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Players out on loan
at 22:11 7 Feb 2019

I appreciate that I do not know the rules or anything around a lot of football and what I did know years ago have moved on, but my recollection years ago that when you used to loan players out you could recall them at anytime, and yet, I have not seen us do that for sometime.

Is it a case now that once you have loaned out a player it is for an agreed period/set time and in that period you cannot recall the player? As if you can recall them back, why would we not consider recalling Carillo and Boufal given our limited options up front and also given that RH has not seen them play (at least not in a Saints shirt).
at 21:50 7 Feb 2019

So, what is the current state of play with Lemina? Apologies in advance if this has been mentioned somewhere and was covered in the conference, but I have not seen or heard it?
My personal take on yesterday's game.
at 13:11 3 Feb 2019

I avoided the temptation to write a piece after arriving home from the game (a relatively close one for me) because I felt very annoyed at the manner in which we managed to throw away 2 of the 3 points that were agonisingly close to achieving and I suspected my piece would have been based on raw banal emotion rather than balanced thinking. Next day, and I suppose I still feel disappointed but a couple of drinks and a sleep has deadened the anger at least - though I am not sure that my piece will be any less banal or as Kennington would put it - a sign of some mental problem.

On a previous thread on Friday I mentioned that I had never enjoyed a visit to Burnley and though the result was close to overcoming some of that, in the end I cannot help feeling that Burnley is one of the least favourite places I like visiting, their football, their fans and some of their players. But, I suppose subjectively, a draw was the right result, but the frustration of what 3 points could have done and would have done and taken off some of the pressure of playing Cardiff next week cannot be ignored. Cardiff at home, is now another critical game because anything less than a win will make the 3 games where we hoped to get at least 6 points a pretty poor return against average opposition.

Burnley are not great. They rarely are and for the most part we dealt with them well. Our defence worked well together and we had our chances to build on the 1-0 lead (another case of not finishing teams off - which seems an inherent problem with Saints for a few seasons now). Redmond was key again. Slattery, I thought, overall, had not a bad game and there is something about him. I think he could prove to be an asset, the more game time he gets.

Having now seen it several times, probably Burnley should have had a penalty when Barnes went over McCarthy. Though equally, the inconsistency of the officials were highlighted for the manner in which Barnes went in the face of the official, whereas Zaha arguably got sent off for less. All that said, I thought McCarthy had a better game, though, he does not fill me with total confidence and I know there is an element of luck when penalties are taken, but he seems completely static. But, he was more assured than he had been in recent games.

The vocal support was good and there is stoicism and some backbone in our team that was not there in the past. But, why oh why, can we not cut out the silly errors, the poor decisions and the same old mistakes, and regrettably it is the so called experienced players that seem to do it? Why did Long not use the ball more wisely to wind down the clock when he had the opportunity? Why did Stephens in those last few seconds do what he did, when in truth, he had had a pretty solid game until then? These 2 are experienced players now, they should not be naieve.

Ings - a great player when he is on form and fit, but he is too much of a liability injury wise and I don't know what the agreement is with Liverpool, but we need to think twice about taking a player on permanently who is so vulnerable to his body giving out on him.

We really need to win next week, but for all the recent improvements in our game and the improved desire to fight for every point, I am afraid, that because of our constant ability to shoot ourselves in the foot and not take teams to the sword and because of the endless errors and lack of anticipation in our play, I think we will be in the mix until the end of the season.

As for RH. I think Sonicboom put it earlier this week - there are some aspects that make the more considered not be completely convinced. There are times when our play has not progressed (but is it fair to expect it to have done). I would prefer if he kept his more critical views of his players out of the limelight of the media. I am not saying he is not right - he probably is, but keep some of it behind closed doors. I hope he can get us through this season and certainly he has injected some fight, passion, never say die attitude and some players have shown positive improvement under him - JWP, Redmond, Romeu. I am looking forward to seeing RH progressing the team, developing the youth and introducing them into the first team and having a summer to build the team into an exciting outfit (board support permitting of course).

A point at Burnley would have been good had we won in mid-week. It will still be good if we win next week, but the disappointment of being so close to it being 3 points cannot be forgotten.
Strangely positive about tonights result
at 23:10 30 Jan 2019

I know we did not play well tonight but because we managed to claw and scrap for a draw I actually feel quite positive about that result, because in the recent past, I feel that we would not have come out of a game like that with anything except a depressing result. We have to put in a better performance than that in our up and coming games but Crystal Palace are no mugs and have had some excellent results of late.
FA Cup this year
at 17:01 29 Jan 2019

After last nights draw and since Chelsea and Man U play each other in the next round, alot of clubs in the PL and Championship that rarely win a trophy or get to a final must be thinking what may have been and "if only". It is the best chance for anyone that is outside the top 6 to get to a final, recognising of course that Chelsea, Man U and Man C are still in the competition.

Can you imagine the pain for us if it turns out to be a Brighton Vs Pompey final?

Well that is that
at 22:35 16 Jan 2019

Our poor home record of wins at home continues and throws away a lead again. An entertaining game and both sides gave it their all, but we were pretty poor at times in our passing etc. We really did not look like the PL. Regrettably, Derby County deserved it overall. I would have been annoyed had we had that first goal ruled out for off-side. That said, it was a good cup tie and at least both teams put in effort.

Wasted opportunity to be honest especially when you think who the opposition is in the next round.

Hope the extra time does not impact us for the weekend. Our home form though - really is dreadful - and our ability to hold onto a lead.
at 22:10 16 Jan 2019

Seems to be a good spirit, respect and commaraderie between both sets of players, which is unusual these days.

Been an entertaining game after a poor first half but couldn't call it to be honest. You couldn't tell which is the PL side to be honest. Both sides to be fair have gone for it.
Our old friend Nigel Adkins
at 19:49 13 Jan 2019

I appreciate this thread is not directly Saints related.

Living only 22 miles west of Hull, I show a passing interest in theirs and our ex manager fortunes and our old friend Nigel Adkins is doing a superb job. Languishing near the bottom of the championship he has got them playing good football and now in the upper end of the league. I don't think they will challenge for promotion but he has turned them around. The style is reminiscent of the football he had us playing.

I have seen a couple of their games and we would do well to pass an eye on Jason Bowen. He looks a real prospect. Pleased for Nigel Adkins. A very decent dignified man and has still retained his humility.
Putting the hope back in our youngsters
at 21:10 12 Jan 2019

Despite my age, I have always been a great believer in the youth of our country and giving them hope and belief. They are the foundation to everything and the future whatever field or walk of life that may be. Mixing youth with experience, which Lawrie Mc was very good at doing has often proved to be a cocktail for success.

One of the greatest pleasures I have got from our new manager, is that he is putting the hope and belief back into our youngsters and academy. How must they now be feeling that after 3 managers who never even seem to give them a glance (and to be honest, neither did Koeman) that there is someone at the helm of the first team who is willing to give them a try and a chance and a bit of belief?

Valery may not have had his best day today but I am sure he will learn from it as will the other youngsters. Could we be developing our own Saint babes (Busby Babes)?
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