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Silicon Valley Tycoon Reveals Takeover Plans For Southampton FC
Thursday, 1st Apr 2021 08:15

A press conference at 11.45pm (UK Time) on Thursday morning will reveal that a Californian Billionaire is about to take over and transform Southampton FC with the intention to turn the club into a Premier League giant.

By midday the lives of Saints fans will be be transformed when plans are revealed not just for the club itself and the stadium, but the city of Southampton itself.

The deal has been in the offing for a while and has taken place under a smokescreen so that negotiations could proceed unhindered, I first heard of the deal two weeks ago and was sworn to secrecy on the promise that I could exclusively reveal the news at 8.30am this morning.

The new owner of Southampton FC will be Douglas C. Neidermeyer a self made billionaire from California, he has made his fortune not just in the high tech business in Silicon Valley in Northern California, but in shrewd investement in the Film Industry in Los Angeles and it has been his money that has financed many box office smashes.

In fact it was Neidermeyer's interest in films that lead to his interest in Saints, a big fan of the film Titanic and then subsequently the ship itself, he visited Southampton to tour the sites and was surprised to find that there was so little promotion of the film.

Whilst driving around the Docks area he came across St Mary's Stadium and being a fan of Soccer in the USA a plan came into his head.

This was back in 2019 and he saw potential in both Southampton as a City and Saints as a football club.

The press conference later this morning will expand on his plans for the club, but I am allowed to reveal some key points..

1. Neidermeyer will purchase 80 % of the club from Gao Jisheng or £210 million, the Liebherr family will retain their 20%. This is very much a long term project.

2. In the summer £150 million will be made available to Ralph Hasenhuttl to strengthen the squad.

3. Neidermeyer has not needed to borrow money to make the purchase, nor will he leverage the purchase against the club.

4. In the summer of 2022 work will begin on St Mary's to extend the capacity, by extending the seating in the Chapel end and also adding extra tiers, with the intention of making the ground 58,000 by August 2025.

5. Neidermeyer has already purchased the quayside area behind the Itchen stand and this will be transformed into a leisure area called Legends Square, statues of Saints greats surrounded by restaurants & bars.

6 . Neidermeyer intends to also invest in the city itself and turn it into a major tourist destination based around Titanic.

7. There will be a restructure of the way the club is run, the existing board will be retained as they have the knowledge on running a football club, but overall the club will be under the Executive Chairmanship of Neidermeyer's right hand man John Blutarsky.

8. Blutarsky will also oversee a second tier of club management concerned with the non football side of things, CEO of this will be Eric Stratton assisted by Donald "Boon" Schoenstein.

These are only a few key points, all will be revealed at the 11.45 pm press conference that this site will be covering in detail with live updates.

Exciting times for Southampton FC and by midday today we will all be in no doubt of just what Douglas C. Neidermeyer will be able to do for this club and we will all remember just where we were on April 1st 2021.

Photo: Action Images

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underweststand added 08:23 - Apr 1
Um... WOW ... sounds exciting Nick, but just as I am turning the page of my wall calendar I noticed that it's a "strange date " to announce such a news item .....isn't it ?

EvertonSaint added 08:29 - Apr 1
April ? Would be nice if it was true....

ChristchurchSaint added 08:53 - Apr 1
We can dream, Nick, and on any other day, I might get excited. Post it again tomorrow and maybe I’ll believe it.

Stu731 added 09:08 - Apr 1
I wish I could look forward to this “press conference” however some may say I’d be a fool to believe that such ludicrous plans were true :D gave me a good chuckle though!

Chesham_Saint added 09:17 - Apr 1
Wow, really? What a great way to start a new month...

dwayne_dibley added 10:40 - Apr 1
is this April Fool garbage not getting a bit moronic?

erick added 10:44 - Apr 1
When he talked og 58,000 stadium that's when I really knew of April fools joke

Chickendippers added 10:45 - Apr 1
Nice try - I even looked up Douglas C. Neidermeyer - which was when I started laughing and feeling slightly foolish and then a little sad.

ThereIn76 added 10:57 - Apr 1
Oh and don't forget The Jam are re-forming for a one-off gig ;)

Berber added 11:28 - Apr 1
Please don't connect The Saints with the Titanic.

SaintPaulVW added 11:31 - Apr 1
Unfortunately the press conference has been delayed until after midday.

ElijahK added 11:53 - Apr 1
As soon as I saw that title I knew it must’ve been a certain day in April! I mean I’d certainly love it if this was a double bluff!

kernow added 12:49 - Apr 1
Good movie Animal House. Great names too.

JerryO added 12:56 - Apr 1
A cruel April Fools Day hoax? Not funny.

Crispinmumbles added 14:04 - Apr 1
That's why I didn'yt look on the internet until after Noon!

dowater added 14:48 - Apr 1
bad joke thats not funny.... i was so excited to read this, this morning. wont be coming back again now

SaintNick added 09:55 - Apr 2
Im glad that most of you found it funny, for those that didn''t lighten up, it was April Fools day, It might not be the funniest thing in the world, but it wasn't offensive and didn't hurt anyone and as long as it made someone laugh then it's a good thing.

We might not have the new messiah, but we are still 14th in the Premier League and in an FA Cup semi Final, keep smiling things could be worse we could be Pompey fans !

KohSamuiSaints added 11:29 - Apr 3
I read this Statement and believed that after 50years my dreams had come true ....£150 Million for new signings this summer ... St Mary’s to be re developed to 58,000 ... And it was all a stupid April fool joke ....
Whoever came up with this stupid prank should be fired ....
Although some smarter than me supporters knew and could tell straight away ... That was not the case for some of us .....

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