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Laser eye surgery 21:06 - Oct 22 with 2693 viewsfbreath

Has anyone had this procedure carried out.

Which company did you use and are you happy with the results.

I have complex prescription and get free eye tests because of it. Lazy right eye and very poor vision left eye. Wear contact lenses and have done for over 30 years.

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Laser eye surgery on 23:03 - Oct 22 with 2644 viewsmajorraglan

My mate was living out in the Far East and he had it done out there. He had worn glasses all his life and the treatment sorted it out. He is really pleased, but I have seen some programmes on TV where it’s gone Pete Tong for people and they have had their sight severely damaged. Check it out carefully before you get it done.
Laser eye surgery on 02:16 - Oct 23 with 2608 viewsSenhin

I used the one at the end of the street that has the buffalo bar, across the road from the church, in Cardiff. Pretty sure it was called optimax, but quite hard to find out without Google and whatnot as I'm in China right now.

I'm assuming it would be quite expensive for you though? I had a very low and simple prescription, as they kept telling me, so I had in my head "great, it must be close to the £600 per eye or whatever it was advertised. Nope £3600.

As for the thing itself, it's unpleasant for about a minute which is all it took. It was quite painful later that evening with any amount of light, which made getting the anaesthetic eye drops in a nightmare that evening as you need to look up... Which is where the light is. It was completely fine after that. Just had to masking tape these plastic fly eye looking things over yours to go to bed for a few weeks.

Not had a problem since and can see fine, and I had it two years+ ago.

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Laser eye surgery on 06:45 - Oct 23 with 2558 viewspikeypaul

I had it done in the mid 90s when it was relatively new .

I had a low prescription around +1.5 or +2. The going rate then was about £4,500 for both eyes
money well spent and never needed glasses again.

There are a couple of different procedures I went for the LASIK where a corneal flap is produced then the eye is lasered with an Excimer laser and the flap replaced.

The only discomfort is for a day or so you feel like you have a bit of sand in your eye.

In those days for safety they would not do both eyes at the same time and would wait until the first op was a success before doing the other eye.
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Laser eye surgery on 05:12 - Oct 24 with 2461 viewssquarebear

I had LASIK at Optical Express in 2010 as they were cheap. Circa 2.5K total as I remember. It’s been great.

What age are you?
Laser eye surgery on 08:54 - Oct 24 with 2426 viewsAnotherJohn

My wife had laser treatment from Optimax in Bristol (with follow-up in Cardiff) about seven years ago and has had no real problems. As she had a low prescription, the consultant recommended Lasek (no flap) rather than Lasik, and I think that was a good decision. It hurts for a bit longer to begin with, but there are then no complications with the flap. Surprisingly the less complicated procedure was slightly more expensive at that time because Lasik was on promotion.
Laser eye surgery on 01:56 - Oct 25 with 2343 viewsLord_Bony

Yes, i had it done at Optimax Bristol about 20 years ago.

Like something out of a Bond movie when the large laser is positioned above the bed and you can smell your eyeball actually burning...nice!

Takes about a minute the procedure, I had to wait a year to have the other eye done.

3 days later a new cornea (lens) grows back and your good to go..never needed glasses or contact lenses since,


Laser eye surgery on 05:31 - Oct 25 with 2314 viewssquarebear

Worry not. That smell isn’t your eyeball burning. The laser isn’t hot. The smell is that of carbon molecules that have been lasered off your cornea.
Laser eye surgery on 09:24 - Oct 25 with 2274 viewszedlep

Laser eye surgery on 05:31 - Oct 25 by squarebear

Worry not. That smell isn’t your eyeball burning. The laser isn’t hot. The smell is that of carbon molecules that have been lasered off your cornea.

I had this done 20 yrs ago as well. Cost about £400 per eye at the time. Done at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Worth every penny and the recovery time now is hours not even days.


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