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“Where the hell are the police we defunded???”
at 11:53 18 Sep 2020

Minneapolis city council are worried about a huge spike in crime after defunding and dismantling the police force and replacing them with “violence interrupters” then demand the police chief do something about it pronto.

Local residents concerned about a massive uptick in murders, carjackings, burglaries and other violent crimes are wondering why the police who are in the process of being dismantled aren’t turning up to help.

Will Ed Davey lead the Libs to everlasting glory?
at 14:19 27 Aug 2020

This political Titan has today finally clinched the position of Leader of the Liberal Democrat’s replacing the outgoing next Prime Minister Jo Swinson after seeing off the challenge from pansexual boyfriend slapper Layla Moran.

Can he achieve the unthinkable and make the Lib Dem’s great again? He’s promised to start listening to the voters. Quite a wise move some might say.

Harry Maguire - Guilty
at 17:42 25 Aug 2020

Naughty boy.

The Arsegunners
at 10:40 6 Aug 2020

One of the richest clubs in the world making 55 staff redundant whilst paying Ozil £350,000 a week to sit on his arse.

A positive stat...
at 17:48 4 Aug 2020

Or negative, whichever way you want to look at it is we achieved 21 points from a losing position this season, a stat only bettered by West Brom with 25. Obviously this was only possible because we went behind quite a lot usually to stupid goals which is the negative aspect but it does highlight a good fighting spirit.
Happy birthday Harry Potter
at 10:35 31 Jul 2020

He’s 40 today. Does anybody feel old yet?
at 17:03 29 Jul 2020

Anybody been following this nonsense? Who is Wiley I wonder. No not Wachel Wiley unfortunately. And not the coyote fwom the Woadwunner cartoons either I weckon. Wiley is weally a gwime artist, a wapper, and a wacist.


Anyway he went on a massive 48 hour anti Jewish tirade over social media. Got banned, cancelled and that’s the end of that story.

Or so we thought.

The Guardian has today published one of Owen Jones’ batshit crazy articles where he somehow uses the Wiley incident to moan about the usual woke bollocks and have a pop at other newspapers for peddling racism. Unbeknownst to Owen however they used a picture of the wrong rapper and both the Guardian and Mr Jones has had to issue grovelling apologies for being racist. Very funny stuff.

[Post edited 29 Jul 17:03]
FAO PikeyPaul
at 15:14 29 Jul 2020

Here’s a job for you butt.

at 16:27 27 Jul 2020

Free agent after leaving Spurs. 13 league games in seven years. What a waste of a good goalkeeper.
How the ruddy f|_|ck did we do that? (n/t)
at 21:33 22 Jul 2020

VAR is shite.
at 07:36 10 Jul 2020

Even with them stopping the game for ten minutes and checking thoroughly with multiple camera angles, frame by frame replays and little lines and graphs they are still getting it wrong.

Get rid.

Rishi Sunak “Eat out to help out!”
at 19:33 8 Jul 2020

Is this official Government policy now? How do we get around social distancing rules?

Birmingham match
at 18:06 8 Jul 2020

Is the app not working for anyone else? Any other streams? Took the live stream option instead of a refund and it never bloody works ffs.
[Post edited 8 Jul 18:09]
at 23:21 13 Jun 2020

The pointless BBC news item of the day thread
at 19:09 27 May 2020

Chrissy Teigen (me neither) is having her breast implants removed.

Good luck to the girl I say.

Licence fee well spent.

Biden trumps Hilary
at 07:42 23 May 2020

Remember when Hilary decided to perform the master stroke in how to win votes and influence people by labelling half the electorate “a basket of deplorables”? Well that lovable child sniffing old scamp Joe Biden has gone one better by suggesting that if black people consider voting for the other guy “they ain’t black”. Where do they find these people? What a massive tit.

7 players tested positive already.
at 16:43 19 May 2020

Project Restart off to a flying start.
“High Speed Car Crash”
at 14:42 16 May 2020

A bombshell report has been published revealing for the first time the shocking and unforeseen reasons for the Lib Dem’s shambolic result in the recent general election.

Who could have imagined that the strategy of marketing Jo Swinson as the next Prime Minister would be an unmitigated disaster? Well this report suggests it was. Shocking I know. We were all convinced she would be next PM so what went wrong?

The report also reveals that Jo Swinson was unpopular amongst the male demographic because of “misogyny and sexism coming into play” but she also saw support from women “fall significantly during the campaign”. I suppose one action to put in place going forward for the Lib Dem’s is to appeal more to men and women. I’m no political strategist by any means but I think this would be a beneficial move.

She also failed to target black and other minority ethnic groups according to the report, and targeted seats where the Lib Dem’s had no presence and no chance of winning based on the over optimism of flawed polls carried out by a Lib Dem activist and failed to do the work in her own constituency.

The anti brexit feeling was also grossly over estimated, and the policy of reversing brexit without a referendum appealed to hardly anybody.

I could have told you all this before the referendum. Why can’t highly paid political strategists and advisors not see this until it’s too late?

If anyone fancies a giggle here’s the link.


Just to put things in perspective
at 13:56 24 Apr 2020

Have a look at these amazing pictures of hundreds of thousands of galaxies each containing at least a hundred billion stars and rejoice in our complete and utter insignificance.

Benhrama of Brentford
at 16:03 11 Apr 2020

No idea if I’ve spelled his name right or not but he’s posted a video of himself training in isolation but he’s wearing a swans shirt for some reason.

Is he a massive swans fan?
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