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71 points lost from a winning position under Ralph!
at 17:55 4 Dec 2021

I had no idea about this until John Murray just mentioned it on Radio 5 - since Ralph was appointed manager we have lost 71 points from a winning position. The highest of any league manager (though I am not sure whether that is current or ever!).

Not sure what this says and people more adept at football analysis can probably make better sense of it than me but whichever way you look at it, that is an appalling statistic. I know he cannot legislate for the stupidity of some of our players though when you keep picking them or have no choice but to pick them then the buck still stops with the manager.
Weekly pre-match press conferences
at 13:39 25 Nov 2021

Started to watch some of Ralph's press conference and gave up as they more or less ask the same banal questions every week when arguably there are so many questions that need answering but it feels like everyone avoids it. Mine would be:-

- why is that we have one of the worst records of losing from a winning position?
- why is it that once we go behind we rarely go on to turn the game around and win or even look like winning? is it physical, mental or tactical issues?
- why is it we can only seem to play for 45 minutes?
- why is it that our conversion rate of goals to chances is so poor - what the hell happens in training?
- when are you going to sort out the goalkeeping problem?
- why do you persist in bringing on Walcott?
- why has the club been putting out PR this week about being proud of the numbers of goals scored when our conversion rate is so poor and we have just lost to the bottom club. Is this reflective of a malaise and low expectation within the team and club?

Timewasting in football
at 10:48 20 Nov 2021

Make of what you will of stats etc but if this is anything to go by we are the third worst for time wasting. I know we are not averse to it, but I would have thought Burnley would have been below us.

I must admit, it has felt timewasting has become worse in games and officials rarely really deal with it. May be they need to bring something in of so many seconds to take a free kick or it gets reversed the other way!

Watford - Claudio Vs Ralph
at 13:05 25 Oct 2021

A week or so ago I would have been relatively optimistic against our upcoming fixture this Saturday in Watford - now I am not so sure.

But, Claudio Ranieri is a wry tactically astute manager who seems to know how to get his teams to unsettle opponents. Does Ralph have it in him to tactically out manoeuvre Claudio?

Anyway, I have my ticket for the game and we will see if that Leeds win was just a mere blip of sunshine.
Angry with SFC/Sky or whoever
at 13:42 23 Sep 2021

I have just heard that the Villa game has been moved to Friday.

So I decided to purchase tickets for Leeds and Villa because they went on sale. Booked a long weekend to travel down south. Organised an evening for Friday 5th with former work colleagues who I have not seen for a while, booked a premier inn in Southampton for Saturday night only to now find the date has now changed for the game.

Why? why sell tickets that far in advance if there is a chance that the date may be changed or why not say to Sky it is too late to change as we have already committed to Saturday 6th and we have sold tickets on that basis. Is the club at fault for selling the tickets too early? Whoever is at fault I am pi**ed off. It will make me think twice about purchasing tickets that far in advance.

Nick will go on about supporting the club but what about the club supporting their supporters?
at 13:04 16 Sep 2021

....urging City fans to come on Saturday because he regards us as dangerous. Streuth, what has he been watching! We haven't been dangerous in years - except to ourselves!

It does make me smirk that these teams with huge wealth and depth and quality of squad with boundless money still go on about being tired and having to play twice a week and that despite their success their fans stay away!

Then we will have the post match comment from Pep (having beaten us) about how nice a team we are and that we play football the way he likes! Not that I am cynical or anything!
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