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Leon and Jason Mohammad 19:37 - Jun 18 with 15580 viewsSwanLuke

Have I missed something or have they had a little spat on Twitter
Leon and Jason Mohammad on 20:13 - Jun 21 with 1064 viewslifelong

Leon and Jason Mohammad on 20:08 - Jun 21 by moonie

I'm never ever going to post to be popular .

I comment about a city ,the replies are direct to me. Work that out.

Read what others say..

Look at web sites like So you think you know Swansea. Real history,photos ,people . We had a great town and it's been ripped asunder . That s how it is mate.

I am always my own man and frankly, what you ,Roger or the rest think just does not compute .

We need truth

Translater needed, anyone help?

Leon and Jason Mohammad on 20:13 - Jun 21 with 1063 viewsmoonie

Up pops Pav.

Get a room

Leon and Jason Mohammad on 15:58 - Jul 11 with 798 viewsSwanjaxs

You might think I've forgotten, but one day, when you least expect it, my time will come.
Poll: Biggest ever Jack Celebrity ever like...

Leon and Jason Mohammad on 17:41 - Jul 11 with 659 viewstaffpunk

Leon and Jason Mohammad on 15:58 - Jul 11 by Swanjaxs

I don't like him, but I thought he'd be on more than that tbh. As for 'Jiffy', surprised he's on much more than minimum wage with the poor viewing figures for Rugby Union, especially at Club level.

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