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at 10:13 15 Jul 2018

As reward for his long service to the club Jenkins, I've heard, is considering offering him a coaching job . He ll sort out badges n stuff tlike that .

Anderson v Isner
at 17:49 13 Jul 2018

Turning into one of the great epics

Incredible athleticism
Rugby World Cup Japan
at 10:58 12 Jul 2018

As we re in World Cup mode, anyone going to this next year.
I'm seriously thinking about it as Wales could do rather well and I'm certain ,if draw avoids the all blecks, we could make the final.

Nice country ,nice people
Thank folk for that .now then ,now then, now then .
at 22:54 11 Jul 2018

Back to our parlous position

Bony,Ayews, Baston, ,Rots,Dyer ,Naughton ...all on our books

Reality ain't pleasant right now ,is it

Where s the positive posters these days of wine and roses
Nine years for manslaughter
at 15:17 11 Jul 2018

So a woman is abused by her father all her life She loses it one day and hits him with a shovel.
She buries him on the garden

Nine years

Judges? Justice my arse
[Post edited 11 Jul 15:19]
solution for tonight
at 13:54 11 Jul 2018

To avoid possible night ,turn the telly off ,buy a disposable BBQ and head to Caswell Bay.
Dont forget to take your crap with you


It ll be over soon
Ally McCoist
at 21:54 7 Jul 2018

Fair play, best co commentator / pundit.

Fair ,honest,free of banal drivel ,knowledgable too.

Jon Champion too, for me,best commentator
at 18:52 7 Jul 2018

Time to step up tonight son. What an ugly fecker though

Good luck Hrvaska
Columbia ...Colombia ...makes no odds
at 21:59 3 Jul 2018

Just fook off and take your white powder with you .

Filthy cheating shites that our fans supported

Arse cringing
Thread really
at 16:35 3 Jul 2018

The old record label.

One for the best posters .

Without resorting to wiki any number 1 record on that famous label

Great Welsh commentating duos
at 18:05 2 Jul 2018

In no particular order

Bevan and Shep...simply and beautiful eloquence

Wilkins and Wooller...Wilf couldn't stand him,nor anyone come to that ,but he said it as it was and once referred to Pete Hain as a young whipper snapper over his stance on South Africa

Butler and Moore. Ok I'm the only Welshman that doesn't hate pit bull,but he s an honest pundit and not one to shirk anything.

Brave man too
Airbus. Worrying news
at 18:15 22 Jun 2018

Company " considering " future in UK because of Brexit .

Nothing short of a disaster for North Wales if the worst was to come off

Fookn Brexit. My arse

What have we done
Fao Omarjack
at 09:31 22 Jun 2018

Ive just been made aware of your apology apropos your comments about my father .

Consider the matter closed and I apologise to you unreservedly for stating you hadn't apologised . I placed you on ignore to avoid any further unpleasantness and therefore did not see your apology.

Keane Evra Giggs
at 17:56 21 Jun 2018

I know they re all united exes but ffs ,looking at these three preening ,miserable ,excreable Kunts, just what a pitiful coverage is this from ITV .

Barry Bennell appeal rejected
at 14:04 20 Jun 2018

His solicitor ....a lady,argued this decision would make his time in prison more difficult and less comfortable .

I fookn kid you not. Seriously
Father's Day
at 16:22 17 Jun 2018

Doesn't do much for an inclusive society ,really.
Great sporting days
at 16:39 16 Jun 2018

One of those when I'm glad I'm a sports nut.
Great football to start ,now watching Bokke come back at England at Bloemfontein where a black man leads out a Sprongbok team in a the hot bed of the Free State rugby fan .

Wales tonight at 8.40 .

Just great
Gambling and the Pundits
at 08:44 16 Jun 2018

Why are these feckers ,many already grossly wealthy ,encouraging all and sundry, especially the young ,into the world of betting .
Why is it that some people have to bet on a football game ,knowing the odds on winning are slim .

Why is Robbie Savage tweeting Coral adverts on his page and why has a former great player in Alan Shearer signed up as an ambassador for Coral.

We ve got a generation of 11-16 yr olds with addiction PR problems given how easy it is to chuck away money like this ,offering a bright reward for their state but in reality they simply chuck wir money away .

We are sleep walking into a public health storm .

Football and spit is now sadly saturated with betting and this is not good ,folks ,at least not on my opinion .

Try keeping reppnzes respectful eh
2024 world cup
at 11:21 15 Jun 2018

In USA ,Canada and Mexico .

Did I hear that right
Songs that get into your head
at 11:10 15 Jun 2018

You ll struggle to find a better female vocalist live
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