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Ryan Fraser
at 15:01 9 Jul 2024

I know I should know and I may have missed it when I was on holiday, but has Ryan Fraser been made permanent at Saints or is still awaiting an outcome? I know Downes is still up in the air.
Am I odd?????
at 09:05 29 May 2024 most people that know me would respond with a resounding yes and probably people on here who put up with my various missives from me on anything Saints and football would not argue with that too much, but.................

in this case am I odd in still feeling on cloud 9 over Sunday and it being one of the best footballing days in decades of following Saints, but (and here is the negative) I cannot get excited about being in the Premier League? I wanted to win, I loved the experience and the joy it brought and that can never be taken away, but no matter how I try I just cannot warm to the PL. The thought of attending games with little or no hope of winning, or dodgy VAR decisions or indecisions and the soap opera that goes with the PL, the tourist fans and diluted support as a result, etc.
A day in my life to never forget.
at 23:31 26 May 2024

A day in my life I will never forget. All the disappointment, the pain, the lows makes these rare days all the sweeter.

I am still speechless. I have no idea who played well and who didn't, it was all too tense but it was just a fantastic team performance and the support out of this world.

I have had mixed feelings about our manager but congratulations to him for sticking to it.

I have enjoyed the championship and some great days out but today was something special.
Have Leeds fans been able to get tickets in the Southampton end?
at 22:49 20 May 2024

It may be rubbish but as I live and work in and around York quite a number of Leeds fans are boasting that they have purchased tickets through Southampton and have supposedly shown their purchases on-line (with some bits erased). As much as I am looking forward to the final I do have a gut feeling that there could be trouble - they are certainly upping the anti up here.
WBA and Norwich
at 09:38 11 May 2024

So much of the playoffs appears to be centred around an all Leeds Utd Vs Southampton final at Wembley (certainly from the media). WBA and Norwich go into this with no expectation hanging over them, except may be from their own fans. WBA has barely been mentioned as a threat, yet at St Marys they could quite easily have won and were as good as us and were a real match. True, we gave a very professional performance at WBA but they seem to suffer from their manager being sent to the stands - I doubt that will happen again.

I just hope we do not go into this complacent or with any sense of entitlement. WBA are a good side and in one off games they are just as capable as winning as we are and away and at home we will need to be at our best and professional from beginning to end.
Cardiff City supposed injury crisis. Can we not........
at 12:50 19 Apr 2024

........have any of that attitude that all we have to do is turn up because the opposition have an alleged injury crisis.

I have lost count over the years of opposition teams that are supposedly struggling to put together a team to play due to an injury crisis only for us to lose 1-0. I don't want us to care who is playing for Cardiff we have to play to win and win well if possible irrespective of who is in their squad.
Truly dire experience yesterday
at 09:10 7 Apr 2024

I have been to alot of games this year, home and away - but more away. In a season that I have mostly enjoyed 3 away games stand out as being awful - Sunderland away, Huddersfield away and yesterday. At least Sunderland away you have to say Sunderland were good on that day but what we had yesterday were 2 very poor teams playing as if it was a meaningless end of season game with nothing riding on it. If our intention was to keep a clean sheet and just not losing then in that respect I guess we succeeded but my god, it was dire and painful to watch.

It would be difficult to pick out someone that played well as no one did. Not one of our players had a good game or even looked like having a good game. Even the players that you could once rely on barely broke sweat. Edozie when he came on seemed to be the only one prepared to put some effort in. Bazunu had a quiet uneventful day which given his recent record is something, but only because Rovers were as toothless as we were. 4 attempts in total on goal between the 2 sides - one of ours did actually hit the bar!

Playoffs is more or less certain but if we truly think we will get anything playing like that or recently then we may as well not bother. Teams that may not have the supposed quality that we have (though I am getting tired of us saying we have a good team on paper because they are not showing it at all) will fight and give their all and get around our boring, dull and insipid tippy tappy possession, going nowhere football.

I don't know what has gone wrong but we just look a team that has lost its way, no passion, no fight, no direction. Even Frazer looks a shadow of the person he was a little while ago. We were awful on the left and what is the point of crossing high and wide
out to the wings when we have a player is about 5ft tall? Smallbone when he came on was awful - his corners - not one got past the first man and one of his corners actually allowed Rovers to make a run towards our goal. Aribo tried but to little effect. Our midfield offered little anything as an inspiration and there was no creativity or imagination. No one seemed to want to have a go..

There was a thread earlier in the week of people being tired of football and Saints and yesterday I felt that. I am tired of us as a team be it under this manager or previous ones losing their way and being unable to motivate and create a team that fights to the end. I can cope with losing if we have tried but where was the effort yesterday?

A day wasted to be honest. The trip to the ground was good and the locals appeared friendly. I was tempted to boo at the end - I didn't, but I didn't wait around to clap when the team gave nothing deserved nothing back in my view.
Wales Playoff
at 23:22 25 Mar 2024

This is maybe a dumb question and I am sure it is obvious somewhere, but how come the Wales Playoff semi and final is single legged played in Wales and not two legged in both countries?
Yellow/Red cards so far
at 13:51 25 Mar 2024

This surprised me. Joint top on yellows:-

The dirtiest Championship Teams this season:
1️⃣ Sheff Wed - 86🟨 5🟥
2️⃣ Stoke City - 88🟨 3🟥
3️⃣ QPR - 84🟨 4🟥
4️⃣ Watford - 86🟨 3🟥
5️⃣ Southampton - 88 🟨 2🟥
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