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Tosh documentary
at 18:15 28 Jul 2022

Apologies if this had been done before but it’s now free on prime.

I absolutely loved it. There aren’t many clubs who can point to a rollercoaster history like ours.

Makes the successes sweeter IMO.
Wisdom of the group please...
at 12:31 11 Jul 2022

Providing my flight isn't one of those that ends up getting cancelled, I'm off to Spain in the middle of August.

My boy will be 12 by the time we go but as a summer born there's not enough time to get him fully jabbed.

Anyone had to sort this and if so what's the best thing to do test wise to get him in.

Thanks in advance!
I appreciate this thread may not stay up for long…
at 19:55 2 Jul 2022

….but anyone want to try and defend this?

Rwanda flight
at 21:14 14 Jun 2022

Looks like there’s a fair chance that it’ll take off with no passengers.

Liz Truss wants it still to fly as it will “establish the route”.
Mobile phone support for a technophobe please 🙏
at 23:29 1 Jun 2022

Bit of help please….

I’m looking for a really simple mobile for my elderly dad.

Did some research and this be looks tidy:

I’ve only ever had contact mobiles so I’ve no idea how sim free works? How do I get him up and running on O2 which is the only network (I think) that has coverage where he lives?

Thanks in advance 😀
Privatising Channel 4
at 12:30 22 May 2022

Anyone know the positive reasons for doing this?

I can’t make them out from Nadine Dorris, who seems to making an excellent fist of taking Diane Abbott’s daftest MP title.
A bit of light relief
at 17:12 6 May 2022

Not sure if this will copy the whole thread but strap yourselves in and enjoy!

Red button games
at 19:33 14 Apr 2022

The next two swans games aren’t showing as a available under the Red Button on Sky whereas most other championship games are.

Anyone know why this is?
Real Madrid 3 Chelsea 3
at 21:11 12 Apr 2022

What are the chances of Bale coming on and getting the winner? 🤣
Dissent in football
at 19:38 27 Mar 2022

In a week where the Welsh FA, players and fans have shown what a joyous game football can be, I’ve finished the weekend despondent at what I’ve seen at grassroots level.

It’s finals weekend in my area and as the weather has been so nice, I’ve watched a number of games from under 11’s right up to vets. What they’ve all have had in common, is players, coaches and fans haranguing, threatening and abusing referees and linesmen.

This has to be fixed or there’ll not be enough people willing to officiate to run amateur leagues.

I can’t for the life of me understand why it’s not being sorted out. What’s the answer?
Happy Birthday Michu!
at 17:48 22 Mar 2022

Just 36 today. In my Swans top 3 players without a doubt.
The perils of social media
at 19:37 26 Jan 2022

This feel good story was doing the rounds yesterday:

Tens of thousands of retweets, likes and a myriad of free stuff and supportive messages from around the word from the famous and the not so.

Then someone looked back at the dad’s Twitter feed and found a plethora of racist, ableist and misogynist tweets form 6 - 10 years ago.

I’m not going to put links up as they’re horrible, but if you really want to see, search for @puggster on Twitter.

You’ll never see a quicker character arc.
New Year reading recommendations.
at 13:14 30 Dec 2021

My New Years resolution is to brush up on Welsh history as I reckon a lot of my schooling on it has seeped out over the years. Any recommendations from fellow posters?

I’m particularly interested in Welsh people’s impact on the wider world and regional specialist industrial history - particularly in the south west.

Please avoid ‘weren’t England horrible to us stuff’

Thanks in advance 👍
Trust in politicians
at 18:10 3 Nov 2021

I’m not sure this is going to help…
[Post edited 3 Nov 2021 18:10]
Tickets for Stoke
at 21:11 6 Aug 2021

Apologies if this has been answered/discussed on here but what’s the sketch on tickets for the Stoke game?

I’m back home for a week and would like to go with my boy. Have I got any chance of getting a pair under the restrictions?
GoPro Dual Battery Charger and Battery fits Hero 5 up to 8
at 10:08 6 Aug 2021

Bought the above by mistake and and have left it too long to return.

If anyone on here wants it, I'm happy to post it instead of leaving it sitting in a drawer for no reason.

Will England get booed by fans a the Final?
at 13:57 9 Jul 2021

Southgate and his players have been consistent in their message on taking the knee, why they’re doing it what it means to them, even when they’ve been called Marxists and worse.

Despite the clear messages they’ve put across around their reasoning, they’ve been told by some that that’s not what they think and they’ve got it all wrong and in turn have been booed for it.

So will this carry on into the final?
[Post edited 9 Jul 2021 13:58]
How spot on is Jayne Ludlow?
at 19:12 27 Jun 2021
Can't get my head around this...
at 15:51 21 Jun 2021
Universal Basic Income
at 21:26 14 May 2021

Economics isn’t an area of expertise for me. I can’t see how this would work. Can anyone here mount a case?
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