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Another week passes of.......
at 22:51 14 Nov 2019

inaction by the owners of the club.

Yes, Nick can write articles about the nasty fans and how the owner cannot be blamed for anything. But, following the debacle against Leicester City the luke warm iterations that came out about potential suitors for the DoF position and a shake up at coaching level etc have gone as cold as a bad crime thriller. But, to date, unless I have slept and missed it, we are today the same place we were a week ago and a week before that. I am not sure what rates as urgent in the boardroom of Saints but clearly they do not see the clubs demise as urgent.

The owners/board think we are stupid, that a little time has now passed since that horror of a result and the performance against Everton and that we will have put it aside, moved on, even forgotten about it.

There cannot be any doubt that these delays to fill and recruit for these posts is all part of a method to reduce the salary bill, keep costs down and see if we can get by. I am not close enough to know whether the club is in a serious financial situation, but they are acting as if they are - trying to survive on a shoestring.

The owner of this site often questions the commitment of the fans, but where is the real commitment of the owners to sort out the issues and Ralph may well ask, where is their commitment to help support him? Words are cheap, actions count. The silence from the owners and the board has been deafening and I have to say, the local media has been little better with lame articles and very little substance. We don't know what the owner or board real intentions are, or what they intend to do and even more importantly when, because they say nothing. They hide away, keep low and they seem detached and far removed from the club and out of arms length to facing the music.

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Alot of work for the board to do in this mini-break
at 20:05 10 Nov 2019

Though I think relegation is all but a formality, the board need to work hard to remedy some of the issues during this mini-break. No more rumours about Saints being interested in this person or that person. The DoF, Ralph's right hand man (assuming Ralph is staying), Raidi's replacement all need to be resolved before our next home game. It may not change the outcome of that game or the season but if the Board don't know now or don't get it now, then they never will - they need to act and act positively and with vigour. No more hesitation, dithering, etc, etc, just get a grip and sort it out and if you aren't, then get out.

No team should be going through the pain of sorting out off field issues, coaching staff etc once a season has started, it should all have been in place before the start of it. I think the lack of action and people leaving in the midst of a season and games has had such a negative impact on our manager and the team.
No idea where we go from here
at 22:03 9 Nov 2019

Marcus Liebherr and Nicola Cortese built us back up and gave us hope. His daughter and Gao taketh away.

I am completely at a loss at what we are going to do or how we get out of this mess as I now believe it is in every sinew of the club's being. Rotten to the core, on and off the field. I saw nothing today (except for may be a few minutes in the 2nd half) that the players really wanted to put right the wrongs of the previous home game. Ralph looks beaten and seems bereft of ideas to be able to turn it around. We can change the manager but if we do, what will it really change? How many managers and coaches can we go through?

There are a ton of questions as to why we are in this situation and yet those in charge are so far away and so unwilling to be available to answer them and even less so, prepared to do anything to do the right thing. Daily Echo, if you truly want to represent us, then you need shout loud and really get into the minds and the being of those that are supposedly in charge of our club. They cannot be allowed to hide.

I am not sure I can really bring myself to go to another game whilst this mess continues.
It says something.............
at 22:46 29 Oct 2019

and shows how far we and my expectations have fallen, when I feel mildly satisfied with a 3-1 defeat.

I feel a 5-1 defeat at the weekend is on the cards though.
What we must not do..............
at 20:24 26 Oct 2019

is let all the ills of the club of which there are very many, be an excuse or a get out for the stinking rotten attitude of the players last night. They capitulated and threw the towel in plain and simple and there are absolutely no excuses for that. There are many things I disagree about my employer and even when I was faced with redundancy, I worked my socks off to the end.

At some point, these players will move on and take their money as they are doing now. We fans have to suffer this result for ever. It will never be forgotten and how many times will our noses be rubbed into it? How many times have I seen that flippin' film of when Leeds Utd took the p*ss out of us with something like 21 passes untouched? - never been forgotten.

As I have said in previous posts, there is alot rotten with the club at board and management level and even in the basic running of the club (witness the various fiasco's this summer), but when those players cross that white line, they know their jobs and for too long now, too many have not been doing it and last night they reached the bottom of their stinking barrel.
A weekend to almost forget.
at 21:59 7 Oct 2019

Back in York following my weekend down south to take in the Chelsea game.

I don't think there is anything I can say about the game that has already not been said. It was a complete and utter shambles and for me, watching from the stands, it wasn't just the farce of the first half errors, but it was the apparent lack of fight when they came out in the 2nd half. I saw nothing, absolutely nothing to suggest they were going to make any real effort or attempt to get back into the game or give the home fans some hope, something to hang onto. Even more bewildering, was the length of time it took to bring the subs on.

I don't think one single player came out of that game with much credit, say may be Ings for some effort and Romeu for not giving up and although he played his part in the errors (though no less than the others) Yoshida who you could see was desperate to the last ditch to avoid that goal. In fact, I am not sure how he has been solely blamed for it, since Prowse started the problem and Gunn (who was truly awful) was out of position in no man's land. Prowse and Hojberg were woeful in midfield. There was no urgency, no pace, no movement.

Chelsea were everything we were not - structured, organized, working as a team, committed and enjoying themselves. We make excuses about our new players needing time - we never had time in the first place, we needed them up and running and staying fit from the off. Mason Mount has adjusted quick, Timmo Pukki adjusted quick, Longstaff brothers have adjusted quick, Daniel James has adjusted quick - so why can't ours? Chelsea were on the ball quick, when they lost it, they won it back and their passes were incisive.

I honestly don't know where we go from here. The failure to deal with the defensive issue since Fonte left has been gross negligence on the part of the club, but as bad as we are at the back we seem to have almost as many problems in the other areas. An ineffective and powder puff midfield and attack. In the summer, people were saying, we may concede a lot but we should score a lot - well we are not even doing the latter when the opportunity arises.

But, I think the issues on the field are just one aspect of what is wrong with the club. As I walked to the ground with my brothers and arrived at the stadium, it was noticeable how quiet it was - we could have been going to a church without a choir. There was no anticipation, excitement or atmosphere. Sat in the stands even before the game started and as the players came out, there was virtually no singing, no atmosphere from the home fans - polite ineffective applause. It is as if, the whole St Marys has become some sanitised shadow of what the club used to be. It is like the last few years in the PL has drained it of everything that being Saints once was. The spirit of Southampton appears to have been swept away with the last outgoing tide into the Solent. Cortese was far from perfect, but he did have a vision and a idea of how or what he thought we could do or be. This crowd in charge now, have and are draining the club in everything but name - or so it feels.

I have my ticket for Wolves, but beyond that, I am not sure. Money is not earned easily. I probably will keep going because I am a hypocrite and you just hope that at some point it will change. B/stoke Saint said on a thread that he was tired of this annual on and off field issues - he echoes the feeling of many, I am sure.

I am sorry that this is such a negative post. Yesterday, I was not just disappointed with the result, I was angry and frustrated with the whole experience. I cannot help but feel that Kat Liebherr has let her Father down and more so the club, not least by selling what she had in the manner she has to an owner who simply doesn't seem to care. Rather than build on her Father's legacy, even accepting she wanted out (which I understood), it was incumbent on her to do the right thing, but on the face of it, it appears her decisions have undone it.

A slight glimmer, may be, is that RH has 2 weeks to try and resurrect something. But does he have it in him and do the players want it? Time will tell.
A couple of days back home
at 10:35 5 Oct 2019

Leaving for the drive from York down south this afternoon to take in the game tomorrow and then back up on Monday. Looking forward to the short break from work and hoping, rather than expecting, a home win for a change. It should be an entertaining game. Realistically, I can only see a Chelsea win but really hoping that that prediction is as wrong as I usually am with predictions.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Opportunities missed with supposed top 6
at 10:52 1 Oct 2019

Just an observation -

This season we played Liverpool when they were slightly off their game. We had a chance for at least a point and came away with nothing.

In the second half against Man Utd, we were by far the better side (accepting that Man U were the better side in the first half). We had several chances to win it and ended up with only a point. I would also suggest Man U, contrary to my title are at the moment, a long way off being a top 6 side.

Against Spurs away, who are never easy, we had plenty of possession, they were down to 10 men and yet no cutting edge and came away with nothing.

All in all, one point from a possible 9 when you have to say, that arguably we played them all, when they were all beatable - though I reluctantly concede that this year Liverpool have that something that says, even on an off day, they are showing they can dig in and eke out a positive result.

If we are unable to beat any of these sides when they are not on top of their game, then it really suggests we are a long way from being a good PL team.

Obviously it is not a must win game by a long way, but to get some confidence back, we really do need a special performance against Chelsea and RH to get his team selection and tactics right and hopefully resolve his backroom issues - if he has them.
Could be stuck on 7 points for a while.........
at 22:49 20 Sep 2019

We really needed that win tonight because you would have to say, it looks highly unlikely we will get any points against Spurs or Chelsea. Following that it is Wolves and whilst they have had a poor start you just know they will break it against us. After that I believe it is Leicester and Man City!

Many of our fans, me included many times, have lauded the Ralph Hassenhuttl effect, but tonight and against the first half at Sheff Utd he has got his team and tactics wrong. At Sheff he got away with it, tonight, he did not. We cannot even complain of decisions going against us, because so far VAR has worked in our favour.

What I am really not getting is this:-

- why the repeatedly poor first half of games?
- why, no matter who we put up front, are we so impotent?

We have all covered our issues in defence for several windows now and tonight it was shocking at times. It seems that even RH hasn't got a clue what combination to put there, but I feel, for as unreliable as they all are, he needs to settle on some sort of combination and not keep swapping it around - though he seems settled on Vestergaard and that bewilders me (I appreciate, I am in danger of contradicting myself here). But, for the life of me and I suspect everyone on here, why oh why have we allowed this defensive issue and lack of investment to continue window after window. Whatever small steps we have made are in danger of being erased by this negligence.

As poor as we are at the back, we are equally as poor up front. Harry Wilson not a PL player before this season has scored 3 goals in 5 games. Timo Pukki for Norwich, new to the PL has scored in virtually every game so far, Mason Mountford for Chelsea and James Daniel for Man U, new to the PL have shown that they know where the net is, yet, no matter, who we put up front, experienced or new, seem to become totally goal-shy.

Nick goes on about Captains and leaders and he is right - tonight, in a number of positions, we did not have one, whereas in Bournemouth there was noticeably several. Bournemouth were second best in the second half and we were the better side then. The first half cost us because we were a shambles, the second half cost us, because we can't seem to find the net.

Our home record, whichever way you look at, under several managers now, is truly awful.

As much as I enjoyed last weeks game and result at Sheff, I did feel the result papered over the on-going issues and I also feel Ralph needs to be careful not to become arrogant and blinded by hype.
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