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FIFA introduces new loan player regulations 17:03 - Jan 20 with 2138 viewsfelixstowe_jack

FIFA have introduced new loan regulations which will limit the number of players clubs can loan to 8 reducing to 6 in a couple of seasons. They also want nation associations to introduce the same rules. There aim is too stop clubs hoarding players and to give players more game time by making permanent transfers. All loan deals will need to be open and transparent with the terms of the loan published.

Note Chelsea have currently listed 21 players as being on loan.

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FIFA introduces new loan player regulations on 17:07 - Jan 20 with 2131 viewsonehunglow

To me,it is Farsi all.

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FIFA introduces new loan player regulations on 17:24 - Jan 20 with 2101 viewsCatullus

A few years back I'm sure Chelski had over 30 out on loan.

It is crazy, all those good players not getting games. There needs to be a proper cap on squad sizes so that the top teams cannot just buy up all the best talent and have it sitting around when it's not training.

Just my opinion, but WTF do I know anyway?
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FIFA introduces new loan player regulations on 19:18 - Jan 20 with 2013 viewsjasper_T

Doesn't apply to u21s so won't change anything.
FIFA introduces new loan player regulations on 22:40 - Jan 20 with 1932 viewsReslovenSwan1

We have a situation where clubs are "picking winners". The Laird and Gallagher situation shows this. In both cases a player was taken from one club in the Championship and given to another club in the Championship higher in the league. I think Charlton actually got relegated as a result of a Man Utd decision.

A Champions league team could for example loan a player with a promotion bonus attached. In this case the CL team with their massive wealth would be manipulating the league. There could be other issues like first options on young players they fancy for instance.

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