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Yoshida and Wigan
at 13:10 1 Jul 2020

I see Yoshida has now officially ended his contract with Saints and sent quite a nice message.

I appreciate that some on here never rated Maya at all and I am not pretending he was the best defender that we had ever seen, but I sincerely wish him well. As far as I am concerned he was a good loyal servant to the club. He never complained, was prepared to fill in anywhere and did his best for the team and the club as a whole and during and since his time with us he has maintained dignity, loyalty and integrity throughout.

On a completely separate and different issue, I see Wigan Athletic have gone into administration. It does not seem that long ago that they were in the PL and FA Cup. How quickly fortunes can change.
On a poor run, got any players who have not scored for a while......
at 20:10 25 Jun 2020

......... then come to St Marys where we can help you get rid of all your woes. Struggling - don't worry, we will gift you a goal, can't score - don't worry we will help you. St Marys the place that likes to welcome visitors with gifts aplenty.
How are we all feeling about the restart of the season?
at 23:12 13 Jun 2020

I will be honest, I have actually not missed football during this period and had kind of resigned myself to the season not restarting or not even bothered whether it did or not.

Now that it is, I cannot say I feel any sense of excitement and I have mixed views whether it should be restarting, but I am more apprehensive about how we will perform because we still need some precious points. Why do I feel like that? For several reasons really. It is like the season starting again, but we are traditionally slow starters and we cannot afford to be. Whenever there have been breaks we have not done that well and tended to be rusty - again we cannot afford to be. We seemed to be on another wobble before the break, I just hope there will not be complacency. Talk of Hojbergs situation will not help when we still need every player to get us across the line.

Teams that were struggling before the break have had a chance to re-group and get injuries out of the way. Then there is the opposition that they will play. If they play each other then both teams will go out, but will teams that are safe with players indifferent if they are safe be bothered to offer that much opposition.

I appreciate that this is a pessimistic view, because we may come out all guns blazing and set the PL in these remaining games. It is just that is is Saints. We don't do easy.
Difficult to see when fans will next be able to attend matches
at 22:31 22 Apr 2020

Listening to the CMO Chris Whitty who seemed to be saying today that forms of social distancing are going to have to continue for the calendar year at least, it is difficult to see when or how fans will be able to attend matches again or for that matter any spectator sport.

For this current season, I am afraid I am coming to the view that this season needs to be scratched. If they attempt to play the remainder behind closed doors can we seriously expect hardened fans not to stay away even if played at a neutral ground. Can you imagine an important relegation game where the result really matters and fans of either side gather outside which would be a recipe for poor behaviour at a time when the emergency services can ill afford to provide resources to manage it. I appreciate that my view is probably not shared by many but all options seems beset by hurdles with consequences. All that said, I suspect sport is very low on the Govt radar if at all.
The Big Match on BT Sport
at 15:58 29 Mar 2020

Dear all,

Hope you are all doing well and looking after yourselves and your families at this time.

Apologies if there has been a thread on this already, but just watched the Big Match which they are re-showing on BT sport. People of my age and era will remember this well as it used to be on a Sunday afternoon usually. Anyway, just seen Southampton Vs Fulham in the 76/77 season. Best played and Marsh for Fulham the former sent off for colourful language. Listening to the vocal support of "oh when the saints..." and how the Saints seemed more partisan then.

Dare I say, at the risk of sounding like an old nostalgic fuddy duddy, but the football experience seemed much better before the PL came onto the scene. I didn't realise that the 76/77 season was the first season that yellow and red cards were used.

Anyway, take care everyone.
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