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NFR - peer pressure, your worst ever music buys
at 09:54 27 Mar 2020

Let’s if this flys or dies.

I was bored enough to look through my albums yesterday and came across an album I only ever played one, as I never really liked the artist. My mates used to rave about Neil Young and truth is I never really got him. But because of my need to be seen as a wide ranging conisssure of music I bought After The Gold Rush. Waste of money but at least my mates thought I had taste.

Mind you this come from the bloke who’s first single purchase was Tie A Yellow Ribbon by Dawn. TRAGIC.

Anyone else willing to fess up a musical mistake.

Dale form best of the bottom half
at 13:51 29 Jan 2020

In an attempt to bring some perspective to recent efforts I checked the last five match form for L1. To my surprise from 15th (Blackpool) down only MK can match our points return.
The manner of recent defeats is a choker, but this is a weird league this year and we are far from alone in struggling to get consistency.
We now have a better set of players available and when you can bring on subs who are not fresh out of the academy we should be able to finish games more strongly.
We are not on the slippery slope yet.
FA Cup Replay v Winter Break Froth
at 18:44 27 Jan 2020

Liverpool et al are taking the p-ss out of the FA when it comes to reply’s. The FA cup used to have multiple replays to achieve a result. Sensibly that changed to just one reply. But now the 4th round reply’s are interfering with the winter break, and the Liverpool aren’t happy. The cup has been around over 100 years and the winter break still requires the use of a future tense. Rip up tradition to suit yourself why don’t you. It’s a bloody disgrace.
The FA need to grow a pairs and I have some suggestions for them.
Agree a club can forgo a reply and concede the tie. Plus pay 300k compensation to their opponents.
Or tell the clubs to be lobby for the European competitions to be returned to knock out only, so players can be rested. No chance of shooting the cash cow mind.
Then Pep is not happy about the Christmas fixtures. This is British football mate! The fans respond positively to several games when many of them are of work and can attend.
I know football is all about the Premier / Europe and nothing else counts,but for those who love the game for itself rather than the riches it brings the behaviour of the few is really starting to hack me off.
[Post edited 27 Jan 18:47]
When is support not really support?
at 11:03 19 Jan 2020

We all went to Wycombe yesterday to support the Dale, but what constitutes support?
The singers support to rouse the other followers and team cannot be doubted.
Me I am quieter these days looking at the set up, making the odd observation to me Dad. I celebrate goals and applaud good play a little.
Yesterday a chap close to me was verbally critical of virtually every passage of play in either attack or defence. I nearly fell of my chair when he conceded a Andrew header on target “was as good as he could have done with that”. He certainly didn’t like Tavares.
Then what about the people pleading, almost angrily for the ball to be moved forward all the time.
Or the person who simple has a completely negative view of a particular player so the player can never do anything right in their eyes.
All these types of supporters bring revenue to the club, and I guess we should be a broad church and all be welcomed. Or should they?
One thing for sure it can be a hard enough watch as it sometimes. If you are viewing through a negative lense I don’t know how those types can bear to turn up week in week out.

Best side we can put out?
at 11:17 6 Jan 2020

It seems so long since we had near full squad to select from I was wonder what people see as our best side going into these scraps against teams around us. I am working on the basis RND, AM & MD are about ready to return. JM and JL are not.

A 442 and bench would look like this for me.


Subs: Lynch, Keohane, Magloire, Matheson, Morley, Tavares

It is good to be able to start wondering who might get the nod in a game, rather than which kids can fill the bench.
Time to offer Hendo a Player/Coach role
at 21:54 3 Jan 2020

My gut feel is that Hendo wants to stay at Spotland. We are probably on our maximum budget with him already. So other than throwing more money at him, what can be do. A reprise of “Here’s to youI Ian Henderson” during every game would not go amiss. But kudos goes along way. If we formally made him a coach with responsibility for forwards, I do think that would resonate with him. He may even relish it. I do not know if by increasing his responsibilities we may even find a few extra quid behind the sofa.
To be honest I would love it if he became part of the Dale “boot room”.
Sandy Lane Nostalgia
at 16:24 22 Dec 2019

Just watched Paint Your Wagon, and it made me nostalgic for the Sandy Lane song set to Wanderin Star. A song that was the best in football in that generation.

I have two questions on it if anyone can help.

Can anyone quote all the words to it, all this time later?


Who can lay claim to having put the words together? Whoever did put it together should be in the Dale Supporters Hall Of Fame.

Loved those days.
Matheson contract
at 11:59 26 Sep 2019

I am ignorant of these and many other things. Noticed he is nearly 17, which is when I think he can be offered a professional contract. I presume when that time comes he can just do a Hoti and say thank but no thanks. Then hawk himself to other clubs. Or he can sign and if his agent is smart he will tie the club to a low sell on price as the cost of getting the signature.
If he can walk to another club on a pro contract do we get any compensation?
Set up against Posh?
at 17:34 13 Sep 2019

YLast season Keith Hill deployed Ollie Rathbone in a man to man marking of Maddison in this fixture, which resulted in both having a reduced influence on the game. This season Maddison is again the heart beat of their side. Should we go with the same tactic or stick to what has been working for us this season?
For me I would go man to man on him, perhaps using Ryan instead of Rathbone, or switch the task as the game developes. It is a mark of how highly I rate the lad. Having seen Dale at Southend I would normally have said more of the same please. But nothing wrong with reusing a tactic which has worked in the past.

I am optimistic that we can get something from the game tomorrow. We always seem to perform decent their.
Bosman Ruling post Brexit
at 15:36 4 Sep 2019

Do not want to kick of a Brexit thread🤪

But can anyone confirm if I am correct on the below.

As we took all existing EU laws into British law a couple of year ago as part of Brexit preparations, the Bosman ruling is here to stay regardless of the political environment. I would expect the PFA to be rightly howling if not. I cannot see how clubs could retain control of players registration like they used to. We wouldn’t be able to attract European talent if the rule no longer applied.
Matty Gilliam to Bolton?
at 10:39 1 Sep 2019

Would not be at all surprised if Keith Hill sought to get him on loan tomorrow. He was the one who gave him the new contract and gave him numerous chances.
Matty just do es not appear to be in BBM’s plans and think this would suit all parties.
Are their other Dale players KH could try to either loan or buy from us. Can’t see any of the match day squad being interested, nor Lillis.
He has a hell of a day on tomorrow.
Wade loan - what now for Lillis
at 20:43 28 Aug 2019

See we have got something sorted to reduce our long position on goalkeepers. Surprised the Wade to Barrow job is only for 2 months but guess we were keen to reduce the numbers, what ever the terms.
If Wade gets men’s football while he is there it will be time we’ll spent.

It leaves the most experienced keeper as the number 3 choice. Can’t see either party being happy with that. From reports to date it will need injuries to both Sanchez and Lynch before Lillis might figure. Even then they might go for another loanee, as his stock seems to have fallen dramatically in just a few months.

Hope for Josh’s sake he soon gets fixed up with a club that will value him.
Southend - Travel Issues
at 15:36 28 Aug 2019

Just been along Victoria Avenue the main artery past the ground and there are road works through onto the A127 out of town. I can’t get any info of ir it will be cleared for the weekend
It’s a bugger to get out off at the best of times. So my tips to avoid frustration less than 2 miles from the ground and to use the back roads to get out are below.

Exit the A127 to the right onto Hoblethick Lane at the Bell Pub crossroads.
At the lights in Hoblethick Lane turn left onto Prittlewell Chase
If you are early enough to park down there then great, better still follow it down to Fairfax Drive, where the away end is, then swing up onto the other side of Prittlewell Chase
Another option is to park in the high school, post code SS0 0RG. Know idea on the cost

Downside is that I think the Blue Boar is the away fans pub and that is the end of the ground.


Avoid Victoria Avenue
Get on Prittlewell Chase.
Turn first right onto Hoblethick Lane
First left onto Carlingford Drive
First right onto Lavender Grove
First Left onto Carlton Avenue
First right onto Colmans Avenue

That leads straight onto the A127

The weather looks set fair and the sun should not get low enough to cause any issues.

Haven’t seen that Southend have sacked Bond as yet. Which is good for him and probably for us. I hate it when clubs bounce against us when they have a changed manager.

Anyway have a safe journey and see you on Saturday. Let’s hope for the same result as last year.

Ping me if you want any more info.

[Post edited 29 Aug 2019 16:57]
EFL - step up to the plate
at 09:58 28 Aug 2019

The EFL used to by a gentleman’s club run for gentlemen with clubs.
However the commercials have changed dramatically over the years, and the governing body has been critically lacking in vision and leadership in the administration of the game.
To assist in restoring the reputation of the league they need to take drastic in house action. I think they now need to have an EFL appointed individual in a non decision making role on every board. With responsibility for approving any documentation produced by the boards.
Financing of such a scheme would need to be sorted, but it may be membership fees where it comes from. I do not see a conflict with an individual being on more than 1 board, especially if clubs are in different divisions.
Unless they do something radical to get behind closed doors of poorly run clubs the league will loose all credibility. The p-ss poor management of numerous clubs has culminated in the worst season I can remember for the stock of football clubs, and particularly the owners.
Something has to change.
Oh dear RND international call up
at 14:59 23 Aug 2019

Great news for the lad himself but not for the Dale and impact on the squad. Sure we have two players who have covered left back regularly. However MD was like a fish out of water their and his confidence got shot to pieces; and Jim can do a job of sorts but the knock on effect that would have isn’t great. I suspect Jordan Williams would move to centre half and Ryan would take the midfield birth. Surely not Delaney stepping in at this stage.
It does expose a weakness but I guess they all have to be squad players.
We certainly don’t have two players for every position.
However we do have 4 keepers and I am surprised that a loan has not been sorted out for either Wade of Lillis, as yet. Collis will be wanting a pay increase. Also I am expecting something in the way of a loan out for Matty Gilliam, given that Tavares has prevented him getting on the been so far.
Ship one out and who know we may get left back cover in.
Who can / should be shipped out on loan
at 13:10 4 Aug 2019

The first match day squad gives a good indication of the pecking order for the season ahead. Given the window doesn’t close until the end of the month who would you like to see loAned out to make room for some new faces. My views:

Lillis - unless he is injured I have no idea what is going on there. If he is still in the mix I would go with two keepers and loan out Wade
Gilliam - not seen much of him, but have not been overwhelmed by him. Would ship him out rather than Tavares who could be anything at this stage
Bradley - if there is an area we are well stocked in it’s midfield. I know he is a first season pro, but with a small squad you cannot have squad members who always watch from the stand
Hooper - similar comment to Bradley; is he part of the plan?
Andrew - I am a fan, think he is better from of the bench than when starting so would keep

Any other views?
Prediction Logged by at 14:51:38
Tranmere Rovers v Rochdale prediction logged
New Bury Boss - Paul Wilkinson
at 13:26 2 Jul 2019

Not many would have predicted the Truro boss would step into the role. Mind you do not envy him. A poison chalice if ever there was one.
Dale games that stick in the memory
at 10:03 7 Jun 2019

A nostalgia thread if you like. Was wondering which matches stick in posters minds, for whatever reason. I’ll put one forward.

The mid week away game in Div 2 against Fulham, who were dominating the league at the time. Dale put eleven behind the ball and virtually defended on the 6 yard box, but with Reeves and Butler that represented our best chance. Fulham absolutely battered us and eventually went one up. The Dale ventured into the attacking half and almost immediately John Deary scored an absolute belter.
Dale then parked the bus again and Fulham’s frustration started to build and erupted into a mass brawl on the Rochdale goal line. As I remember the referee did bugger all and didn’t send anyone off. Dale held on for a draw in one of the most one sided games I have ever seen.
A great feeling of satisfaction from holding a big fish in a great London ground.
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