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What’s this all about?
at 19:47 7 Apr 2024

Genuine question. I don’t understand.

Thames water.
at 13:20 30 Mar 2024

Looks like yet another example of shareholders taking billions out of a formally public company which in turn will be bailed out by the taxpayer.

Does anyone have an example of privatisation of our utilities being a success?
Tories shoot themselves in the foot (again)
at 18:08 24 Feb 2024

After the Labour fiasco in Rochdale, 30p Lee Anderson has popped up and will nab the upcoming headlines

So easy for Labour:

1. Former deputy PM loses the whip for being racist in an interview on GB News
2. Between the interview and losing the whip the ONLY Tory MPs to be openly critical were Javid and Ghuni - such an own goal
3. Over the next few days, others will come out and criticise, highlighting the problem further
4. Anderson will probably defect to Reform, taking Tory votes with him
5. Tories will have to pretend to be nastier to try and get those votes back
6. Labour benefit in all areas.
Accessing a GP
at 10:18 6 Feb 2024

I probably jinxed myself after in conversation in work last week it came up that I hadn’t has a day off sick for over 15 years…

Cue a miserable weekend, culminating with me trying to see a GP first thing yesterday. I’ve been left wondering if many are having similar issues.

I’ve been registered with my local surgery for 11 years and fortunately have never had to contact them so this is all new to me.

I rang at 8am and waited about 20 mins to speak to a receptionist. She took down my symptoms as a triage and said a doctor would ring me back.

Doctor rang back at 3 and said he needed to see me but couldn’t that day. I could be seen first thing today but it would be at a sister surgery in the next town over.

Went there, saw some kind of practitioner who could diagnose but not prescribe. Said I needed antibiotics so he’d do a note for a doctor who would contact a pharmacy with the prescription.

I’ve now had to drive home, sit here festering until this afternoon when I have to get back in the car and drive to a pharmacy to pick up the pills.

I suppose my question is, is this normal? Seems nuts to me.
at 12:45 16 Jan 2024

Doctors strike.
at 19:04 21 Dec 2023

Can’t imagine why they’re feeling undervalued…

The Health Secretary 🙄
Euro draw (if we get there)
at 17:58 2 Dec 2023

France. Austria. Netherlands.

Gym playlist.
at 18:54 14 Nov 2023

After ending up quite flabby around the edges I started hitting the gym about three months ago.

It’s gone pretty well but I’m bored of my music choices.

Any suggestions for good songs to do cardio to?

2 minutes silence beautifully observed
at 11:21 11 Nov 2023

Incredibly moving scenes.

We should be proud we do this kind of thing so well.

GB news is not biased
at 15:22 26 Oct 2023

As proven by this segment from last night:

Why football fans can't have nice things.
at 12:06 9 Oct 2023

at 19:11 23 Sep 2023

Looks like the Manchester leg is being scrapped, on top of it not ending in Euston or Birmingham New Street.

So we’ll have a train running from QPR to just outside Birmingham City centre, with the time made up lost by having to get to these stations.

It’s going to cost 2 Liz Truss budgets.
[Post edited 23 Sep 2023 19:16]
QPR away tickets
at 15:33 25 Aug 2023

Anyone know when these are on sale?

Can’t seem to find any info online.
GCSE results.
at 10:35 24 Aug 2023

Well done to all those picking up results today.

There’s an argument to say they’ve been the most disrupted cohort, so they should be applauded for their efforts 👏
Small boats week.
at 14:17 11 Aug 2023

Going well.

Brighton player dealings
at 08:24 11 Aug 2023

£107 million made on Caicedo in two years on top of the massive deals from last year.

How on earth are they managing to do this so consistently?!
The state of our public services.
at 14:51 10 Aug 2023

Great (but depressing) piece this, largely about the justice system and policing but goes further.

NB Long read.

Accidental Partridge
at 15:35 29 Jul 2023

This could be the best one ever. I don’t think you could write it 🤣

British Cycling makes transgender decision.
at 12:12 26 May 2023

Seems pretty sensible to me.

Women's catagory for those biologically female, Male catagory replaced with an Open catagory for eveyone else.
Qatar to bid for Rugby League World Cup
at 11:52 17 May 2023

This would be an odd one. Despite Rugby League being played by the hardest of the hard, it's an incredibly progressive and inclusive sport (over here anyway).

I can't see the UK teams having any truck with Qatar.
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