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Black cabbie selling crack from his cab in Swansea
at 10:19 22 Nov 2018

The sooner Uber get a license for Swansea the better.

1/2 the price and a no crack selling black cabbies driving around off their heads on cocaine to worry about.

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Double post
at 20:27 13 Nov 2018


DYS has already posted about the labour scum.
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The Tory giveaway budget.
at 09:04 30 Oct 2018

Great to see the Tories reward the people with huge tax cuts and pumping extra £10s of billions in to the NHS.

I thought Steptoe was going to burst into tears with his response knowing he could never compete with the tax cuts the Tories are handing out.

The lefties here have not said a dicky bird since the budget which tells us everything we need to know.

Although I expect the jealous fackers will be along shortly.
Merkel jumping before pushed
at 12:27 29 Oct 2018

She realises that her days are numbered and has decided to jump.
Clapping to be banned
at 15:13 2 Oct 2018

This should make the Liberals happy.

PC is getting funnier by the day.
Brexit COULD mean the end to the Ryder Cup
at 16:10 30 Sep 2018

So who will run this project fear “could” story?

BBC or The Guardian?
Most overrated player in premiership?
at 21:14 26 Sep 2018

Opinions please.
A-Z of Swansea from the Millwall forum
at 12:19 2 Sep 2018
Man City All or Nothing Documentary
at 10:36 19 Aug 2018

Just finished watching this series from Amazon.

Amazing viewing and a great insight into the way the champions work.

Worth the £70 Amazon prime cost per year alone.

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Corbyn laying wreaths for terrorists
at 10:12 14 Aug 2018

The silence is deafing from the usual suspects on this board.

So Corbyn says he did not lay a wreath then back tracks when this photo turns up and proves he's a terrorist sympathsiser and total liar.

Still you will have the unwashed vote for the disgusting party he "leads"

And not a single word about it on the front page of the Guardian talk about a paper that turns a blind eye.
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Unemployment lowest for 40 years
at 10:03 14 Aug 2018

Well done Theresa

Grest to see the country working.
The Scum fans already investigated by FA
at 19:21 13 Aug 2018

One game and they are already dragging their name through the mud.

Total embarrassment to Wales.
Corbyn admits the Labour Party is anti Semitic and apologies .
at 22:38 5 Aug 2018

About time the terrorist loving scum held his hand up its apparent and obvious to everyone so why has he waited so long to admit it?
Labour voting against Brexit White paper
at 08:31 13 Jul 2018

Soubry has more or less confirmed this on Radio 5 just now and with the Conservative Brexiters it’s
clear the white paper will be kicked out.

Let’s be honest Labour would vote against anything regardless of the benefit or otherwise of the country if it damaged May.

But hey happy days NO DEAL and no link to the EI massive odds on now.

And NO DEAL is hard has it gets.What a wonderful day.

37 weeks AFLI
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Go home to your ugly wife's.
at 21:00 8 Jul 2018

Funniest song from this World Cup.

Obviously the Swedish fans do not hold British women in high esteem.
Thai football teenagers found great news.
at 17:47 2 Jul 2018

Best news I've heard for a couple of weeks.

Just hope they all get out safely.
Serena Williams arse
at 16:56 2 Jul 2018

On BBC1 at present.

It looks larger in white than the black cat suit she wore at the French open.

I realise now why fat birds wear dark colours.
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Uber license renewed in London great news
at 17:52 26 Jun 2018

Great news in the fight against the rip off black cab monopoly.
Remoaners taken to the cleaners
at 20:52 12 Jun 2018

Torn a new rsole the lot of them,and every committee member a remoaner disgraceful.

Well worth watching the full video

Well done Aaron made them look very stupid the stupid bitch in red could even turn up on time.
Diane Abbott very funny video
at 11:21 11 Jun 2018

To think the loony lefties on here want her and her terrorist loving mates to be running the country.

Racist beyond belief.

God help us.
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