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at 15:15 12 Feb 2020

I hear a fair few people saying they are bored at watching The Dale and wish we tried to push on.
Id like to add a bit of perspective to this.
If you looked right now at the championship table the league positions match identically the average attendance, so its fair to say that gate size does matter, the lowest average attendances belongs to Wigan and Luton at 10,000 each.
We find ourselves in the same division as former Premier league side.
Sunderland, Portsmouth, ipswich and Bolton. How are those fans feeling.
Mk Dons Lincoln, Rotherham, Blackpool, Docaster, Oxford, Bristol Rovers, Peterborough, Tranmere all double our gate. Every right too better expectations than us.
League two we have.
Former prem team Bradford City. Ave 14,000
Big city club Plymouth. Ave 10,000.
16 clubs have better attendances than us.
National league.
We have seen off.
Notts County, Stockport (should we have followed their model) Chesterfield , Hartlepool, Yeovil, Torquay, Barnet.
Further down the pyramid, York city, Hereford, Chester, Darlington, Boston. Scarborough. Many of these worked on the same financial restraints as us.
And then of course there is Bury.
We own our own ground.
We will never compete on a level wage base so will not attract the same level of player.
Any good player we produce/ find are only with us until a better offer comes along. With the odd exception. We have to accept the broken toys, the injury prone, the over the hill as the sort of players we attract, we are lucky to have a fantastic academy that produces players we can sell.
We are achieving good cup runs which help with the running of the club.
We are in a catch 22, spend money, attract better players and maybe get success, but what if it doesnt work? Too what level can we do this, as a club who sees 4000 home fans as a success.
I wonder if anyone can give a plan to how we achieve a better situation than we have now, without risking the very life of the club.
Its not always exciting being a Dale fan these days but there is a good calm about it and who would have thought as we left the Rochdale division we would now be finding league one boring, i think that is an achievement in itself

Facebook page
at 21:49 23 Nov 2019

Anyone know who the moderators of the AFC appreciation group are, looks like i may have been booted out and would be nice to know why
you will be a FAN my feiend
at 15:16 15 Jan 2013

If you can stay with your team through triumph and disaster and treat these two
Imposters the same
If you can support the boss instead of calling for his name
If you can share the responsibility instead looking for someone to blame
If you can back the board and trust they will do their best, yet question their decisions and put them to the test
If you can concentrate solely on your own and not care about the rest
If you can proudly kiss the badge you wear upon your breast
If you can express your joy and even shed a tear, and sing aloud without fear, and keep attending games even when relegation is near.
If you can do all this and expect no reward
You will be a FAN my friend
Wheres the sense
at 22:21 12 Jan 2013

I find a lot of the stuff on here a bit bewildering at the moment, we seem to have some very passionte fans and very sensible in their views.
It is now being said that the board would be happy to see the Dale go into non league, i rea about how worried people are about the future, how we have no say in the running of the club, i read about the low attendances and how these attendances are making it impossible for us to compete.

Lots of passion and worry from our loyal fans> What i dont understand is after all this i read i then read that people will not be renewing their season tickets, well that will help. Chairmen, managers, players, they come and go, its only the fans that stick it out and see the good times nd the bad times.

Not renewing your season ticket or boycotting the club surely only puts you in the same boat as those who dont care about the club.

Keep the faith, it was used a lot in Hillys reign, but it was easy then, surely now is the time we need to keep the faith, surely now is when The Dale need you the most.

Its a moment in our history that we will want to forget, but its been a whole lot worse and we survived an its only wth the fans help that we will contnue to survive.
its only four points
at 19:57 21 Jan 2012

Looking on the brightside, we are just about as bad as we can possibly get, if coleman comes in things will surely improve, we must believe that, and despite a season of many changes, upheaval and poor performances we are only four points from safety.

So lets keep the faith.
Replacing players
at 13:01 12 Dec 2011

How do you replace players with the class of Dawson (15 goals from centre half), and O'Grady who was to many the finest front man we have seen at Dale. Along with several others who helped Dale to a wonderful season last year. This is what the new man had to do and with no real time to do it. Easy isnt it.

This Messageboard
at 21:47 12 Nov 2011

I used to love this messageboard, it used to be a great source of information for someone an exile like me. Now its just full of over the top madness, and so many threads about the same stuff. The smallest mistake in punctuation gets crucified. And now it is lets beat the manager time.
A new manager who lost one of the most important and influential players i've had the pleasure of seeing in Chris O Grady, along with other important players. Give to that the dreaded second season syndrome and the loss of our most successful manager. Yet everyone expects the club to just go along as if nothing has happened. Reality check needed i think, if there is one thing this club needs right now its a togetherness from club, players and fans alike. I lived in Rochdale during the dark days of the club and if anyone thinks it's bad now then they either have very short memories are at an age where they can't appreciate the strides made recently. Yeah its a struggle at the moment but it has been a lot worse, give the man a chance, and if he fails then our division awaits our return and on we go, together.
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