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at 09:14 3 Dec 2019

Another week, yet more losses for HMRC in IR35 tribunals.

Again, ruling by judges was that contracts lacked Mutuality of Obligation - meaning contractors not bound to accept any work offered nor client obliged to offer work outside contract.

HMRC's own tool for determining IR35 status *assumes* MOO is present in every contract; HMRC currently going through a flurry of cases, wasting taxpayers money in the process.

When will they be reined in? Changes for private sector contracts have to be blocked, changes in public sector rolled back.
8 Days
at 11:29 1 Dec 2019

Binge watching it atm - excellent series. Highly recommended.
Wilder - Ortiz
at 14:39 24 Nov 2019

Hell of a punch by Wilder but he's a shit boxer.

Schooled again by a 40 ( since Cuban, add another 10 years ), relying upon a single punch. No defence.

If Fury had any serious power in his punches, then no way it would have gone to points where he got screwed.
Bercow shocker
at 15:43 20 Nov 2019

The shy and retiring former speaker, known for being almost invisible has today stunned the word by announcing he'll by on Sky's election night programming.

Why, I'm sure they had to twist his arm to persuade him to do it, what a coup! After all, being a media celebrity is anathema to his reserved personality...
Ben Stokes
at 16:05 8 Oct 2019

Wonder if those who lauded him as a "hero" rather than a thug who should be in jail for his previous fight think his Ashes display excuses his choking his wife?
Jeez the whining.
at 17:35 5 Oct 2019

You're in 4th, having a very young squad, 1 point off the top....

Andy Legg
at 08:55 14 Sep 2019

Great news.

F3 crash just now.
at 10:21 7 Sep 2019

Amazingly, Peroni walked unaided to medical car.

Now here's how to resign.
at 20:56 23 Jul 2019

The whole chain is hysterical.
[Post edited 23 Jul 2019 20:57]
That gay footballer
at 18:56 23 Jul 2019

Out tomorrow, revealed the date days ago.

To the surprise of precisely no-one, now not coming out - "not strong enough".

Looking more and more like a hoax.
BoJo vs Hunt
at 18:06 20 Jun 2019

Oh dear.
*OFFICIAL* BBC Tory leadership debate thread
at 18:11 18 Jun 2019

Runners and riders...

Boris Johnson - 126
Jeremy Hunt – 46
Michael Gove – 41
Dominic Raab – 30
Sajid Javid – 33
Rory Stewart – 37

Definite tactical voting went on there; Raab out which is to surprise to anyone.
Stewart's still in there, not made any major gain though with all still to play for.
[Post edited 18 Jun 2019 18:17]
C4 Tory Leadership debate
at 18:32 16 Jun 2019

"Six men - and it is all men".

Oh dear.

Each candidate's schooling mentioned.

It's a bear pit as predicted.
BoJo private prosecution thrown out...
at 15:15 7 Jun 2019

... on appeal.

As predicted...

Guess Marcus J Ball will have to get a job now unless he can find something else to crowdfund for.
[Post edited 7 Jun 2019 15:15]
Satanists have sick burns...
at 18:03 2 Jun 2019

[Post edited 2 Jun 2019 18:08]
Oh dear Jamie...
at 11:38 21 May 2019

Jamie Oliver's restaurant "empire" going into admin.

Overpriced slop that made Pot Noodles look like 3 star Michelin produce.

Promote healthy eating whilst piling the pounds on...banning turkey twizzlers... karma.
How the Cookie crumbles
at 12:50 14 May 2019

Think he's realising football management is a tad difficult without Bale, Ramsey, Allen et al.
Good old TV licencing
at 19:59 13 May 2019

Visited mum's old house, which we're selling, to find post. TV licencing going to visit, see because they are certain TV is being watched with no licence.

I'm just laughing my balls off...

1) Property is derelict as mum had to go into sheltered accomodation.
2) Nobody lives in the property, I've removed basically everything from there.

How did they know to target the house? The letter came very soon after I switched mum's free TV licence from that address to her new address online.

No doubt they'll claim their "detector vans" find some evidence...
One you might enjoy, Loh.
at 16:59 8 May 2019

Whilst Milne, Murray et al enjoy wonderful large ( and of course entirely deserved ) salary increases due to their stirling work in making Labour unelectable, Labour staff on the other hand have been offered significantly lower rises.

Indeed, having repeatedly rejected Labours p1ss poor offers, there is now the prospect of Labour staff going on strike.

I know Corbyn is of the ilk that regards strikes as political tools to use, but the poor man is so incompetent he's not quite got the hang of it...
Got to love the Wurzels
at 19:00 17 Apr 2019
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