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Should clubs mandate players to Covid vaccinate?
at 10:58 10 Sep 2021

Have just read Karl Darlow’s piece on the BBC re his time in hospital with Covid. I was surprised that numerous clubs have confirmed some of their players are not vaccinated. Can or should the clubs mandate players to get the jab? This is an interesting one. In normal circumstances you would expect professional sports people to take any reasonable precautions to make sure they can ply their trade and protect their colleagues.
Don’t know the position at Dale but think my stance as an employee would be that if you were contacted prior to vaccines being available then it can remain a choice. However it would be a conditioned of any new contracts the the player is jabbed.
It may be by the beginning of next season this is not such a significant issue in terms of spread but for now I struggle to see why players would be prepared to take a chance with their availability.
Are Dale a decent bet?
at 20:39 6 Sep 2021

Just looked at Oddschecker for the L2 odds. Dale are 40/1 with Bet Victor, 28s with Hills and 25s generally. There must have been some money for Salford because they are best priced 12s.
I think there is reasonable value there given the progress in the last month, both in recruitment and on the field.
Took a bit of 28s and 15/2 to finish in the first 3.
Any thoughts?
Murray Knight supporters trust board appointment
at 11:02 2 Jul 2021

The proper persons stuff is complete and Murray is in.
The very best of luck to you Murray. The path you tread will define this role for a while. I hope you don’t find it to challenging. Rest assured there will be no criticism from this quarter, regardless of of any decisions you make which may concern you about any conflict of interests.

Edit: Just seen another thread started. Suggest any comments go on that one.
[Post edited 2 Jul 11:04]
Signing up for chaos
at 09:29 3 Jun 2021

Although this week has been excellent for the club off the field, I don’t think it will be helpful in terms of restructuring the playing side of the club. Currently we have only 3 directors and a CEO who’s head is in complete turmoil.
The stable and sound base from which good rationale decisions can be made just isn’t there at the moment in my opinion. Agents will be reluctant to recommend us to their clients until the club settles down. Only those who are desperate to get a contract will be looking to us early in the window. While players who were here last year won’t let the off field antics affect any decisions they make, who is going to sanction the spending.
Let’s face it most of us wouldn’t trust DB with a box of cakes any longer. I just hope things settle quickly and DB resigns as CEO. If A suitable replacement is already in the pipeline, we can move forward.
Would dearly love Humphrys to extend his contract and for Lund to sign.
Actually I can do an acting CEO role if that would push things along. Sadly I have the same initials as DB so the conspiracy theorist would have a field day.
Dale Nostalgia
at 14:42 1 Jun 2021

My father passed away recently and I was sorting through his stuff this weekend. I came across a letter from his uncle, I would imagine from the mid to late 50’s. In it he refers to two Dale players, Glover and Gemmill being in the tap room of the Bridge Inn in Castleton, playing crib with him. It suggested one may have been a centre half and the other a forward.
Before my time but I wondered if anyone has any recollects of these two?
Youth alliance final
at 13:11 5 May 2021

Terrible stream but we are one up after 10 mins. Scored in the dark so no idea on the details.
NFR: NFL draft
at 15:39 2 May 2021

What do you make of the draft choices made by your teams.

I think Andrew Barry at the Browns has had a good draft. Concentration on the defensive need rather than best player available.the no 1 pick Greg Newsome as a corner back is perfect. They also picked up a WR with afterburners in Schwartz, which we lacked last year. The average weight of our picks must be one of the lightest in years, but that doesn’t worry me.

They also had an excellent Free Agency, so I am very hopeful for next season. Mind as is often said on this forum it’s the hope that kills you.
A massive week ahead
at 17:55 21 Feb 2021

With games against Northampton and Burton this week is the most important of the season to date. The same is also true of Northampton who’s other game is against Swindon. The nerves will be jangling on Tuesday. Especially as we play 4 of the current top 6 in March.
So what are the implications for the next two games. My view on the potential points haul is:
6 = a real confidence booster going in to some difficult games, but by no means condemns others
4 = same a above but I would prefer a win against Northampton and a draw against Burton
3 = things are still way to tight, especially if the loss is to Burton
2 = short term it could be a holding result but will do nothing for the confidence for what follows
1 & 0 = desperation and I would not expect much in the next month, so bottom two March end.
This week doesn’t define the season as the teams around us are also in dreadful form. Swindon got out of gaol on Saturday, they didn’t play well.
I think we will get some unexpected points in March but a minimum of 4 points this week would just relieve some the pressure on for the month ahead.
Is the above realistic or am I being to optimistic?

Humphrys 80/1 L1 topscorer, value?
at 13:22 5 Feb 2021

Skybet offer 80/1, 1/4 odds ew 123. Think that is more than fair, only 3 players have more than 11 goals. Considering chances of injury I think this could be value.
My account with Skybet is restricted, so I couldn’t get much on, others may have better luck.
Was also tempted at by Dale to win at 14/5. Need to lay down now as never back the Dale.
Panini / Merlin football sticker film
at 11:37 12 Dec 2020

Just watched a really enjoyable programme about the history of this business on ITV 4. If you have a catch up facility or hub you might find it interesting.
Very nostalgic. I remember during the 78 World Cup the neighbour had a business that enabled him to get shed loads of packets daily. He passed them on to me and my brother. I was every kids bestie for a month back then.
Expecting Positive Squad News
at 11:02 7 Oct 2020

I am expectant of either a positive injury update regarding McLaughlin & Ryan or some new bodies being bought in within 48 hours.
BBM said he was hopeful on signing some days ago. So I would expect the club to be able to avoid leaving the bench looking so threadbare again this weekend. Especially playing Accy which can sometimes be a robust game.
I know Lynch is expected back, but that is not the weakness. A short term deal should be achievable. The club have moved on from the time the team coach picked up Jason Taylor at a motorway services on the way to the match with him never having met the players at the time. But we can’t afford to dither waiting for the exact ones on deadline day. Exposing young academy players to the Accy way if not a thought that enthuses me.
How many goals will Newby, Tavares, Done & Baah score?
at 19:00 29 Aug 2020

Chaff’s response to my Port Vale match thread got me wondering what fans may speculate about how many goals the above four will get this season.

So to frame it, those four once they have 100 league and cup appearances between them and not including penalty shoot outs. I realise the strike force may look different shortly but it’s just an opinion tester.
I’ll throw my hat in the ring with 21goals. Just hope there are not many 88th minutes plus subs in the 100 apps.

If it’s less than £15 i’ll chuck a tenner to the McMillan nurses charity.

[Post edited 29 Aug 2020 19:08]
No surprise Campbell leaves Southend
at 15:05 30 Jun 2020

I know Peter V didn’t have a positive word for Sol, but I hope he gets another chance, with a club that isn’t already struggling.

Would be surprised if a well known manager moves in at Roots Hall, they are potless these days. Cannot see them be involved in the top half of L2 next season.

It was mutual consent btw.
Release List Reality Check
at 18:56 20 Jun 2020

Did I at any stage in the last 4 months think that Ian Henderson was definitely going to sign a new contract,no. I Hoped he might but like many speculated I feared he wouldn’t. When time dragged on it seemed less and less likely.
Did I think it was a done deal Callum Camps would stay at Dale given the choice, no. I always suspected that this might be his time to spread his wings.
All the others released I can see a case for it being the right decision. So Covid or not we are sort of where I regrettable expected us to be right in terms of the squad.

Dale now have the largest amount of wage headroom they have probably ever had, admittedly in very challenging times for many clubs. Big pressure on BBM to make signings that can maintain a decent position in the table next season. I live in hope and belief he is the right man to do it.

Since the turn of the century we have rarely been without a very decent striker. We have a nack of unearthing them. A pessimist would say our luck is about to run out, an optimist would say an exciting new challenge lies ahead. I want to be an optimist.


A nod of appreciation for BBM
at 14:52 10 Jun 2020

Now the season has finished its’s an opportunity to assess how BBM has done.

I was not expecting the cuts to the squad to be so deep and for it to carry so many first year pro’s. BBM recruited well at the back a good keeper, a very solid defensive pairing and a very decent left back. Jimmy Ryan also step up when it mattered. The risk of running a small squad was exposed by the horrendous injury list that BBM had to contend with. To the extent that I didn’t even know some of the names that made the bench. Given the circumstances I think he did well overall and his stock has risen with the club and fans.
Sure there are learning curves. The over reliance on the playing out from the back and the propensity of late goals conceded will need to be addressed. But BBM is a smart man and I am sure he can cope with the continuing learning curve.

With the release list imminent and the new dynamics either in or not in play with recruitment now is going to be another test of his metal. He will be a busy boy if he looks at results of the Altman system, which could run to 300 or more potential names. Let’s hope whatever happens he is comfortable with the new arrangements.

I will be happy for him to continue to be in charge next season.

NFR - peer pressure, your worst ever music buys
at 09:54 27 Mar 2020

Let’s if this flys or dies.

I was bored enough to look through my albums yesterday and came across an album I only ever played one, as I never really liked the artist. My mates used to rave about Neil Young and truth is I never really got him. But because of my need to be seen as a wide ranging conisssure of music I bought After The Gold Rush. Waste of money but at least my mates thought I had taste.

Mind you this come from the bloke who’s first single purchase was Tie A Yellow Ribbon by Dawn. TRAGIC.

Anyone else willing to fess up a musical mistake.

Dale form best of the bottom half
at 13:51 29 Jan 2020

In an attempt to bring some perspective to recent efforts I checked the last five match form for L1. To my surprise from 15th (Blackpool) down only MK can match our points return.
The manner of recent defeats is a choker, but this is a weird league this year and we are far from alone in struggling to get consistency.
We now have a better set of players available and when you can bring on subs who are not fresh out of the academy we should be able to finish games more strongly.
We are not on the slippery slope yet.
FA Cup Replay v Winter Break Froth
at 18:44 27 Jan 2020

Liverpool et al are taking the p-ss out of the FA when it comes to reply’s. The FA cup used to have multiple replays to achieve a result. Sensibly that changed to just one reply. But now the 4th round reply’s are interfering with the winter break, and the Liverpool aren’t happy. The cup has been around over 100 years and the winter break still requires the use of a future tense. Rip up tradition to suit yourself why don’t you. It’s a bloody disgrace.
The FA need to grow a pairs and I have some suggestions for them.
Agree a club can forgo a reply and concede the tie. Plus pay 300k compensation to their opponents.
Or tell the clubs to be lobby for the European competitions to be returned to knock out only, so players can be rested. No chance of shooting the cash cow mind.
Then Pep is not happy about the Christmas fixtures. This is British football mate! The fans respond positively to several games when many of them are of work and can attend.
I know football is all about the Premier / Europe and nothing else counts,but for those who love the game for itself rather than the riches it brings the behaviour of the few is really starting to hack me off.
[Post edited 27 Jan 2020 18:47]
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