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Quest and the EFL
at 22:33 3 Aug 2019

I am astounded at the general crappiness of this channel.
In the good old days, you could watch EFL games as some kind of post prandial pleasure following MOTD on the BBC.
Now it is confined to some kind of joke channel which is summed up by the fact that the adverts consist of adverts for their own unattractive programming rather than say Fairy Liquid or those ferking meerkats.
For how many years did the EFL sell their soul to these cowboys?
To be fair, the actual show is ok and there is no Steve Claridge.
The Good News
at 22:58 31 Jan 2019

At least we didn't sign Andy King. He has gone on loan to Derby.
Er, that's it.
Annoying pop up adverts
at 15:38 1 Dec 2018

...appearing at foot of all forum pages on androud phone, right over the "page" buttons.
Legitimate adverts (not porn!).
Anyone else?
at 22:41 20 Mar 2018

Have I missed anything?
Is there a date for this game yet?
If not, what reason are the club giving?
Booking Fees Grrrrrrrr
at 12:09 9 Jan 2018

Went to get my Wolves ticket this morning.
Cash sale.
Was overjoyed to see a £2.50 booking fee added.
Apparently since 3 January.
The man did tell me that credit card fees stop from the 13 January.
Are these robbin' Americans reduced to this type of money making scam now?
Chris Squire, Yes bassist dies today.
at 17:16 28 Jun 2015

Just seen the announcement. Yes were part of the youth of many of us. Never listened to them after 1975 though.
BT Sport and European Football
at 17:43 9 Jun 2015

BT Sport have today announced their extra prices for viewing CL and UEFA cup football.
Some games will be free to view
Their announcement came with this risible statement: “When we launched BT Sport we promised to make televised football far more accessible and affordable than it has been to date."
Which part of "more affordable" don't I get?

Does anyone know if the Finals will be FTV?
Ken Gorman sports reporter rip
at 15:33 3 Mar 2015

I noticed the Sunday Mirror Welsh football reporter Ken Gorman died yesterday. Known round these parts as "Ken Cardiff" due to the predominance of Scum related articles, he seemed to have mellowed in his later years and wrote far more positive Jack based stories. We seem to get more column space in that rag as well these days. Farewell to a passionate Welshman.
problem logging in
at 15:55 16 Jan 2015

can't log in on an ipad. getting an error message "there was an error validating your login details".
can log in on a PC (obviously).
anyone got a solution?

swans new signing in action
at 17:52 3 Jun 2014

Apologies if its been on here before

BT Sport HD
at 18:31 30 May 2014

The rascals emailed me yesterday to say they were going to charge me £3 a month from 1 August. It had previously been free. The SD version continues to be free. I phoned them up to have a rant, "all this money we are paying, price increases etc etc".
The nice man at the other end offered me the same package as I have now including hd sports for £6 less a month than I pay now.
Which kind of took the wind out of my sails.
Had to invent a new rant about how they don't publicise these new prices, taking advantage of existing customers etc etc.
But I took the new price and another 12 month contract.
If they try any monkey business next year I will be sure to check if there are better deals available. I'm sure they look forward to my annual rant.

Still, the message is don't accept the price increase without challenging it.
From the pages of the evening post
at 12:08 17 May 2014

"In April 2011 a football from manselton was ordered to pay a mumbles ranger opponent £1,500 after punching him during a match and breaking his jaw"
xbmc highlights
at 18:20 26 Apr 2014

For those that have xbmc installed, sports devil > highlights > (page 2)
For those that can't wait for motd
at 21:27 8 Feb 2014
Android tv box firmware update
at 22:07 29 Nov 2013

I bought one of those android tv boxes (droibox one). First try out for tomorrow and Sundays game games via the usual suspects.
They are advertising a firmware upgrade including a version of XBMC tested for the box. Does anyone know what is involved in upgrading firmware? Is it a simple as clicking on the provided link and then hey presto?
My experience of these sort of things is it usually involves much shouting and swearing.
Kiwi pub Neath
at 17:44 17 Oct 2013

Anyone have any info about this place? Reason for asking is that the band my son is in are supposed to be playing a gig there on Fri 25th. Is there nearby parking? Need to know this as I am unpaid roadie and gear lifter. If anyone is around on that day and the place is half decent please drop in and support them (battery powered arcade).
John Lennon and Cheap Trick
at 13:27 6 Oct 2013

the best song off Double Fantasy, an incredibly useless album in the main

at 21:35 5 Oct 2013

This series is pure hokum of course, but none the worse for that. Cast includes our hero Jason with Tarzan qualities plus luxuriant hair, a Sancho Panzaesqe fatman assistant (Hercules!) and effete mathematician (Pythagoras). Having slain the Minatour in episode 1, this week our hero takes on various hairy beasts and women. An alleged "Oracle" attempts to provide clarity by uttering a series of gnomic and bewildering non sequiturs. Played tongue in cheek, this is the perfect antidote to a very stressful Strictly Come Dancing. Hopefully the Rihanoff will make an appearance next week. 5 star viewing.
Link to goals (no sound)
at 17:02 1 Sep 2013

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