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Carry on W@nking
at 16:20 20 Jun 2019

Looks like our flaccid government have cocked up the implementation of their porn laws delaying it by 6 months. Furious campaigners are demanding a bi erection.
Platini detained by police
at 10:32 18 Jun 2019

Surely there couldn’t have been anything dodgy about the decision to award the World Cup to that great football nation and oil rich Qatar?
Our owner is on bbc1 now
at 19:01 17 May 2019

Just talking about how she buys things whilst pissed and then regrets it later. No Oprah this time.

Stand down everyone!
at 14:01 6 May 2019

Brexit is officially off the table for a few months. Meghan’s waters have broke.
The planetswans catchphrase quiz
at 14:09 4 May 2019

Say what you see!

[Post edited 4 May 17:30]
Shitting on the tube
at 11:42 27 Apr 2019

How many of you have done it? Come on admit it.
The official planetswans European election poll. Your vote goes to?
at 14:49 12 Apr 2019

The official planetswans European election poll. Your vote goes to?

Your Vote:

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Sorry to our Scottish viewers, I forgot the SNP, which is completely understandable.
[Post edited 12 Apr 15:27]
I can’t stop winning! Thanks planetswans!
at 14:16 7 Apr 2019

Every time I’ve visited this site in the last few days I’ve been selected to win iPads, Samsung galaxies, £200 worth of ALDI vouchers. All I’ve had to do is input all my bank details and PIN number. But when all these iPads arrive I’ll be rich beyond my wildest dreams and I’ll be getting feee shopping from Aldi’s for life.

Thanks everyone behind the scenes at planetswans for selecting me to win all this stuff. I’m a real winner!
Poor destitute Huw out of pocket.
at 10:50 5 Apr 2019

Poor guy.
Where on Earth is Trampie?
at 17:21 3 Apr 2019

The Plaid conference ended about a fortnight ago and we haven’t had several hundreds of updates. Surely he’s not still sleeping off his hangover after playing beer pong with Leanne, or even worse accepting a lift home from Beth.

Has Adam Price done away with him. Is he sleeping with the fishes for being too pro Liz?

Someone must know where he is.
Vigilante “paedophile Hunter” groups
at 19:02 30 Mar 2019

What is the opinion of the good folk of planetswans of these organisations who pretend to be kids online to snare dirty bastards who prey on kids? In favour of it if it gets said dirty bastards off the streets? Or should it be left to the police?

A bloke I was in school with was arrested in Neath abbey yesterday after being caught by one of these groups. His online name on several of the apps he was using was “Irapekids”. How did the app allow such a username?

Some sick puppies out there.
at 13:34 6 Mar 2019

People are outraged as black actor cast to act in a film isn’t black enough to play another black man who has slightly darker skin in real life.

This follows on from that bisexual girl who wasn’t lesbian enough to play Wonder Woman.

When the f*ck will all this madness end?
World economic forum at Davos
at 19:24 25 Jan 2019

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Apart from the irony of a load of billionaires taking 1500 private jets to Geneva to pontificate about how the poor people aren’t doing enough about climate change, why the hell is Bono there?

The only highlight has been a rather admirable young lady protester by the name of Grethna who glibly and politely told them it’s all their f*cking fault.

Breaking news! Player isn’t gay!
at 19:36 17 Jan 2019

Once again the Beeb have the finger on the pulse of what is really important in this country with a well researched article using top investigative journalism techniques to reveal the shock news that loftus cheek isn’t gay.
Trust AGM
at 00:18 14 Jan 2019

1. Amendment to the Model Rules 2016 that any Member of the Trust shall be en
titled to view any Document of
the Trust on giving 14 days notice of that intention.
2. That Authority is given by the Members of the Trust for the continuance of the legal claims against Huw
Jenkins, Mrs. Louisa Morgan and others being the vendor share
holders in share transfers dated 21
July 2016 and
11th June 2017 together with such other parties as appropriate on the proviso that the Trust’s Legal advisers
confirm a reasonable prospect of success in the litigation and to incur professional fee costs
including value added
tax up to an initial amount of £300,000 and further to allocate sufficient funds from the Trust’s Reserves to meet
that expenditure.
Fake News!
at 11:17 21 Dec 2018

Award winning “journalist” Claas Relotius has been sacked from Der Spiegel and has admitted completely making up articles claiming he felt under pressure to do so. I wonder how much of this goes on. Do you think it’s prevalent? I sometimes think most of the bollocks Shaky copies and pastes must be made up on the spot but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

If it is common why have they chucked this guy under the bus?
Our new first minister
at 20:22 6 Dec 2018

Mark Drakeford whoever the hell he is. Very pro corbyn apparantly.

Long live the king or something.
Paris - The City of Love
at 14:48 1 Dec 2018

Been watching this on and off this morning.

It's mad what's happening over there.

Breaking: Brexiteer Corbyn demands No deal Brexit
at 11:58 26 Nov 2018

Corbyn has finally broken his silence and demanded an immediate exit from the E.U.

“Anything of E.U. in the U.K. should be destroyed”

Them up the road
at 18:24 24 Nov 2018

It’s little wonder they are struggling when they are playing Neville Southall’s fatter brother up front.

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