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VAR stays
at 18:07 6 Jun 2024
Welsh National Opera
at 10:35 12 May 2024

They are making a fuss, demanding more moeny form the Senedd and one of them, a Soprano, is on Welsh politics this morning saying Westminster should agree an emergency funding package to safeguard jobs, seriously...WTF?

They can't safeguard TATA jobs, they can't safeguard the NHS, schools, police or social care and rhe Opera demand more money from government.

I say they can go forth and multiply. There are far more important things than jobs for a few hundred people that only a few thousand go to watch.
The tainted First Minister
at 13:29 28 Apr 2024

Meet vaughn Gething, the First Minister who managed to screw his job up before he'd even actually been given it,

The fact that Gething apparently cannot see what is wrong here, cannot see the conflict, surely it marks him down as unsuitable to be in politics let alone be leader of our country?
Pubs befor Norwich
at 20:29 25 Apr 2024

A mate is going to Norwich and is wondering where people are going before the match for a beer?
Grove Medical Practice, Uplands
at 19:41 22 Apr 2024

What kind of nonsense is this, t's shocking,

And then they absolve themselves of reponsibility and direct complaints to the company they chose, they were responsible for the patient being late, they should take care of his fine!
Elon Musk and Tesla
at 20:17 17 Apr 2024

How perverse can it get and even more than just the 56 billion, they are also sacking 10% of the workforce which is close on 10,000 people.

Everybody should boycott Tesla, this is shocking.
Welsh education
at 18:27 10 Apr 2024

Now then, this is another typical Senedd response,

The Senedd is pressing ahead with giving free moeny out, it's wasted millions on plenty of things and through gross negligence had to send 155 million back to Westminster and now it will not do something to help Welsh education unless it is "cost neutral"

What a crock of...
More Westminster F-wittery
at 15:10 5 Apr 2024

In what world is it ok to give other peoples data out these days? Let alone giving out other Mp's private numbers. Bad enough he did it but then apparently 2 MP's responded to naked pictures by sending pictures of themselves! Westminster if full of F-wits! They need to be removed.

This Wragg, of he had any clue at all, onstead of doing as he did, he should have gone straight to the security services and reported this. National security has to come before whtever compromising info they had on him. That was probably pictures he'd sent back anyway the total cockwomble. After reporting to the security services he should then have resigned immediately.

Instead he's still in post and Jeremy Chunt is praising him for apologising!

Never mind a general election, if he hasn't resigned the Tory idiots should have suspended him.

If you cannot trust an MP to know about data protection then they should never be allowed to be an MP.
Aid workers killed
at 18:35 4 Apr 2024

My personal belief is that Israel did it on purpose. They don't want aid reaching Gaza because their intention is to wipe it out completely, they want those that aren't killed to leave so there is no more Muslim presence there.

And please, of you can't be sensible, don't post. It's ruining the forum and preventing decent debate.
Drawers of doom!
at 17:27 3 Apr 2024
Scottish hate law
at 10:26 1 Apr 2024

A positive move or an affront to freedom of speech,
It's sickening...
at 19:44 23 Mar 2024, it really is, ovr one fifth of th UK workforce are not looking for work!
Reading F.C.
at 12:47 15 Mar 2024

I've had many concerns about how our club is being run and while new owners would be preferable, maybe be careful what we wish for,

Readings owner is selling their training ground. It is alleged he has asset stripped them and that he has done it twice before, asset stripped 2 clubs then liquidated them when there was very little left.

Maybe our owners aren't that bad!
Keir Starmer today
at 14:02 6 Mar 2024

Good to see him really on the offensive, having a proper go at the tories.

I know some will disagree but for me he should have been doing it for months, in politics, why not kick the oppo when they are down?

In his own words "what is the point of a party that is out of touch, oit of ideas and nearly out of road"
This recession
at 18:46 15 Feb 2024

isn't ironic,

people stopped spending which contributed to creating this recession but people stopped spending bcause of the high cost of living caused by the unflation the government didn't do enough to get under control quick enough.

If they'd removed green taxes from petrol for 3-6 months that would have been better, in my definitely not expert opinion.

Now we're told there won't be tax cuts in the next budget unlesss they cut services too, well what a surprise. We know the country is broke and we know it's because of decades of financial mismanagement by successive governments.

The diesel scandal, PPE scandal and the green taxes which appear to be a rip off also as all these green taxes take a lot of money but where has it gone?
at 20:56 7 Feb 2024

Transport for Wales got a big boost in the Senedd budget, 50%,

Yet now prices are also rising by 4.9%,

Lee Waters called it a below inflation rise but the CPI is given as 4% so aren't the consumers of train services getting an above inflation price raise?

at 18:12 22 Jan 2024

But Nick Knowles was not in sight, a genuine look after a neighbour moment,
QI tonight
at 21:34 19 Jan 2024

I know it doesn't seem football related but tonight Cyril the Swan was a question on QI, I'm sure some smart alec will find the clip in time.

It's when Cyril ripped of the Millwall mascots head and kicked it into the North bank shouting don't feck (sic) with the Swans...

The audience loved it! At the Vetch and on QI.
Have we finally had enough
at 08:20 10 Jan 2024

What we have seen with the Post Office scandal, the mass outpouring of support for those poor people, is this the start of us using our voices and making the powers that be pay attention, or is it just a flash in the pan?

Will the great British public stand together going forward, will social media drive people on to demand what is fair and right and will a unfied voice see changes happen? Or will we all just climb back into our boxes?
Prince William
at 07:56 8 Jan 2024

I'm not a fan of Royalty, Im an abolitionist but I have to say Prince William seems like a really nice bloke. He goes out of his way for "ordinary" people as he did for this woman,

He turned up on her walk and hugged her like an old friend.

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