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at 19:01 25 Feb 2024

I cant be the only one that doesn't enjoy seeing him celebrate?
[Post edited 25 Feb 19:06]
West Brom trouble
at 10:35 29 Jan 2024

Anyone think there was a bit of an over exaggerated reaction?
Apparently there were only 6 arrests and one guy who got bonked on the head.
Maybe cos I'm older and lived through the 80's I'm less sensitive about these things but that stuff used to happen all the time, and much worse.
Quincy Promes
at 21:38 24 Jan 2024

Weren't we in for him once?
Apparently he's facing 9 years for importing 1.2 tonnes of cocaine...
Atmosphere in this country..
at 14:25 2 Nov 2023

How come the atmosphere else where around Europe is so much better than here?

Obviously it's more mental in places like Turkey and Greece, I guess they don't have such onerous health and safety rules. But I've been watching the German league and the fans look to be having a far better time there. There's loads of singing and thousands of flags and signs - that don't seem to supplied by the clubs.

Yet here we sit down, shut up, the clubs employ flag wavers, and the game is stopped if there is so much as a single flare.
I get having to make sure people are "safe" these days but safe apparently means just stop everyone doing anything other than sitting down and clapping. Modern day atmospheres at football are really dire these days.
The playing out from the back thing
at 09:49 18 Sep 2023

One thing that struck me on Friday night was how we play from the back. At times I could not believe what I was seeing.
To me it means the keeper does not kick it long, he would pass to defenders that are in space, ideally left or right, but occasionally central defenders if they have space.
I was absolutely astonished to see us drop two players into our own penalty area almost alongside Bazunu. I was thinking well surely Bazunu won't give it to them now, but he did!
Of course Leicester immediately saw what we were doing and pushed right up onto us. This either resulted in some panicked passing and back to the keeper who hoofed it long - or Leicester nicked the ball and were suddenly defending desperately in our own box.
It was absolutely extraordinary - I was taught not to do that from the age of 6.

I cannot see any point at all. We are taking unnecessary chances in our own box and for what possible benefit??
All that happened is that Leicester suddenly knew they were in with a great chance of nicking the ball in our BOX. Our defence immediately looked nervous every time and you could tell they weren't at all happy doing it - and worst of all the crowd were then on Bazunu's back cos it looked like he was the one putting us in trouble but clearly he's been told to do that every time.
It totally handed Leicester all initiative and made everyone in the ground edgy. Can anyone explain it?
Playing from the back is great if the players receiving the ball have time and space. If not surely you go longer and try and win the ball further up. It's absolute basics and seeing as we are leaking goals for fun I cannot understand Martin insisting on doing it.
There seems to be this narrative that Martin is teaching the team and entirely new way to play football which is so complicated they are struggling to grasp it.
Seriously if your system takes experienced players 6 months to learn then frankly it is overcomplicated nonsense.
People write novels and get a degree in 6 months yet we can't teach footballers where to stand apparently.
at 07:36 16 Sep 2023

That was just about the worst performance I can remember. Sure we've lost before , but not like that. That was worse than Sunderland.
We were a complete shambles. We looked totally disorganised and other than to play the ball around our 6 yard box, there seemed to be no plan at all.
The players seemed half hearted, and they made poor passes time and time again.

Football is a simple game, but it looks like we're completely over coached. All this crapb about teaching the players the way we want to play, well, it shouldn't take 6 months.
Last night, that team looked like they had met each other 5 minutes before kick off.
And how do you concede after 10 seconds? It was an utter embarrassment. Genuinely one of the worst home performances I can remember at St Mary's. Whatever Martin is doing, it is not working at all.
Boot Dreams
at 21:29 28 Aug 2023

Anyone seen it ? Ex pros running a last chance training programme for players released by their clubs.
One story is Jake Flannaghan who saints let go. He actually made the first team and played with Tadic and VVD. He then had three serious knee injuries which finished him at the club. Such a shame as obviously a local lad who loved the club.
This is why....
at 13:47 11 Aug 2023

People wonder why successive Saints managers don't play Stuart Armstrong because on the face of it he's one of our best. This is why (from Nicks preview)...
"I do also think that Stuart Armstrong is one other change that Martin may make, either in the centre of midfield or possibly wide, but pre match comments suggest he is not ready for 90 mins just yet."

It's the second game of the season. We moan about ABK and his glass knees but Armstrong never seems to be fit for three games in a row.
Tino gone
at 14:54 3 Aug 2023

To Newcastle.
Such a shame as he's a great player and I hoped he might stay for one season after he was supported through his injury , but no that's not football is it..
Reasonable fee for him but not as great once you take off Chelsea's sell on slice
So what happened at Bournemouth beach?
at 08:47 1 Jun 2023

Two kids died yesterday afternoon. A man in his 40's arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and 8 other people treated for non life threatening injuries. All happened in the water apparently.
All seems very strange.
Bournemouth boxing
at 22:12 27 May 2023

Had to turn the floodlights on during the last fight to sort out several fights breaking out in the crowd. Always bother at boxing but not much is ever said.
Twitter ban
at 09:32 16 May 2023

I got an e mail this morning saying that my twitter account is suspended.
I thought "oh god what have I done now". I couldn't think of anything. So reading on it said that one of my tweets contravened their rules on "hateful conduct".
They define hateful conduct as "You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or serious disease".
Sounds serious right?

So there is a story on twitter that Saints are looking at certain managers as we are looking to switch to a more possession based style next year.
So my hateful tweet was...
"More possession based style? Our donkeys will have to learn to pass the ball to each other first".
[Post edited 16 May 2023 9:38]
Allardyce to Leeds
at 10:14 2 May 2023

Seems they have pressed the Big Sam klaxon.
Seems a bit odd to leave it this late but there you are. I guess Leeds are just trying everything they can. I'm amazed they didn't appoint someone who has never managed before....
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