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Remoaners taken to the cleaners
at 20:52 12 Jun 2018

Torn a new rsole the lot of them,and every committee member a remoaner disgraceful.

Well worth watching the full video

Well done Aaron made them look very stupid the stupid bitch in red could even turn up on time.
Diane Abbott very funny video
at 11:21 11 Jun 2018

To think the loony lefties on here want her and her terrorist loving mates to be running the country.

Racist beyond belief.

God help us.
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Takes a man to run an airline
at 09:06 6 Jun 2018

Now if the usual suspects want to discuss the lack of ability of females in business
do it here rather than highjack sainthelens thread on Serenas Arse.

The Billionaire Qatari boss tells it as it is from experience .

He also has a point on the age of the hostesses that they employ recently on a BA flight
it was like something out of the National Express song by The Divine Comedy when they sing about the arse of the stewardess being the size of a small country

Most were over 40 and not what you would expect a hostess on a major airline to look like compared to other major airlines they were let’s just say well past their sell by date.

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Fulham fans views on the scum
at 16:35 27 Apr 2018

It seems the scums long throw and long ball game is not appreciated by the Fulham fans.

The most consecutive passes they made against Derby on Tuesday was FOUR but that's hardly surprising when they are instructed just to hoof it forward everytime.

Some very funny and truthful comments on the scum in this link especially the last page,it's not only us who realise what a horrible,cowardly bunch they really are.
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Threads being taken down,locked or censored?
at 09:59 23 Apr 2018

For no other reason a certain mod does not agree with them and not a single rule broken.

This site/ forum has become pathetic.

So since I have NOT responded to a certain mods foul mouthed attacks and ignored him on the Countdown thread he becomes even crazier and locked the thread PMSL

341 AFLI

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Threads being taken down ,locked,and censored?
at 09:56 23 Apr 2018

For other reason than a certain mods does not agree with them

This site and forum has become pathetic.
Amazing employment figures .
at 17:24 17 Apr 2018

Well done Theresa.

Record levels of emloyment since 1975 remarkable achievement.

No doubt some will not like so many working and not give the credit to the working party.

West Ham V Southampton
at 08:57 31 Mar 2018

Who do you want to win or is a draw best for us?

Personally I would prefer West Ham win.

It would leave Southampton on 28points and they have a very hard run in.

Arsenal away Chelsea home Leicester away Bournemouth home Everton away Swansea away Man City home

Theresa just ripped Corbyn a new one.
at 12:26 21 Mar 2018

I have never heard such a beating at PMQs.

Theresa certainly ripped Corbyn a new rsole today.
M&S 2 meals for £10 inc wine.
at 21:39 26 Jan 2018

I got coaxed into food shopping with the wife today.

Normally I take not much notice as long as its tasty and good quality I go along with anything she chooses to buy and she goes along alone and does the business.

However today being a bit bored I went along to M&S with her, I could not belief how cheap M&S has become in the food hall.

They currently have an outstanding deal of a meal for two for £10 that includes a main course, side course, dessert and a bottle of wine.

The wine alone was a cheap £7.50 a bottle affair but passable ,then on top we had 4 chilli and coriander chicken escalope's, a large tray of garlic mushrooms, and a stack of 10 profiteroles.

This all for £10 inc the wine or put another way less than a packet of fags.

They offer a large selection of about 8 items in each category, amazing value.
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Phil Neville England women’s manager
at 20:42 23 Jan 2018

Should P Neville have this job?

Was he the best candidate?

Why are no females considered up to it?

Since this thread is only about “girl soccer” should it be in the football section?
Ex Scum player living up to their image
at 12:03 2 Jan 2018

Urinating in the police car and then trying to use his skin colour to get off the charge sums him up.
[Post edited 2 Jan 12:06]
Grand parents in there 30s
at 20:57 22 Nov 2017

Kids having kids no wonder the benefit system is struggling

Beaujolais Nouveau Day
at 10:46 16 Nov 2017

The annual chavs day out in Swansea.

I think I will give Wind Street a wide berth today.
The Countdown begins.
at 23:28 10 Nov 2017

1:19 pm today was the exact mid point from when the result that the Great British public had decided to leave the EU and the time 11pm March 29th 2019 that Democracy will be delivered.

Happy days.
[Post edited 10 Nov 2017 23:32]
Carwyn pulling off a Tony Blair impersonation.
at 18:53 9 Nov 2017

He must have spent all day practicing Tony Blairs totally false interview on the Iraq inquiry.
Breaking voice,stuttering ,false pauses he had Blair down to a T .
labour scum at its finest,yet the lefties still want to ignore it and concentrate on someone calling someone rude names over Carwyns actions which resulted in a guy killing himself.
Tells us all what type of people we are dealing with,scum.
[Post edited 9 Nov 2017 21:04]
Labour minister happy that Sergeants sacking process was OK.
at 17:03 8 Nov 2017

So around 12 oclock today Labours Dawn Butler is giving a interview on Radio 5 saying she was not happy with the process that lead to Carl Sergeants sacking and called for a full independant inquiry.

Within 30 minutes Emma Barnett on Radio 5 says we have just recieved a statement from Dawn Butler who says on greater reflection she has changed her mind and that the appropriate process was followed and no invedtigation is now required.

I wonder who had a word in Dawns ear or how she had a sudden 180 degree uturn on the lead up to the death of Sergeant.

Have a listen on iplsyer radio5 Emma Barnett show 2:32:12 into the broadcast.

Not at all surprising the lefties on here have decided to ignore her comments,it seems calling someone sugar t!ts is more serious than the Labour run process that lead to a mans death.
Clydach murders new book coming out.
at 09:52 20 Sep 2017

This new book should be an interesting read but no doubt only tell us things we have already read and know.

Did not realise it was going yet again to the court of appeal next year.

[Post edited 20 Sep 2017 9:56]
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Celtic the Scummiest club in UK humiliatied on and off pitch.
at 01:08 13 Sep 2017

Smashed 5-0 at home and totally humiliated in front of their scum fans.

Then a fan tries to attack a PSG player on the pitch,disgraceful and they should be thrown out of the cup for dragging the name of British football through the mud.
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