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at 10:28 20 Dec 2019

I also have a spare adult plus an under 16 ticket for Luton going
Where do we go from here?
at 22:19 26 Nov 2019

Really worrying form, we’re lucky to be where we are, but the players are getting more disorganised with each Game, he clearly doesn’t know his best team and like previous managers that didn’t work out, he’s scrambling around trying to find something that clicks...
After a good stuffing at the hands of Fulham on Friday, fans will start showing their frustrations, the pressure rises blah, blah, blah, we all know what’s on the horizon...
Just a matter of time the way things are going 😕
Hotel Breaks
at 13:18 30 Oct 2019

I’ve just decided to book a train early Friday morning to Manchester, booked a nice hotel for 2 nights, a 30 return excursion to Wigan 😉 on the Saturday ⚽️ Included... Coming back Sunday...
I’m such a charmer 😎
Best ever Swans memory.
at 19:23 27 Aug 2019

Loved beating Liverpool at Anfield in the League game, we were on a really poor run at the time, nobody expected us to even draw that game...Sheff Utd in the FA Cup was an absolutely incredible day, QPR when Michu showed up in the sun, West Brom first half at the Liberty - still haven’t seen us move the ball like that since... beating Newcastle in the Gods, couldn’t make out who scored... didn’t care... welcome to the theatre of dreams as Ki & Siggi sent them home early, palace away when Rangel popped up late... trundles magic against Preston, Michu's double at The Emirates, the one that will live with me to the grave is James Thomas Hatrick at the Vetch, it felt like that game went on for hours... the sheer jubilation & tears that followed was incredible 👍
Young South Wales band The Now
at 20:07 20 Aug 2019

Sod the jackzone, these guys are good enough for Soccer AM 👍👍👍
Long Season for Cardiff
at 17:42 18 Aug 2019

Way too early judge...

Although I’d love the previous posters to be correct, don’t write Warnock off after two poor results away from home, he knows better than anyone what it takes to succeed in this division, he has proven it time and time again...

Horrible to watch yes... but effective none the less.

It would not surprise anyone if he gets them gathering plenty of points as the season progresses, Reading had some very tasty players on show and most clubs in this division would have struggled against them today.

12 games in and we can judge 👍
The Leeds United Show
at 18:04 4 Aug 2019

3-0 could be about 6
Entertaining to say the least...
Wurzles look a bit bamboozled -
It will be a big test for us when we play them away soon 🧐
Legal action it is then
at 17:18 1 Aug 2019

Great news, hopefully justice will prevail for the Trust...👍

On a side note - I find it incredible that so many members failed to vote at all 😳

I mean, what’s the point of being a member if you don’t vote? 🧐
McBurnie gone...
at 07:19 31 Jul 2019

The most sickening part is our failure to offload the deadwood this summer... which has led to this...The money from this sale will go straight to the pockets of A.Ayew, T.Carrol, J. Montero & B.Baston...😡
Any chance of success depends on suitable replacements or are we actually considering just going play the above 4 ?
seeing as we’re paying them anyway...
Cheers Huw 👍
McBurnie gone...
at 21:13 30 Jul 2019

£17M plus add on’s - minus the £3M to Whoever we bought him from - sell on...
He’s actually gonna go for £14M
Food for thought 🤔
Rammstein Principality Stadium June 2020
at 19:27 29 Jul 2019

Oh yes... 🤟

75,000 - gonna be some show 😎
Oli McBurnie
at 11:50 27 Jul 2019

The thought of losing McBurnie without replacing him and relying on Borja staying fit for the season with CCV as backup is the stuff of nightmares.

If McBurnie does go, we will need a Championship quality striker in to replace him and pretty quickly...
Hopefully he stays, but our form on losing our big players last minute, suggests he won’t 😩

Billy Sharpe then please 👍🧐
E ticketing
at 11:22 27 Jul 2019

Last season I downloaded the app and was able to download my tickets to my Apple wallet on my phone, really easy, I checked my Apple wallet and the downloaded ticket from last year has understandingly expired, so I’ve gone into the app to download this seasons And cannot find it or remember how I did it?
I have had confirmation of renewal and loyalty points etc.
Is it too early?
I have kept my old ST card, just wondering if anyone else has the same issues?
Thanks in advance 👍
Season predictions
at 04:15 27 Jul 2019

Swans - 8th
Championship winners - Leeds
Promoted - Bristol City
Promoted via playoffs - WBA
Premiership Winners - Liverpool
Relegated - Newcastle, Southampton, Sheff Utd
Champs League - Man City
In what league position will the Swans finish
at 17:13 26 Jul 2019

First season for our new manager, he has a lot to learn about Championship football. Depends who leaves us last minute, as selling some of our best players last minute seems to be a more common trait in recent years...
If the squad stays as it is with a couple of loan acquisitions then 8th - 12th
Lose Macburnie, Grimes or Roberts last minute then 13th - 18th
The sad reality is an investment of £20M - £30M would easily put us in the top 6
I’ll go for 8th 👍
Ben Wilmot - Watford
at 07:49 25 Jul 2019

The only worry I have is the fan expectation and relevant pressure this puts on the new management team...
We’ve had a great pre-season and some of the play we’ve seen (albeit against lower league friendly’s) has given plenty of optimism for the season ahead.
But we have to remember that this is Coopers first season in the Championship, he has a lot to learn about the grind of a full season ahead and the effects of it has on a young squad.
I was once told by a that the mark of a good coach is - the halting a bad run of results & performances and turning them back into salvageable points... “stopping the slide”
All this talk of playoffs in his first season is a bit OTT for me, let’s just take each game and look for the positives without getting too excited or depressed along the way.
It’s a long, long season ahead with many twists and turns, I’m looking forward to seeing this young perform this season, but my feet are firmly on the ground 👍
McBurnie to Sheffield Utd/Brighton for £12 million?
at 06:57 21 Jun 2019

£12 M for A 23 yr old 20 plus championship striker???
(coooer will not see any of that money BTW)
It’s nowhere near the price required!
We must be starting the negotiations at £25M at least or walk away...
We’ll probably get the “player wanted the move” tag soon 🙄
What a lovely city.
at 06:49 21 Jun 2019

And there’s the biggest problem of all.... we have become a nation that throws money at problems to solve them without any real thought of responsibility because it’s the easiest option, are told, we no longer have the money or resources available to throw endless pots of cash at every social problem due to the uncertainty in Government and Europe.

Health - NHS on its knees - reason - underfunded
Social care - massive problems over many sectors - reason - underfunded
Education - massive classes, poor attainments - reason - underfunded
Police and crime - rates exploding in big cities - reason - underfunded
Highways agencies - patching up road networks - reason - underfunded
Local government projects - mothballed - reason - underfunded
You get the picture...

But we can still find it possible to bail out the irresponsible behaviour of the bankers and keep a pot at the treasury of £26 BILLION in case of a no deal, we still manage to send £billions in foreign aid every year...we still find money to renew nuclear weapons, whilst some of the biggest commercial organisations evade our taxation system on our own doorsteps...

Blame: parents, education, councils, Khan, governments, youths, bankers, politicians, Brexit, austerity, et al

Ultimately it comes down to our complete reliance of “money solves everything” and “it’s not my problem - blame one of the above” culture... 🙄

Government has become a rich play pen for the people’s accountants who still manage to symphon huge amounts of cash from the poor to fund their lavish expense forms during years of austerity and hardship.

They way they have behaved over recent years is a travesty to the people and politics, it’s like watching a dog endlessly chasing its own tail and doing nothing about it. We now accept it as the norm, we now have to sit by and watch two clowns battle it out to be the next prime minister who will have the same problems as May had. Nothing changes, but those expense forms will be on time I can assure you that...
Steve Cooper will be announced shortly (n/t)
at 09:35 13 Jun 2019

Surely hiring This guy and then hoping he brings in young talent from elsewhere is totally missing the point in why we are hiring him in the first place?
I can see he may pinpoint some young available talent for our u23’s
His track record indicates he develops young talent from within, from the youth up with a fixed playing style and football philosophy, if we wanted a coach with links to other clubs and potential loans then we are hiring the wrong guy. (And after last years disastrous loans)
Personally from what I’ve read of Birches comments, he’s going to be a Head coach, with a team around him responsible for player recruitment etc.
His biggest and most important partner in this set up will be with Cameron Toshack or whoever is in charge of the U23’s 🤔
The Championship is not a learning ground for untried managers
at 05:51 12 Jun 2019

Whose I understand your concerns about this appointment.

1. Any new coach manager is a risk
2. It always end in tears, if he’s good he’ll be poached off us within a year, if he’s not he’ll be sacked by Christmas

The cycle continues...
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