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Latest Danny Ings Transfer Headlines Highlight Rumour Mill Contradictions
at 11:38:14

I really am not interested in the rumours I just want the saga sorted. If he is going then go. The worse thing that could happen is this saga virtually runs to the final day and then he suddenly goes and we have had no time to get any form of replacement in or insufficient time for them to settle in before the season starts.

I am not sure where you get that Ings is happy to stay. Everything since the new year suggests otherwise but I appreciate that you are closer to these things than I am and you may be right.

As I said, the club need to resolve it sooner rather than later.
Alex Jankewitz Leaves Southampton To Join BSC Young Boys
at 13:03:22

I find this and the potential departure of Obafemi disappointing. Not because it is them specifically as I do not know them well enough really to say whether they are better moved on, though I have my doubts and I would like to have seen them given a bit more opportunity with us. But, the point is more the fact that our much lauded academy does not seem to be living upto it's so called reputation or we have managers/coaches who are not interested enough to bring them on. The latter is all the more bewildering when you have a season like the last where we lost so many games on the trot, playing largely the same set of players. Those that think they may have potential must wonder what they have to do when they see those failing to deliver still getting picked.

This thing about "attitude" feels like a get out clause. He has a poor attitude so he needs to go. How do we know that is the truth? What if Jankewitz really believed in his ability and just wanted a chance to shine.......he was never really given it and ok the one chance he had he arguably blew it, but how many chances do some of our senior players get and yet game after game, week after week, they fail to deliver?

Ralph made quite a bit of noise about bringing on youth and they were our future, but thus far I am struggling to see it. Which player out of our academy has he actually managed to bring on? They seem to get a game if they are lucky and then hang around the bench and then disappear into anonymity. He does not seem to give certain players the level of tolerance and chances that he himself has had despite the results.

Ok, I have no idea what goes on or he sees at training and there may be deeper reasons why the academy players do not make it, but whatever it is, our return for some seasons has been poor and I whilst I am not in the know like many I am not hearing much noise about the next prospect.
Only 10 Days To Go Till Silly Season Ends And Transfer Window Opens Properly
at 10:27:23

What happened to Pernaud where we seemed to delight on making a steal on a so called Leeds target? Seems to have disappeared quicker than an English summer.
Wesley Hoedt Joins Anderlecht
at 20:02:46

I don't know if you are going out of your way to be contentious today Nick and looking for a bite, but with this piece and your piece on season ticket take up has both been a dig at your fellow fans.

I am sorry, but not everyone can be wrong about Hoedt and it is not as if it is just Saints he has had an issue. His attitude was poor, he thought he was better than he was and though he may not have slagged the club off he made some snidey sideswipes.

True, in some respects he may not have been worse than a number of other players but fans don't turn for the hell of it, they see what they see and that is a player here who did not knuckle down.
Saints 2021/22 Fixtures - The Toughest Start Possible Historically
at 10:33:41

It is on paper a tough start but as things currently stand and unless something significant changes between now and the start of the season (in terms of the depth and quality of the squad) I see the whole of next season as being tough and at present it is difficult to look beyond anything other than a relegation battle. Still, it will be what it will be.

At least no one will be able to accuse Saints fans expectations of being unrealistic.
Pompey Target Josh Sims !
at 17:03:13

I meant there will be no loss of good will from me..........(in my first sentence)
Pompey Target Josh Sims !
at 12:51:55

There will be no loss from me if he joins Pompey or indeed anyone else. At the end of the day he is trying to carve out a living and if we have discarded him then he needs to go where he thinks is best for him. We can't expect him to turn out an opportunity just because it may upset some fans.

I don't believe we have given him a good opportunity to prove just as we haven't with a number of young players which is galling when you have seen the same set of players picked week in and week out and been a part of our 2nd half season collapse and responsible for some embarrassing results and performances.

Good luck to Josh wherever that may be and if it happens to be Pompey - so be it.
Saints Announce Departure Of Bertrand, Sims And Hesketh.
at 12:59:24

I wish them all well in whatever they do or wherever they go. The Bertrand aspect has been well covered and someone will benefit from his experience. Josh Sims I do not feel got a real good chance along with a few other youngsters which is sort of frustrating when you have seen for the best part of half of a season how poor some of the performances have been with a number of our first team experienced players. They seem to get a place whether or not they are performing up to the job. I recall the days when McMenemy did not have a problem dropping any player to the reserves for a few games when they did not come upto the job.

On a wider topic has to be the decline and lack of return from our so called much lauded academy. Struggling hard to recall the last player to come off the conveyor belt and make it at Saints and make a difference, yet I understood that this is the model that Saints were supposed to be working around. Alot of investment has gone into it and at one stage it did seem to be reaping benefits but that seems to have long dried up and is reflected in how poor the performances and results have been at all levels this past season - apart from the womens team of course.

I suppose the question is at all levels, is the quality of the players or the quality of the coaching and development
Ward Prowse England Omission Highlights Southgate's Losing of The Plot !
at 22:22:33

It took me a long time to realise in life, indeed far too late. but there is little reward for honesty, integrity and hard work

Being England manager comes with a large poisoned chalice and I am struggling to think of a time since the 60's when the English faithful last really got behind an England manager or for that matter the players - the so called golden generation who made it nigh on impossible for the manager to manage and created a toxic atmosphere.

But, Southgate seemed to finally offer something different. It seemed that he had got it. We may not have the best squad but I will select players based on merit and form. Hooray, less cow towing to the so called big 6 and the media love in with certain players. Didn't last long did it? 2 tournaments in and he reverts to type. Never mind their form or whether they are injured they have a name, a reputation, play for the rich elite clubs and I will go through hell with the media if I do not pick them. You are largely right Nick. It is not that his selections are bizarre, I am not remotely surprised really, what is disappointing is that he has fell into the same trap.

I do want England to do well and if they do, he will be lauded for his selection but there will be that little bit of me that wants Southgate to regret his decision.
TV Channel For Saints Final Game Of The Season At West Ham Confirmed
at 15:14:51

Haven't most managers and coaches learnt how to play against us Tim? Leeds Utd clearly showed that.

Let us run around and have loads of possession in the first half, hope we don't score or at least don't score more than 1 (which is the usual outcome) , let us tire ourselves out and then beat us in the 2nd half.

I cannot really see a different outcome at West Ham but you never know. West Ham may be a little nervous of being that close to a European place.

To be honest, I will just be glad when 6pm on Sunday has arrived in Premier League football terms and the season is over - one to forget.
Ryan Bertrand Turns Down Southampton Contract Offer
at 12:45:54

I don't wish him ill at all, I do not understand why anyone would. He has been a good player for us on the whole for a number of seasons and was a fair price when we took him on. If he does leave, then I wish him well, but if he stays then I don't mind either. I do think age and pace is now catching up with him (and there have been times in the last season or so where he has looked disinterested and not tracked back to help out) but I am sure he can still do a job for someone somewhere if not with us.

But, the caveat is, does the manager/board have a better replacement in mind?
Southampton V Crystal Palace The Preview
at 13:02:05

You make a very good point Nick about the difference in places could be the difference of receiving £6m. That is not to be sniffed at for anybody whether you are an individual, a business or an organisation. Why would you not go for it but do you think football players, especially ours understand what that sort of money means to you and me and what a difference could make?
The reason I ask that is that a couple or so seasons ago we played West Ham in almost the final game and we didn't turn up. We lost out on £6m and the reaction was the game was a nothing game it did not matter. Yet that same team and club were repeatedly going on about being cash strapped as they do now. £6m could buy supporters season tickets or membership cards etc. It could pay a wage or two.

I really hope it is being drilled into the players that every place represents a pound to the club. It matters, it should matter but I am bewildered as to why players (not just ours) don't seem to get it.
Saints Can Now Breathe After Fulham Defeat Ends Relegation Worries
at 22:38:58

Tonight is nothing to celebrate it is no more than a sigh of relief, just thankful, that there were again 3 teams worse than us.

The brief soiree at the top was just that. From virtually therein we have been in freefall and quite simply an awful season the majority will be glad to see the back of.

I can hear the next piece in which we will be told that the time is to put behind us this season and move forward. We will only be able to move forward if the errors and wrongs of this season are corrected from the top downwards and dealt with, with some urgency. Failure to do that and next season will be more of the same.

Yes, I am pleased that we have avoided relegation but it is hardly a moment in which to shout about. I have watched and been a Saints supporter for 43 years and seen good, bad and indifferent but what has disappointed me more is the poor quality of the football, the abject performances in key games, the ease at which we concede goals and the lack of ability and composure to score them.

Hopefully now that the spectre of diving towards the relegation zone has ended that the players will feel free to be able to end on a bit of a high but we will see.
Ralph Hasenhuttl Reveals Strange Goalkeeper Rotation Strategy
at 11:21:58

I suppose given where we are in the season and relegation fight it is probably ok but not quite sure what is gained from it.

In general, like Nick, I don't think goalkeeper rotation works and that with the defence should be a joint area of stability and continuity so that the relationship and understanding can become established.

I have to say, that both Fraser and Alex have never completely convinced me. They are both ok but you wouldn't bet your mortgage on either of them. Both have their shortcomings which show up all too often but equally can pull off that great save or have that great game. As someone else has said, no one has ever really matched Peter Shilton but I am not sure there is anyone in England at the moment that equals the era of Shilton, Clemence, Corrigan and Jennings.
Southampton At Leicester City The Preview
at 13:56:11

I think it is a very candid and honest response Schatfield and both you and halftimeorange I really get where you are coming from.

When we were in the Championship and League One I arguably got more enjoyment out of watching Saints than I have done in the last 2-3 seasons (the odd game apart of course).

If the club is not going to put us in a position where we can reasonably compete at the level we are then there is almost no point in being in it as there is no joy in just seeing an endless struggle. I would rather watch us at a level we can reasonably compete.

I would love us to do well in the PL (though I have little or no love for the PL as a whole - the way the players act, VAR, the cost of tickets etc) and shake up the elite but I cannot see that happening any time soon.

I am not sure I can ever say I would want us to lose or be relegated as I want to see success for the team and the club and the city but there is little joy to be had from just watching your team just trying to survive from what eventually will be inevitable unless things at all levels in the club on and off the pitch changes.

Nevertheless I hope we do win tonight both for the sake of the team and club and manager but also to shut the noise up from the pundits, commentators etc that will be inevitable as Nick rightly points out. I will be surprised if we even get to 20 seconds before that result is mentioned.
Ings And Bertrand Missing For Southampton V Leicester City
at 21:59:13

How convenient that both have an injury! Possibly Ings there is something in it, but Bertrand, needs some convincing!
Southampton V Tottenham Hotspur The Preview
at 14:14:05

I am not expecting us to win any games between now and the end of the season. As Nick often says, as fans we need to be realistic and manage our expectations and that is what I am doing. Expect to lose and anything else is a bonus.

JWP's nonsense about coming back bigger and better after losing a semi-final are hollow words like all the other hollow words spouted by the players when they have put in a naff performance. I am not interested in what facile after match comments they have to make I am only interested that they go through a match resembling something of a team that is working and trying hard to win a game, even if they lose it.

I hope they win tonight and I hope they finish the rest of the season a damn sight better than they have been for most of the 2nd half of the season - but I am not holding my breath. In reality, I just want the season to end and I suspect - so do the players (given their recent body language).
Leicester City Players Suspended Due To Covid 19 Breach
at 19:45:57

In his post match interview Brendan Rogers said that all the players will be available for the semi final and he expects them to make up for their infringement. May be I am being ultra cynical, but I was not convinced by his tone etc that there has been much, if any infringement and that it seemed convenient.

Maddison will play, I am pretty certain of that.
Should Southampton Rest Players Against West Bromwich Albion
at 10:46:27

Absolutely not.

Play to win the next game which is West Brom then worry about the game after that. If you rest players supposedly for Leicester and by doing so we give West Brom effectively a free rein and an argument as motivation to West Brom that we are disrespecting them then there is no guarantee that even with our strongest side that makes beating Leicester more probable.

I am struggling to think where we have rested players arguably to focus on a game we think is more "important" that we have then gone on to win! In fact, I am pretty sure it has backfired.

It is an old football cliche but the next game is the most important game and that is West Brom and we need to go out to win it.
Fulham Defeat Eases Pressure On Southampton
at 09:20:04

Strange feeling as the result does help ease the threat of possibly still being dragged into a relegation battle even though diminished a bit after the Burnley result, but I have to admit, for no logical reason really, but I struggle to like Wolves at all and out of those near the relegation area I would prefer Fulham to survive and Burnley or Newcastle to be dragged in.

Looking at Wolves, I think virtually in every game this season they have come back and scored their goals in the 2nd half.

All that said, bottom line if a result works to the benefit of our team/club then that has to be a good thing though I would always rather not have to rely on other results.
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