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A Fans Dad
at 23:07 17 May 2022

It may be me, but I don’t recall having seen him post on here for a while, anyone know him or heard from him. Hope he’s ok.
Boris Flat Refurb Investigation
at 16:17 9 Dec 2021

The Conservative Party have been fined for incorrect record keeping and there is speculation and some suggestion that Boris lied to his Standards Advisor.
In May, the PM's independent adviser on standards Lord Geidt cleared Mr Johnson of a conflict of interest over the donation from Lord Brownlow, saying the PM appeared not to be aware of the arrangement with the peer, but Lord Geidt did conclude Mr Johnson had "acted unwisely" by not being more "rigorous" in finding out who paid for the refurbishment. It appears Boris gave evidence to Lord Geidt earlier this year that Boris was unaware of the source of the money until February, however it now looks like Boris sent a Whats App message to Lord Brownlow in the November asking for more money towards the refurb!! Something isn’t right!!!!!!!!

Its clear the likes of Boris have nothing but contempt for us and the rules, no wonder he tried to use the Patterson incident to try and undermine and get rid of the Electoral Commission. How can you not know who’s paying for the refurb of the place you live in?

Boris is without doubt, the worst PM we have ever had.

We need a huge overhaul of our Parliamentary Standards and the effective regulation of politicians. We need meaningful impartial oversight from bodies with real power who have the ability to hold people to account and sanction individuals where necessary. We need a more effective Freedom of Information Act which ensures transparency and facilitates effective oversight and the government plans to introduce legislation to prevent juridical reviews of government decisions should be stopped.

Without effective supervision and oversight we’ll end up like Zimbabwe and other countries where the people are ruled by the corrupt.

Edit Extra detail.
[Post edited 10 Dec 2021 23:20]
Priti Patel
at 20:59 4 Mar 2021

Government has just paid out £340K to settle Philip Rutnam’s claim for unlawful dismissal. Boris had backed her following an investigation re bullying which led to the Standards Chef resigning. Rotten to the core.

Holiday Destination March Suggestions
at 20:25 1 Nov 2019

I am looking for suggestions for a 7 to 10 day short-haul holiday for next March, was considering Malta or Cyprus but am open to alternative suggestions. I appreciate it won’t be really hot, but t shirt weather is fine. Don’t fancy the Canaries. I was wondering if the Planet Swans brothers and sisters could assist with some tidy suggestions. Thanks
[Post edited 1 Nov 2019 20:36]
Work until you die?
at 23:12 20 Aug 2019

Just seen this article in the Express, the Centre for Social Trusted fronted by Ian Duncan Smith former Tory Party leader are advocating that the retirement age is increased to 75. That would give the average bloke 4.2 years before he died. Can’t think of many people I know who want to work until they are 75, it’s mental.
Hammer Attack
at 09:33 20 Jul 2019

Just read the below article, this scumbag has been given life and will serve a minimum of 9 years. He was on licence after serving just over half of a 6year licence after being found with a load of weapons and a pipe bomb, he also has form for a hammer attack on a woman and a knife attack on a woman. He has destroyed this woman’s life, he should never have been allowed out in the first place, if he’d been kept in this wouldn’t have happened.

Norwich City resurrection !
at 18:54 7 May 2019

Was browsing online last night when I came across the article on Stuart Webber and Norwich City. The feature talks about the issues the club faced and how they seat about reviving their fortunes. It struck me that what they have gone through is what the Swans are seeking to do.
at 23:40 20 Feb 2019

Wasn’t aware of this incident which took place in last weeks rugby, Nico Lee a Cheetahs player “cleared the contents of his nose” in to a Connaught players face. F..... disgusting. Got himself a 13 week ban, he’s lucky he didn’t have his face rearranged.
UEFA, Real Madrid and drug testing
at 19:56 23 Nov 2018

Stories emerging about Sergio Ramos testing positive for a banned substance after the Champions League Final and Ronaldo having “kicked up a fuss about being tested.” Mistakes can happen and there needs to be a mechanism to address errors, but compliance should be absolute and offenders punished.
Mesa and Baston
at 19:19 3 Sep 2018

A weekend of mixed fortunes for Mesa and Baston.

Mesa got sent off rather harshly in the derby match against Betis while Baston got the first goal in Alaves 2-1 win. Let’s hope he scores 30 this season and the club gets its money back when he is sold next year.

Mesa’s sending off is shown in the video, shocking.

Johnny Evans to Leicester City
at 10:38 8 Jun 2018

West Brom have just sold Johnny Evans to Leicester for £3.5m payable in 2 instalments of £1.75m. They turned down £25m for him last summer, so I am guessing that is the figure set in a relegation clause.

West Brom fans will be livid, but it’s a good bit of business for Leicester and will hopefully ultimately benefit Swansea as West Brom have lost a really good player who will need replacing for a very “low” transfer fee.
John Fogarty in Concert
at 23:54 14 Apr 2018

I have booked to go to Boston /New England in July and can see that John Fogarty who many will say was the creative force behind Creedence Clearwater Revival is in concert in Saratoga Springs New York State while we are there. It’s a bit out of our way, but I was wondering if anyone seen Fogarty in concert? If they have was he any good and would it be worth making the trip to Saratoga?
I am partial to a bit of CCR, but I know nothing about Saratoga and was wondering if it was worth making the effort?

Sensible advice would be appreciated.
[Post edited 14 Apr 2018 23:55]
Coventry City - post Premier League
at 21:07 7 Jan 2018

Read this in yesterday’s Independent newspaper, it’s an interesting article.
[Post edited 7 Jan 2018 21:08]
A real hero!
at 23:06 28 Jun 2017

The word "Hero" is frequently bandied about and used inappropriately by today's media, the guy in this article has shown immense bravery and courage in acting the way he did and is fully deserving of the title Hero.

If he is unable to return to work, let's hope he is properly compensated and looked after by the authorities and government.

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