Open Training session today
at 18:21 27 Oct 2022

Half term treat for the kids.

Players excellent and responded to requests for photos etc.

Well done the club... A slow return but family club values shone brightly today.

What a turbulent 18 months. Let's kick on show the club we are right behind them and start to climb the league 2 table. Up the Dale! It's Walsall next not Warsaw let's get on the front front together on the pitch and in the stands... EBJ has my full unconditional love and support and this could be the turning point of the season (Saturday)
Economy 2022
at 13:22 27 Oct 2022

Inflation rising quickly...

House prices ridiculous combined with 6% fixed rate mortgages.

£4000 a year projections for a year supply of gas and electric

Some Spanish lager in a pub £5.50 a pint last week.

£7+ for a tub of butter....

£100 to fill up a family car..

Can this dismal Economy get better quickly or are we totally in the poop for quite some time to come? It feels like the country gone to ratshite in the blink of an eye.

Russian invasion and Brexit created a perfect storm it's time we started looking after ourselves and become self sufficient any money saving hints or tips please share.
AFC Bury - FA Cup
at 06:13 22 Sep 2022

Congratulations AFC Bury for getting to the 3rd qualifying round of the FA Cup.

One step closer beating Lancaster 5-3 in the replay last night! Oh my can you imagine AFC v Dale in the 1st round proper. They now play Clitheroe on October 01st in the 3rd qualifying round.

A team created to bring football back to Bury without any big noise about being massive and winning FA Cups when outfield players played in long trousers. Good luck to them why all supporters are not coming together and AFC playing at Gigg Lane is a situation that beggars belief.

Positive post for balance - Stewarding.
at 13:56 16 Sep 2022

No need to contact the club for this one.....

Previously I witnessed a disgraceful incident with a steward being over zealous with a little girls rucksack (3 years old if that) demanding she empty her toys so he could search for contraband.

On Tuesday there was a step change for the better and whilst probably less people in attendance the stewards were engaging and polite and not high and mighty just to tick boxes / following poorly thought out instructions. If this is the new stewarding approach then it is to be applauded.
[Post edited 16 Sep 2022 16:14]
Plastic beer glasses
at 06:37 16 Sep 2022

Does anybody know why we were having to drink from Plastic single use pint glasses in the bar on Tuesday night?

I really hope this was a one off and we are back to glass next home game.
The Flare incident
at 06:25 16 Sep 2022

Has this low life knuckle dragging idiot been identified and banned for life?

What an embarrassment to the club.

Chelsea Keeper
at 09:04 28 Feb 2022

Well after all that cheating for all 10 penalties there was some karma going on when he couldn't hit the fookin target with his attempt!
Bradford Idiot minority and our stewards
at 10:48 23 Jan 2022

The club need to investigate our stewards in the away end. Just how are 50 or so dickheads allowed to stand and cause trouble at the wall at the front of the stand and not get ejected.

Pathetic weak stewarding every one should have been told to find a seat or be ejected. Can you imagine if we behaved like that at Valley parade?.
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