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at 09:51 23 Mar 2024

The wind and rain is absolutely horrendous here at the moment.

I’d think there’s a chance of the game being in doubt?

Be bloody typical if it’s called off when the exiles are in town.
EGM + statement
at 16:10 20 Feb 2024

Makes for grim reading
at 08:50 5 Feb 2023

There are so many rumours flying around regarding this situation at the moment including:

A clause in ROD’s contract where if he plays another game/gets another clean sheet, his contract becomes exponentially more expensive.

Eastwood has a clause in his loan where he has to play every game as a caveat for Sheff Utd paying all or the large majority of his wages.

ROD has fallen out with Bentley in some capacity.

Eastwood has uncompromising pictures of the gaffer.

A combination of one or more than of the above.

Can anyone clarify this situation or give any credence to any of these theories? It’s really hard to stomach at the moment as Eastwood is a young lad and I do feel sorry for him. But if we were to kick on now and only go down by a few points, you could certainly argue that the decision to bring him in and put him straight into the team will have cost us our league status.

Don’t get me wrong, ROD was very poor before Eastwood came in (and I think a lot of people are forgetting this). Both are absolutely glued to their line with no command of their area and ROD conceded two identical free kicks before he was dropped (both of which he could have saved with a bit of nous).

I am at a loss as to how we have identified Eastwood in the first place tbh. I know he’s been here before but he hardly played so we can’t be judging him on that spell. And he has very little FL experience in his career. I can’t think of any telling links we have with Sheff Utd so it doesn’t make sense on that front either.
[Post edited 5 Feb 2023 8:51]
One of the luckiest teams/managers in recent memory
at 22:55 22 Mar 2022

We won’t go down this season. And that is because there are at least three absolute gash teams that are worse than us.

But how long do we give it? Stockdale will be with us at the start of next season. But how long do you leave it? Does anyone have faith that he will actually come good? With experienced managers who have at least had a modicum of success, there’s always that lingering feeling that they can replicate something. But Stockdale is new, untested, unproven. Our current form taken into next season would see us scrapping from the very start. At what point do we say enough is enough?

The fact that we brought Campbell off and replaced him with Newby when we have a perfectly “good” striker on the bench (who we paid £ for) is probably the last straw for me. I can’t fathom that logic. It hurts my brain. It’s becoming a chore to go now. Do we need to see a drastic reduction in the sale of season tickets for the board to consider a change? Where is the proverbial straw here?
Our Midfield…
at 17:23 2 Oct 2021

Is dogsh!t. Morley has gone backwards and needs to be dropped quicker than Jose Aldo. Dooley isn’t a CM and needs playing in his rightful position or dropped (preferably the latter). Grant and Kelly must be wondering what they have to do to start a game. There’s absolutely no link from defence to attack which was perfectly demonstrated by EOC acting as an advanced playmaker at times. Pretty pathetic when your captain and most dominant CB has to take the game by the scruff of the neck because our midfield pairing don’t have the nous, talent or bollocks to do so.

Who Do We All Want?
at 10:37 4 Mar 2019

Coleman is doing a decent job at Accy...
Cov's Away Form
at 10:49 9 Feb 2019

Didn't realise that they were such shocking travellers. Granted, they're on poor form in general but they've lost 8 out their last 9 away games! Surely a win is on the cards today with our recent improvement and newly bolstered squad? Or have I just jinxed it? Or will it be too windy for anyone to give a shit? Where are those tyres?
A Change of Tact
at 13:35 1 Feb 2019

Not sure how many of you have seen KH's latest interview yet with regards to the January window (I'll try and link it below). However, it seems to me that he's much more humble and measured in his approach. It's certainly refreshing to see and he also appears to have lost a little bit of his edge, the result of which is a much more softly spoken KH than in previous media dealings. This, coupled with his willingness to identify and rectify his own mistakes have certainly helped get me back onside. If we continue to see a change on the pitch then I once again feel that, no matter where we end up at the end of the season, lessons have been learnt and KH is still the man for the job..

Focken Hoof Ball + Questions
at 21:58 20 Mar 2018

What has happened to this team? Why are we just playing hopeful long balls hoping something sticks to Humphrey's 56 inch chest?

Who gave Henderson MOTM? Weren't the sponsors Vision Direct?

How has Camps turned into our worst player in ths space of half a season?

Why hasn't Dobre been played more? Seriously, he did more than anyone else AGAIN and was only on the pitch for 15 mins or so

Why can't Wiseman stop running once he's started? Is he on speed?

Why has Delaney turned into a footballer with the reaction time of a three toed sloth?

Where can I sign up to the In-man Con-Man pyramid scheme?

Who the furk told Hendo to run around in circles around the penalty area like a bluebottle with clipped wings?

Why £65?

Why are the hotdog fingers always harder than my morning glory?

Where have the sauce dispensers gone?

What's the best and cheapest hotel in Grimsby?

Camps or Allen?
at 23:15 21 Mar 2017

In my opinion, the midfield got bypassed a fair bit tonight due to the fact that there wasn't a stopper in there (probably Lund when fit) and I also do believe that Allen and Camps are too similar in that they're both luxury, ball playing midfielders (I mean that in a good way).

I think we all agree that Lund is an automatic starter when fit and I personally think that Rathbone should also play as he brings something different to the centre of the park. In my mind that means we have to choose between Camps or Allen for a starting berth.

I'm aware that people will probably disagree with me on this but either way it's still an interesting question. So, who would you rather have?
FAO Keith: Play our strongest team FFS
at 17:12 20 Aug 2016

Hendo up front OR off Davies/Andrew.

Camps and Allen CM with playing just behind them. Yes Cannon has had a great start but it wasn't broken last year so why fix it?

NML and Donal wide and nowhere else.

Tanser at LB. I know this gives us less height and that's the last thing we need at the moment with our set piece vulnerability but Jim has had a mare so far.

Logan in net. Yes he 'cost' us today but saved a pen and played well by all accounts.

Thompson and Bunney NOWHERE near the starting line-up unless there's a death in the squad.

If we're gonna leak goals from set plays then teams are gonna pick up on this so the least we can do is play attacking football and try and score more goals than the other team. Playing our best player (Hendo) in CM is NOT conducive to attacking football.

[Post edited 22 Aug 2016 12:27]
at 17:26 13 Feb 2016

Joe Bunney?

Is it April already?
Baldy Jurgen?
at 14:56 9 Feb 2016

Now that Mourinho is out of a job, I think maybe we could try and switch from baldy Mourinho to baldy Jurgen.

Klopp and Dortmund just worked for some reason much in the same was as Hill and Rochdale does. Both managers brought players in who were virtual unknowns and ended up selling them on for big bucks. Whilst Klopp doesn't have his own team in place yet, it's fair to say he's struggled after moving from a club where he would have had a job for life (much in the same way KH did when he pissed off).

Both are mavericks, outspoken, opinionated and media darlings to an extent.

Both have the same grey/whitey (no not you) stubble and both have maniacal laughs and smiles.

Both are quite competent in the talking bollocks department (JK does thi with infinitely more charm though).

Can hear it now echoing on the terraces at Sandland v Millwall now.
at 14:38 16 Dec 2015

I suppose this depends on the system we play but assuming we stick with Calvin as our 'striker', (and I use that term loosely) does anyone else think that Henderson should be dropped for a couple of games?

He's been awful since he's come back from injury and is becoming increasingly petulant, something which I think he's gonna cost us quite soon quite similarly to the JOS incident at Swindon.

Would have liked to think that the signing of a new contract would have been a real boost for him and that we'd have reaped the rewards on the pitch but he seems to have regressed if anything. Not sure whether the two happening at similar times is purely coincidental or not.

Martin Ling - MOTM
at 10:45 9 Dec 2015

Swindon's upturn in form has landed Mr Ling a manager of the month nomination and they also had Ajose in the running for POTM.

Does anyone else feel like we get quite unlucky when it comes to the timing of things like this?
[Post edited 9 Dec 2015 11:34]
Hypothetical question..
at 20:11 6 Dec 2015

If the man at the helm right now wasn't KH and hadn't achieved what he's achieved with us, how many would be questioning his position right now?

I'm not talking just about results either. His attitude has always been quite poor towards the fans but the pre and post match comments with regards to today's game have really tickled my pickle and I'm sick of his condescension towards to the fans and to an extent, the club itself.

I don't think it would be unfair to label him tactically inept at this moment in time and tbh his decision making with regards to formations and starting lineups is almost suicidal.

The guy has worked wonders here but he shouldn't be untouchable and exempt from scrutiny. With all of this being said, he is IMO the right man to take us forward but I can't help think that if anyone else was in charge right now, we'd be making some serious noise.

As I've already stated, it isn't so much the results or our current league position but the guy is pretty much mugging us off as supporters and I honestly don't think we'd accept that from anyone else. Is that right?
We need to play our best 11 today.
at 10:35 28 Nov 2015

Eastham HAS to start.
McDermott HAS to start.
Vincenti HAS to start.
Alessandra SHOULD be given a run out.

We've persevered with Bunney for long enough. It's time for something new. Today is almost a must win and the whole squad (including KH) needs a confidence boost. Anything other than a victory today is failure.
If Michael Rose plays CM again
at 18:29 14 Nov 2015

I'm gonna have me missus book KH in for a sesh with her (no she's not a prossie, she's a psychiatrist).

Yes he had a decent game v Swindon but he had all the time in the world in the middle of the park because they were/are shite.

One of the most frustrating things I've ever seen in my time watching football is when someone simply refuses to use their weaker foot and as a result, puts themselves in danger of losing the ball. MR is one of these players. He simply WILL NOT use his right foot, even to trickle it a few yards and it pisses me off.

How many misplaced passes today from Rose? I lost count at 72.


I'm well aware that the majority had an off day but he is garbage. He really is pants.

Don't get me started on Bunney either. I've seen the threads regarding him and they're tame compared to the way I'd be describing his performance.
A lesson in how to burgle three points
at 17:40 19 Sep 2015

We were horrendous today.

Scunny were absolutely all over us first half and we were lucky to go in level at half time.

I'm not harbouring any hopes of us finishing anything better than half way but if we are to 'piss into the playoffs' like the deluded idiots that sat near me today then we have to make wholesale changes to the squad.

McNulty nominated for player of the month?

OK pal.

Character and team spirit
at 22:11 14 Apr 2015

This team has more bottle than any other team I've ever seen.

We could have easily folded after the goals they scored which were close in proximity and let's face it, horrendous goals to concede from our POV.

To fight on until the end and give it a proper go was admirable and refreshing. Swindon were a class outfit tonight but I thought we stood toe to toe with them and gave an excellent account of ourselves.

The players deserved their applause at the end. The large majority were an absolute credit to the club.
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