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So what happened at the morfa today?
at 15:27 10 Jul 2019

Seems a bit of an extreme response for a single person having a 'medical emergency'

Three rapid response vehicles, one emergency ambulance, air ambulance, fire and police blocking off roads
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Android phone won't charge when on
at 20:32 21 Nov 2018

Randomly today my phone (Samsung J5 2017) won't charge when it's turned on, if i turn it off it charges fine. On checking the USB configuration setting I noticed it was in MTP mode, so I changed it to 'charge phone' but the setting isn't saving.

Anyone had this issue and know how to fix it?
Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke
at 23:46 7 Jul 2018

Phishing emails
at 21:53 7 Jul 2018

There is a new, very professional paypal scam email that is doing the rounds. I just received one saying I had sent a payment to some random company, and it ALMOST caught me out.

If you receive an email that looks like it's from paypal, don't click on any links in the email and look at the address it came from closely. The address this one came from was

If you click on those links and enter your bank details into the site they will clean out your account in a matter of hours.

Just forward any email you think is a scam to
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Martinez to lift the World Cup?
at 19:37 6 Jul 2018

I'd love to see that happen, he'd probably be managing some tinpot Spanish 3rd division side without Swansea.

Currently 2-0 up against Brazil
YouTube Livestreamer facing up to 10 years in prison for bomb 'threat'
at 11:38 21 Jun 2018

"Yo what is up guys! So I'm here with Hubba, and right now I'm in jail facing felony charges because of my livestream, and... yo, it's - it's just really bad guys. I might be facing years.. in a mothersuckin prison. I don't know what's gonna . . . I'm tryna get a lawyer. So if you guys wanna help Arab Andy out a little, check the GoFundMe. That's it man. Thanks Hubba for contacting me, thank you guys for everything."
2018 Le Mans 24 hour race
at 15:03 16 Jun 2018

Live on YouTube

Discord (Paltalk replacement)
at 20:46 23 May 2018

Seeing as there are going to be next to no live streams of the games to watch next season, people are going to be relying on radio commentary, (and i've got nothing better to do at the moment), I've set up a discord server.

Discord is basically a modern day Paltalk, there are multiple rooms on the server i've set up, (3 text only and 3 voice). It lets you post videos, pictures, links, chat etc. on the text channels. If you click on one of the voice channels it should automatically pick up your microphone and let people speak in a group. You won't hear that group unless you've clicked to join it.

Go to and enter an email, any username you want (you can change it later easily), and a password. Once you have that done you can start using discord instantly. I would recommend downloading the app for more features but it isn't necessary to begin, you can just load it in a browser.

When you're signed in with a user name, click on this and press accept invite.
Job references
at 17:58 14 May 2018

How are you supposed to go about getting a 2nd reference when you have been made redundant from a job you have been in for over a decade, and 'policy' is that nobody you worked with, day in day out is allowed to give a character reference?
Is it time to sack the 'Is it time to sack Paul Clement' poll?
at 15:32 20 Jan 2018

Fifa 15
at 20:30 26 Sep 2014

Playing as Swansea and there is a bloke in a wheelchair on the sidelines at the Liberty
By signing up to this forum...
at 11:39 8 Sep 2014

I thought the basic view you see as a guest would be replaced by something a bit more flashy.

How wonderfully retro.
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